Farm Wars

Farm Wars

Farm Wars


Russell Brand speaks out about vaccine passports and what is coming.

The new normal via A.I. Want to participate in society? Embrace the new normal.

Explains the similarities of the HItler and COVID operations.

The TRUTH about the DC Capitol Riots from a first hand witness.

If you support the lockdowns you are complicit in the destruction of your fellow man. Period.

COVID the Musical

World Economic Forum plans for manufacturing a "cyber pandemic" that will make the "covid pandemic" pale in comparison. The Great Reset.

David Icke on the lockdown.

"As public skepticism over the safety of inadequately tested vaccines goes viral, public health experts are ramping up their efforts to quell this enormous and fast-growing community. Now a non-profit organization with its origins in one of the biggest Health Insurance providers in America has hired a Firm to target the people they label ‘anti-vaxxers’ and develop a new weapon: Project VCTR." Del Bigtree

Dr. Popper explains the COVID statistics and what is coming in the future because of them.

Great song! About says it all regarding the current situation.

State Preparing to "Isolate" Kids from Parents

They will find you.

Pandemic exposed as fraud.

Contact Tracing and forced quarantine have very dark roots. You probably haven't heard of T4. This is not a world we want to ever see again.


Facebook fact-checkers don't even look at articles, simply react to the title and if they don't like it? Flag it.

Hilarious song!!!

Judy Mikovits speaks with logic and common sense.

GMOs are just a blight - Ban it! Michael Jackson parody.


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Taking a stand against the war on the planet, it's people and animals.