Fegerty Hypnosis things

Not my original work, attractive school-leavers hypnotised on stage somewhere in the USA in 2016.

Made by combining two videos found on facebook around 2013-14 or so. No longer available there anymore. Very nice looking guys and girls are hypnotised for a graduation hypnosis show somewhere in the USA, with some suggestions being interpreted by the subjects in a way which leads to some nice responses.

Video which was on hypnotisedladies.tumblr.com but no longer accessible following the changes in their rules as to adult content. Clip from a show performed by american hypnotist Sailesh in Iceland many years ago. Features ladies under hypnosis to have clothed 'sex' with each other.

From the facebook page of American hypnotist Hypnotwyz, performing a show for a sorority.

Found on facebook, clip from a stage show at an American college a few years ago. Subjects believe they are on a TV show along the lines of Jerry Springer or Maury.

Video formerly to be found on youtube.

Mirrored from tumblr.

Formerly of youtube.

Extracted from the full show.

From his facebook page.

Found on facebook from some years ago, young amateur hypnotist shows her friends hypnosis - demonstrating on another friend.

Extract taken from the full event livestream.

Taken from the full 24hr event livestream.

Taken from the livestream

Formerly to be found on youtube.

Extract from his 2017 Quebecois TV show.

Formerly to be found on youtube.


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Videos which are too long, or large, for my tumblr pages dedicated to media featuring people being hypnotised.

Hypnotised men - https://fegerty.tumblr.com/

Hypnotised women - https://hypnotisedladies.tumblr.com/

The videos here are not my original productions, they will have been found elsewhere online.