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This is a peapod dory kit boat and this is our second attempt at a beach launch. My Canadian friend Tim holds the steering stick and my friend and owner of Bert's Market, Omar, is standing in the surf filming. He also strapped a go pro on the front of the peapod, then edited this video for me.

The time is Feb of 2012 in my early days of this craft. My second rudder is on her which called for my making the current and third rudder. The mast is mounted with a plywood template used to make the wooden one.

Another example of the pleasure living a couple blocks from the beach on Folly Beach SC.

I remain, eric

This is the peapod dory on her first day in the water. Larry and his brother took her out and I took the blackberry, then got to talking with a local.

End of video.

We are on Folly Beach river just south of Charleston SC. The wind and current were pushing against the bridge and in the last minute or so Larry got close to the bridge and had to line her out close to the wind to get away. The jury rigged cat rudder didn't help much.

The song is "Jack Tarr the Sailor" by the Byrds

I remain, eric

This is my 3rd sailing dingy, it is a peapod dory kit boat. A friend of a friend didn't finish her and through the process of time I received her 3/4 done. I refinished the bottom and jury rigged mounting for my foamee sailing rig, with a rudder from a wrecked catamaran hauled off the beach. I have since up-graded a lot of what you can see.

This, like some of my other early videos reveals my crude beginnings. None-the-less, here is a taste of what it is like to live on Folly Beach, SC.

The song is, "Hellbound Train" by Savoy Brown.

I remain, eric.

Tim left Folly Beach SC heading home to Canada, in the weee hours of the morning, after this his last sail here. The vessel he rides is a 13 foot, 1/4 plywood Doug Hylan peapod.

This is a Flite Test Spitfire, made from Dollar General Readi-Board using their free online plans. Here is a link:

I mounted the GoPro looking backwards for this flight to film Tig's quad filming me during flight and cut in some clips from his view.

This is a collection of the various models I have built and flown from the Flite Test collection.


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