I picked up a variety pack of Avanti Cigars the last time I went past JR's. Of all the flavors that I have tried, I was 100% sure these were not going to be very good.
I WAS WRONG. These have to be in the top 5 as far as cheap cigar reviews go. They have an almost minty taste to them, and the cigar is well built with a great draw. 10/10 !

I needed to do some mid winter work on the Husqvarna GT52 garden tractor so I thought I'd make a short video covering the new lifts usefulness. Although I clearly need to build ramps for it, the lift is great for this type of work!

I had made a firewood holder 2 falls ago to help organize and stack the wood for my then new wood stove. This fall I came across the great deal on a tool box that I turned into a "nuts and bolts" holder and the only place to put it was right were the firewood was!
So I took it all apart and built it all over again!

Thanks to a Fan of the channel, I had the opportunity to try a "real" cigar, something I haven't done in over 6 years.
These Acid cigars were great! Stick around for more reviews of the other flavors that came in this sampler!

We live about 45 minutes from the nearest gas station and as any small farmer will tell you, we use a lot of fuel to keep things going.
As A result I had to come up with a more effective way to store my gas and diesel then having tons of 5 gallon cans laying about.
This was my solution and after 5 years of use, I can say that they work great!

This is the last of the scanners I picked up last fall at a yard sale. This one is a mix of 60's chrome and 70's olive green. It works great, but I don't have the right crystals for my area.
Still, I can imagine this thing sitting on top of a fridge churning out all the latest crimes back in the day.

I wish there was a video, or at least more pictures of this van, but sadly time has all but forgotten "chuck" the mighty G10 shorty van that I bought and turned into a camper back in the early 00's
Enjoy this little trip down memory lane as I share with you the awesomeness that was this little Stealth camper!

I figured it was time to take a second look at my Harbor Freight Too Chest since i just got it back to the house. After 2 years in a shop environment I'd have to say it has held up extremely well.
For the price it can't be beat.

A fan of the channel was kind enough to send me this great cigar sampler. I usually smoke "Cheap cigars" as most of you know, but these beauties are great!
Stay tuned for reviews of these later.
Thanks to all the fans of Farpoint Farms, and thanks to those of you who have found it in your hearts to send the farm care packages like this.

I rarely post anything that is negative, but I felt the need to make this video after a very frustrating ordeal with Snap-On over the possible update of a Verus pro scanner.
While it's clear that Snap-On makes some of the best tools and scanners on the market, this level of customer support for such an expensive tool is totally unacceptable.

Finally had some time to play with this great "Top of the line" CB radio from Radio shack.
For it's time this was a great radio. External mic plug, external antenna plug, digital display with channel indicator and power meter... The works!
This radio will be in my possession until I die, or until I come across a SSB handheld. It's just that good.

Join us this Saturday at 7 pm eastern time for another episode of "The Midnight Cafe"
If you haven't already, Please subscribe to the new channel and hit the bell icon to be notified of upcoming shows.

These tiny little natural leaf wrapped mini's are neat. For a really short smoke, they do a fine job.

This is a fairly rare CB radio, but it works like it should. The controls are in a good spot, and it has a full 4watts of output so it really sounds good when talking. I've replaced it with a in dash Cobra 18WXSTII but while I owned it, it was always on.

I know when you think Farpoint Farms, you think "Gamer channel!" We'll you are wrong!
However I did pick one of these generic NES mini rip offs up for my wife this past christmas and I have to admit I have found it fun to play.
For the little money spent on it, it actually works pretty well and has many old school games pre loaded on it. I'm more of an Atari 2600 guy myself, but there are enough of the are enough of the arcade classics on here to keep me interested.

I'm very happy to announce that the good folks at The President corporation have given me the opportunity to give away one brand new free President Bill CB radio!
The radio drawing will be held Saturday February The 23rd 2019 at 8PM eastern time live right here on the channel!

To enter the raffle, please post your name (YouTube or real) here in this thread and I will reply with your raffle number. Again the raffle is for 1 President Bill CB radio, a radio that I love!

Thanks to all the fans out there that made this channel what it is today and thanks to the President corporation for making this possible!

In this video I show the finer details of the Harbor Freight Scissor Lift.
I've had it over a month now and used it more than 50 times. I can say that it is without a doubt a well built and very helpful upgrade here on the farm.

I was contacted by the Olywiz corporation and asked if I'd like to do a review of thier new hand held GMRS radios.
I said sure!
They sent me these two walkie talkies to test out, and although I at first wasn't expecting much, I've been very pleased by their range and build quality.
I really like the fact that they have battery packs, and come with chargers It makes them perfect for a hunting cabin, small business, or for people like me, use on the farm. Range was better than expected and the unit appears to be built to last.

If you'd like to buy these radios, here is the link:

And here is a code to receive an extra 15% : VQQ2RVJ3

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I'll do my best to get back with you!

It's over a year old but here we go my first cheap cigar review in a long time. Too bad it wasn't for a better cigar!

Retivis was kind enough to send me this great little 70cm or "Business band" radio to try out. Needless to say it lives up to the pretty high bar that the HD1 has set.
For security use, it's one of the best radios on the market!

You can get this radio here:

Although this tool is getting a little long in tooth, I decided to spend the money to upgrade the software to 2015 Domestic/Asian and 2014 European.
I found a seller E-bay that had the two cards for less than $300. That's about $150 off of retail so it pays to keep your eye's on the web for a good deal.
I have to say that overall I'm happy with this "Final" upgrade" The newest car I own is a 2005 and most of the cars I work on are from 2010 or earlier so this update should hold me over for many years to come. I still feel like a shade tree mechanic or mid level tech would be wise to get one of these units as they can be bought cheap and updated cheap.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and I we don't talk again, Happy New Year to you and yours!

Like every human on planet earth that has had to deal with the EPA approved gas cans that were forced on us some years ago, I have struggled with getting them to pour properly or for that matter for them to pour at all.
Well, here is the solution. This is an inexpensive upgrade to those cans that can be found both at flea markets and online. I have a 3 pack that I picked up and I can tell you that it is SOOOO much better than stock.
For those that already knew about this. Move on. For those that didn't, you are welcome!

I made some major modifications to the garage as part of the preparations I've been making to get the area ready to start flipping/ restoring more cars. The lift is in place, so it was time to re-organize all the spare nuts, bolts, bulbs,fuses and just about everything else that a tech needs to run a small shop.
This is the side of Farpoint that I never really show. The "Farpoint Restoration's" department.


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