I've had these for years, and sadly it looks like I waited a bit too long. Still it smelled good and looked almost edible!

Since I've been using my Kubota BX 25D a lot more here on the property this year, I decided to do a few upgrades to keep me safer while working. In This video I added some 2 inch wheel spacers to help with the all to common tip over threat. Next time I'll be adding some tire chains to help with winter traction.

I was delighted when the Brinly Corporation contacted me and asked If I was interested in reviewing a product for them. I've purchased and used Brinly sleeve hitch attachments a lot over these last few years on the farm, and I guess I caught their notice!

They kindly sent me this incredible lawn sweep with the optional dethatcher add-on and I got to work to assemble it. I find it to be well made and able to hold a fairly large amount lawn scraps.

In part 2 we'll give it a try on the lawn and see how well it picks up trash and twigs around the property.
In part 3 we will see if its possible to use this as a "poor mans" hay collector for homestead use.

Stay tuned, and THANKS to Brinly for providing Farpoint Farms with such a great new tool!

The fine folks from Anortek contacted me just a week before my grand VW recovery trip was to take place and asked me if I was interested in trying out one of their Hammocks.
I jumped at the chance, and I can say for sure that it was a real blessing! Its a great light weight way to camp, or in my case nap. Although I got my sample for free, I feel like it would be worth the asking price. The fabric breaths, but still acts as a nice wind break, and i liked the straps as opposed to a conventional rope a lot.

For owners of the Echo, one of the minor issues we face is the lack of intermittent wipers. Truth is, I've never really felt the need for them, but it drives my wife crazy so I set out to fix them.
The fix it to get a turn signal stalk from a Toyota Corolla and just swap them out, As you can see its not a hard job at all, and now the wife is happy again!

Finally came across a nice CB radio the other day. Its the Uniden PC78XL. This classic is still made and is a dial for dial twin to the Cobra 29. These can be found on the sued market for a lot less than the Cobra 29 and that makes them quite a bargain!

Thought I'd show off this year's fleet of working tractors. The pony is being used mainly for cutting grass and some brush cutting. The Murray is my hauling tractor, I'm working on upgrades for it that include ag tires, a sleeve hitch, and custom quiet exhuast. I'm going to push this little mower to the limit!

Spotted this microvan at the Raleigh Hamfest.
I know that EPA and NTSB make it imposible to own one legally, but Why!!! They are so cool, and would make a great delivery vehicle or microcamper.

Rant over.

Got a large pile of tractors a few weeks back that I've been playing with, and I thought I'd share.

While not a Poor man's cookbook adventure, these are one of the many cheap foods I ate back I. The day. Enjoy!

In an effort to make better looking and sounding videos, I picked up this Sony. Let's hope it helps!

Time to wrap up work on the Pony I picked up this spring. It's being used as a back up to the Kubota BX I picked up, but is good for getting into the smaller or harder to reach areas of my property.
Since I didn't know the service history of the mower , I went ahead and did all the routine maintenance I could think of.
This unit is also branded as MTD, Craftsman T1000, and many other brands. It is built by MTD for a variety of manufacturers so the process should be the same,

During a grocery store adventure I came across the strangest thing. Frozen fast food! These things have to be the worst thing for you, but I couldn't help but wonder if they tasted OK. For only a dollar and with only myself to blame I bought one to try out.
End result? It's not bad, the taste actually pretty decent, but the bread was tough and the chili was more than a little freezer burned.
As I mentioned at the end of the clip, for $3 to $5.00 you can make your own chili dogs and actually save money. Plus you would be eating better as these things were LOADED with garbage.

Had a terrible noise coming from the right rear of my winter car. Turns out it was the hub bearing. On about 60% of cars these are assemblies that bolt in, and on the remaining 40% they are a press in type bearing that requires a lot of work to replace.
Thankfully these are the bolt in type, and even with many years of rust built op on the assembly, I was able to replace it without much trouble.
Expect to pay between $350 to $500 to pay someone to install this on your Volvo. I paid $55.00 with free shipping from Ebay and it took less than an hour.

Since I don't know the service history of my new Troy Bilt, I thought it would be a good Idea to go ahead and give it a full 50 hour tune up. The parts for this were super cheap Less than $25.00 for everything.

The mower runs better and now I have a point of reference for when to do the next service. Next up... Oil change!

I do love to watch these MRE reviews, and on a recent trip to the flea market I came across a guy selling them and couldn't resist.
Welcome to my first MRE review. I'm an old schooler so many of my remarks come from the final days of C-Rations and the first days of Brown bag MRE meals. I hope you enjoy!

I needed to add a hitch to my winter car, a old 2001 Volvo XC70 AWD. It's a decent station wagon, and I use it to haul stuff when I need the space. They are just about giving these hitches away now on Ebay and Amazon as these cars are getting a bit long in tooth.
The Job is easy and the hitch makes it possible to tow trailers with ease.

Usually I do these on the bench, but I couldn't wait to get this installed so I went ahead and did it. The radio is a top notch SSB radio with all the features I'd eve want in a mobile install. I can't wait to take a day and see how the range is on AM and I really can't wait to see how the range is on SSB! I've got it set up with the best antenna location I can get. Big Tram 3500 right in the center of the roof. Low SWR so I should have a great time.

If you've ever had a wheel stud break off while changing a tire, you know the misery that can cause. A trip to the dealer will run you about $100 plus parts to fix an issue like this, but I'm here to show you how easy it is to fix on most cars. This video shows the job being done on an axle with drum brakes, but the process is nearly the same for disc brake setups. Please note that there are a few models out there that require removing the hub spindle to fix and this is much more complex.

It's been too long. It's time to chat here from the farm. Join me live toady at 6pm eastern.

An interesting amount of down votes, in these first few minutes, but no one with the balls to comment why they didn't like the video?

Well, It's not as huge a pile of goodies as last year, but I did manage to find some neat stuff at this years HAMfest. I really like the DX100!

I was cleaning this thing up to sell and realized that I should make a video of it before I said goodbye. Back in the late 70's to late 80's this type of Moped was all over the road ways. Brands like Mobicane, Puch, Tomos. TRAC, Batavus, and many many more were used by folks to travel to and from work and school for pennies as they got well over 100 mpg.
As time went on, they changed hands and fell into a new roll. They became toys for teens and 20 somethings to soup up and "Mod"
In 2008 the gas and economic crunch brought a new type of moped, the scooter to the roads, and these things all but faded away.
Some of us old timers still hang on to them and try to fix them up when we can. This model was my "Last" moped. I restored it and planned on riding it across the country someday. Sadly that ride never happened, but maybe the bike will still make that trip with a new rider.

My Wife an I took a trip to take a look at the land from a mile up. It's been a rough last two months and it was time to remind myself why it is that I decided to change my life. Take a few minutes here to enjoy the views from a mile up and take a listen to one of Marky Shaw's songs.

If you like what you hear you can find Marky on all major music platforms simply by searching for "Marky Shaw". Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, and more! Listen now on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQkt7XaA9Ch2_fHZwES4HLMbnqxpBYHg

Support content creators like Marky. It's people like him that make the internet a great place to hang one on!

I was lucky enough to be able to walk around Raleigh,NC's Hamfest this last April and it was great!
While I didn't find as many treasures this year as last, I still got the chance to see all kinds of Radios and gear that sparked new ideas for the coming year.
The best part of Rarsfest this year was the fact that I got to actually meet and talk with quite a few fans of the channel. It was great to shake hands and chat about life with the dozen or so folks came up to me.
David G. A fellow YouTuber and I even go to sit down and have lunch while talking about life liberty and the pursuit of a good deal at Rarsfest! Thanks to all of you and next year, let's do it again!

I realized it had been over 100 videos since I made a kitchen video, and over 200 videos since the last "Poor Man's Cookbook" video. While this type of video has never been a smash hit here on the farm, I figured it was time to make a few of them to share some of my favorite odd ball foods.
This video isn't one of those though. I found these meatless products on clearance (still 3 times what they should cos though), and decided to buy them to try them out.
The video tells the rest of the tale, but the lesson here is to never judge a book until you eat it.


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