I get a lot of questions reguarding CB base antenna options and I try and answer them all, but I figured it was a good time to start a short series on the options that are out there. This is part 1 and it will over cheap antenna ideas. Part 2 will cover commercial "pole" type antennas, part 3 will look at massive beam type antenna types and part 4 will cover homemade options. Enjoy!

My old steel dump cart is really starting to show it's age. The axle is bent, the wheels mismatched, and many of the bolts have rusted off. After close to 20 years it was time to upgrade.

After a little research I decided on this :

I can say that in the weeks since this video was shot, the cart has preformed well, and I'm overall extremely pleased with the build quality. Best of all IT'S MADE IN AMERICA!

If it lasts as long as my last cart, I should be in my late 60's before this thing needs to be retired!

The President Andy has turned out to be one heck of a radio. I've got it installed in my little commuter car and finally had the time to do some range tests, audio tests and just to generally check it out during day to day usage.
While the actual range of the unit is no better or worse than the Cobra 18wx ST II that it replaced, It did have significantly less interference from the engine and electronics. The Cobra always had at least 4 to 5 pounds of background noise when the car was running. The President Andy has 1 pound!
The audio seems crisp, and the folks that I've talked to on it all said it sounded loud and clear even at a distance.

Overall I'm very pleased with this radio and hope to have it in service for many years to come.

A few weeks back my wife and I went to the bi-annual Hillsville,BA flea market. They take the whole downtown and turn it into a massive swap shop.
It was packed and as always a bit crazy, but I did end up with some nice CB gear as well as some tools and other stuff.

As part of a recent radio purchase I made, I also received 3 old school scanners. For those that are not familiar with what a scanner is, its a device that rapidly scans the most commonly used Public service radio bands and can be programmed to scan local police, fire, school, detention centers, and EMT channels.
This lets you listen it to the "action" so to speak around you, and believe me. If you've never held a job in the public service industry, you'll be surprised at how much "action" is going on around you at any given time.
This scanner I picked up dates back to the mid 80's but still works great for it's intended purpose and can be found cheap on eBay or other online sites. Enjoy!

I have to say I'm way more impressed with my little $20.00 antenna than I thought I'd be. It's a great addition to the "Tower" picking up almost as many channels as the huge HD Stacker I have on the house.

Well, here it is. The long awaited video on my little AM radio station.

I've been promising to upload a video about this little radio station that I've been running since late 1998 for ever.

In my old house I lived in a small town and I actually had a pretty good audience. Up here in the mountains, I doubt anyone is listening, but for whatever reason I still really enjoy the idea of running my own radio station.
"Mad dog" and "Rockin Woodie" put on dozens of live shows back in the day, inviting guests on the air with the two of us as well as doing phone interviews. It was a great time to be alive, and the two of us still chat about the station during it's peak.

Like all good things the live shows dwindled down as life grew more complex and these days the station puts out mostly re-runs of the older shows mixed in with a strong collection of Coast to Coast re-runs.

Still, everyonce and a while Old "Mad Dog" will fire up the mic and do a live broadcast of

This video shows the tools I use to put my Hamilton Range Master on the air. An old laptop, a Radio Shack mixer board and the 1670 transmitter all work together to put out about a 1 to 1 1/2 mile range.
"Take Back The Airwaves" and join me and "Rockin Woody" on the air!

I had to swap out my broken older Kobalt Air wrench, and it seems that they have upgraded the line. I opted to pay a little extra and get this new 1000 FT/LB beast. needless to say, its a powerhouse that won't blow out your ears like IR-231's do.

This was part of that last great haul I picked up a few weeks back. Its a (For its time) Top of the line base station. with some interesting built in features and a few mods that make it even more useful.

Written and preformed by Marky Shaw, its the official Farpoint Farms theme song.

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