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If you’re a business owner, or are considering taking the leap, we’re sure that you’ve sought inspiration, and even some motivation, from fellow ladypreneurs to get through the hard knocks. Sharing stories, successes and struggles helps keep us on course with our goals and building a community around that not only gives us security but also accountability.

In this week's episode, Dr. Michelle and Ashlie Rose would like to introduce you to Bethany McDaniel of Primally Pure, an all-natural skincare line built upon her passion for health inside the body and out.  Hear how she got her family business going, the changes that transpired once becoming a first-time mama, and some tips on what to keep in mind when starting out or when times get tough.  

We hope you love getting to know Bethany as much as we did, and be sure to get our exclusive Primally Pure freebie at the end of the episode!

“You’ve got good genes!”  We’ve said it and maybe heard it, too, but do we even have control over our genes to keep those good qualities shining through?  Even more, if our genetic makeup carries vulnerabilities that make us more susceptible to disease, addictions, or mental illness...is our fate sealed?

Enter "epigenetics".

“The food we eat, the vices we partake in, chronic stress, bacteria or viral exposure, environmental toxin exposure and even something like poor sleep can all turn up ‘bad’ genes.  These lifestyle and environmental factors can create pressures and stressors on the body that lead to chemical responses. These responses, can then lead to changes in the epigenome, which can either benefit us or be damaging to our bodies.”

Listen to this weeks' episode as we through this fascinating area of science and learn how the decisions you make to your health today could create lasting positive change to your genealogical inheritance and that of your kin.  Also, be sure to grab this week's freebie - Dr. Michelle’s Power-packed Epigenetic Superfoods!

If you’re ready to start shifting the trajectory of your health and help prevent the onset of chronic disease (for you and your kiddos!), make sure to start with this 4-page freebie that includes some seriously power packed superfoods broken down into color (including their beneficial compounds and how they help your body heal). Just click the picture below!

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During the month of August, Dr. Michelle and Ashlie Rose begin exploring Immunity and Inflammation.  In this week’s episode, they identify stressors of the workplace and ways to improve your office environment.  

“The average person spends about 25% of their time at work, and for many of us, that time is spent at a desk.  I’d venture to guess that, as entrepreneurs, we generally like what we do, and as a result, we actually end up stealing from our free time and spending quite a bit more than 25% of our day at a desk.  For this reason, it’s essential that not only our space but also our boundaries around this space are carefully planned and curated.”

In episode 4, Dr. Michelle and Ashlie Rose offer tips on creating the ideal home office headquarters to promote productivity and comfort, share time efficiency techniques and apps that work for them, discuss strategies to deal with toxic colleagues and workplace bullies, and propose ways to get your body moving during your daily grind.  Be sure not to miss Dr. Michelle’s freebie this week - her must-have’s for a healthy work atmosphere.

"The truth is that we all came from a uterus, from this pelvic region - it’s the core association to our development. Our pelvis, and second chakra, is the center of our feelings, emotions, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy and connection – pretty important stuff. So, when there’s a lack of creative expression, the energetic flow in this area slows down, and we can experience stagnation in these aspects of our life."

In this week’s episode, Dr. Michelle and Ashlie Rose discuss the importance of creativity and play to your overall health - both personally and professionally. Find out certain signs and symptoms that might indicate you're in a creative slump.

Along with opening up about some of their recent creative outlets, Dr. Michelle shares four of her favorite ways to incorporate these traits into her daily routine.

There's also a special freebie to help spark that creativity today!

“As we emerge from our twenties and familiarize ourselves with 30 and beyond, interactions with our friends tend to diminish due to various obligations, kids, work, geography, school… everything. The connections with our friends can lose its prevalence and, unfortunately, maybe along with that, we forget to play… at all.”

In this week’s episode, Dr. Michelle and Ashlie Rose share some of the struggles of being an adult, when it comes to friendship.

Maintaining and nurturing our relationships is essential for our health and happiness. Many times, our colleagues make up a large portion of our friend-base, so join us to get some low-stress tips on how to re-kindle old friendships or create new ones.

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“We’ve all been there – we have a project due, a blog post we need to write, a book we need publish, an event we need to plan or even just prepare for a special weekend. BUT, when we actually take a moment to sit down and articulate all our brilliant ideas… nothing. We’re stuck, we’re stagnant and the juice just won’t flow… “the zone” seems completely out of reach.”

We all know that creative blocks can be annoying, inconvenient, or even a detriment to our business, but could brain fog be a sign that your body is trying to tell you something more?

In this week’s episode, we cover the leading cause of brain fog and five of Dr. Michelle’s favorite natural ways to boost that mental clarity and recall, so you can finally get back to being YOU.

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Get to know your hosts, Ashlie Rose and Dr. Michelle.

In this episode, we set the stage by giving you a little history and backstory of why this podcast has come to be. Through a little Q&A face-off, we share our morning routines, how we re-charge from our busy lives and our favorite podcasts.

Learn about Dr. Michelle’s favorite morning beverage and why she doesn’t set an alarm. Learn about Ashlie’s new yoga discovery and how she tackles stress.

Listen up, and learn about this week’s freebie!

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