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This week's episode  dives deeper into the topic of food energetics, the science behind flavor, and approaches for satisfying cravings in a whole new way.  

Expect to learn about two wise and ancient systems for creating balance and satiety in the body. PLUS you will get some practical and easy to implement approaches for using simple ingredients to create bursting flavor with a nutrient boost.

This is going to be one tasty episode. Bon Appétit!

- Dr. Michelle


Michelle: Hey there and welcome to episode 44! In this week’s episode, we’re going to dive a bit deeper into a topic we touched upon last week - food energetics and how you can apply them to your everyday life, especially when it comes to cravings, which is a topic we get asked about A LOT.

So in this episode we want to flip the script on cravings and, not just think about the typical cravings for chips or sweets, but instead considering cues from your body as signals that you’re out of balance --- and thinking about how different qualities of foods can be used to bring you back into balance.

Now, Denise and I both have a background in the East Asian healing arts and how nutrition can be used as a targeted therapeutic tool. So today, we’re going to consolidate some ideas from both a Chinese and an Ayurvedic medical perspective.

So, to kick it off, Denise will give you a little primer on the Ayurvedic arts.

Denise: A key concept in ayurveda is that Like increases like and opposites balance. I love this concept because - I think once you get it - it becomes a really intuitive way to consider what you need, in order to balance out your emotional and physical state -- it kind of turns cravings into something to be curious and contemplative about - it feels playful and like a game!!

So let ,e see if i can illustrate this topic for you… let’s say you’re feeling kind of sluggish, low energy, maybe you’re a little heavy -- you know, it’s early spring and we still feel a l..

In today's super special episode, Dr. Michelle interview's the Canadian-based company called Youtrients.

This is a revolutionary lab who specializes in mapping out genetic pathways in order to identify our weakest links and give us tools to positively influence our health.

You can learn how to use specific lifestyle, food and nutrient recommendations to enhance your executive function, like focus and mood, detox pathways, hormone pathways, and a whole lot more. It's very exciting stuff!

Tune in to catch the full conversation and learn how you can get started!

- Dr. Michelle



In this episode we answer YOUR questions about creating and cultivating boundaries, both in your life, and in your body!

We touch on the barriers that protect the gut and the brain, the importance of feeling your feelings to protect your health, and approaches for making these boundaries stick.

Listen up!

- Dr. Michelle



[00:00:49] Denise: Hello, and welcome back! We hope you have been enjoying this months topic on creating and cultivating boundaries. We find that having clear and loving boundaries, grants space for more creative ideas, more satisfying and progressive work, and of course – a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In today’s episode we want to answer a few questions that have come up from the Females in Fine Fettle community on this topic – which we just love to d!

If you have questions that you would like for us to address on a future episode – send them our way! You can email us at [email protected] Or find us via instagram or facebook.

Alright! So Today we are going to talk a bit more about some special boundaries INSIDE of our bodies – namely the gut! One of my favorite topics.

We’re also going to talk about the importance of feeling our feelings to support our health….

AND we’ll talk into the challenges of creating and cultivating boundaries – especially when we’re dealing with those that we love, or situations where we feel the need to protect ourselves…that can be a difficult thing to do, and we want to offer a different perspective.

[00:02:11] Michelle: Yes, I also want to mention that today marks our 50th episode, which is SO awesome – we hope you’ve been enjoying the ride.

Back to boundaries… I think the awareness around boundaries and self-care has been booming lately, which I think is a great shift for everyone who is hopping on board. Boundaries are a super effective way to nourish ourselves, restore energy, gain respect with both peers and colleagues, and a way to..

In this episode, we’re taking a piece from our funky 5 and diving deeper.

We talk about boundaries in relation to our work and professional life – how to manage our time, prioritize the tasks that will make the biggest impact during our day, and how to use the concept of essentialism to create sustainable working habits and avoid burnout.

Listen in to learn more!

- Dr. Michelle



[00:00:49] Michelle: Hey hey – welcome back to another episode! Today we’re taking a piece from our funky 5 and diving a bit deeper. We’re going to be talking about boundaries in relation to our work and professional life – how to manage our time, prioritize the tasks that will make the biggest impact during our day, and how to use the concept of essentialism to create sustainable working habits and avoid burnout.

[00:01:17] Denise: Yes – this topic is so important!

Consider that we spend an average of 92, 000 hours at work in our lifetime – AND for many of us we take our work stressors home with us in a way that influences the ways we spend our time outside of work, meaning our work life makes a big impact on the quality of life. So creating smart boundaries in our working life, helps us to enjoy the rest of our lives more. In the last episode, episode 47, we mentioned the book Essentialism – a great book if you’re interested in this topic. – and in it he says “if you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will” and boy oh boy does that resonate when it comes to our working life….So — let’s jump in! Dr Michelle – how do you rock out with smart boundaries at work?

[00:02:14] Michelle: So, one of the things I mentioned last week was how I utilize time blocks. Now, there are several strategies around this, so you’ll have to find what works best for you, but one of my favorite ways to do this is by using brain.fm – I know I’ve talked about this app in previous episodes, but I’m STILL a huge fan, and they’re making updates all the..

In this episode we chat with a very special guest, Marlee Grace.

Marlee is a dynamic, soulful, creative spirit – she embodies creativity as a healing act via her many creative practices which include improvisational dance, writing, quilting, podcasting, and more! Marlee helps others unlock what is blocking them creatively through one-on-one creative mapping sessions, as wells as classes and workshops that embrace freedom, play, and curiosity.

She is also working on a book called How to Not Always Be Working which is a spiritual and practical toolkit for taking breaks and loving your work and your life! We are SO excited to go deep on this and for you to meet this exceptional wonder!

- Dr. Michelle



Confused and frustrated about your food sensitivities? Here's an easy (and free!) way to find out which ones are the biggest culprits.



Hey there, and welcome back to another Webisode Wednesday. To keep up with the theme of nutrition and balance, I want to close out this month with the topic of how eating organic impacts our health.

Should you bother? Is it really THAT important? Is it worth the extra few dollars?

I get asked this A LOT, so I wanted to give you the low down.

So, first, working with women, I’m always considering hormone health and balance, right?

Now, when I say hormones, I’m not ONLY talking about things like estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, but also our stress and relax hormones like cortisol and oxytocin.

The thing is, toxins directly impact our hormones, because they cause hormonal disruptions by either blocking receptor sites or altering our normal hormone function - obviously, this can TOTALLY throw things out of whack, right?!

Listen up to learn how to un-whack your hormones.

- Dr. Michelle


It's one thing to eat healthy, but what if you're not absorbing key nutrients?

If we're not absorbing our foundational nutrients, we're going to have issues sustaining energy and focus throughout the day - not to mention having the building blocks we need for adequate hormone production.

Tune in today, as I go over a special test that you can take to make sure your digestion is working for you (and not against you!)

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We are a couple of quirky FUNctional practitioners – one nutritionist and one naturopathic physician – who have been seeing a common theme among our clients for the past several years. We see women and men who are building businesses, taking care of families, pushing deadlines, finding their passions and sometimes barely treading water all the while struggling with different aspects of their health.

…and we’re here to give a little C.A.R.E. back to you.

Support local small businesses from the Pacific Northwest who put their heart and soul into the hand-made products they create.

Realign with the bio-rhythms of nature with seasonally-inspired goodies to stimulate each of your five senses.

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1. Products are thoughtfully curated from local small businesses of the Pacific Northwest each season.

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As a Functional Medicine Provider, Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist and Certified Herbalist, I’m on a mission to help women break free of the myths and misconceptions of a broken health care system. One that is keeping them sick, confused, and dependent on outdated approaches. Through education and application, I empower women to reclaim their happier, healthier self – naturally.

I’ve created the most effective, accessible and streamlined virtual practice for high-achieving women. Through strategy and partnership, you’ll get the personalized blueprint you need for sustained energy and sharp mental focus, so you can finally share your gifts, serve your clients, and show up for your family even better.

In my virtual practice, I specialize in holistic hormone balance with a strong emphasis on mental focus and energy. Using a root cause resolution approach, I work with women, like you, to find the core imbalance. So, instead of the typical “pill for the ill” approach, whether that be a medication or another supplement, we look upstream. That way, we can remove any obstacles that have been holding back your health and restore your body’s natural ability to heal from the inside out.

Learn more here: https://www.femalesinfinefettle.com/services


Do you constantly feel like you struggle to maintain focus?  Are you easily distracted?  For these reasons, have you ever considered getting tested for a learning disability, like ADHD?  

Before heading to Dr. Google or your PCP, join us in this week’s episode to see if your environment and mental state are benefitting (or minimizing) your concentration.  

And be sure to grab your freebie!

When we’re pressed for time, the first things we let go are the things we do for ourselves. We have this perception that these self-care activities are the most expendable, but in reality, they are the most important, because these are the things that maintain balance and ward off the chaos.

If we’re allowed the space and time for creative expression, self-pampering and intentional solitude, our ability to maintain focus and attain that life we envision, is truly accessible.

In this week’s episode, we interview Amy Lynn of Uplift Box, a therapist-curated self-care subscription box delivered to your door with wellness products and actions hand-picked to promote a calm and happy life.  Hear how she began her business, her guidance with confronting the stresses of life with grace and openness, and the advice she has for those of you scared to take that leap in owning your own business.

Also, be sure to check out Amy's special offer - your freebie today - 10% off any purchase at Uplift. Just click the image below.

Do you want to be healthier but have trouble staying on track or even knowing where to begin?

Oftentimes the best way to start is to keep it simple and it has never been easier with the assistance of health technology. Start by tracking ONE health goal, like your water intake, and get an app that lets you connect to your health care team to stay accountable.

Join us in this week's episode as we discuss the ways in which health tech can empower and educate.

Also, be sure to grab this week's FREEBIE - it's a curated resource guide to the best health tech available today!

If you’re feeling like your to-do list just gets longer, no matter how many hours a day you work, this week’s episode is for you!

As busy ladies, it’s not uncommon for us to be dealing with “one thing after another” and have “no time for anything else”. We can feel exhausted, stressed and strained to our limits, at times, but it’s time to STOP!

Learn how to effectively batch your time, at the right time, with Dr. Michelle and Ashlie Rose in this week’s episode.

Allergies, cold, and flu may just be a fact of life – something you can count on year after year – but why not power-pack your immune system to minimize these effects and possibly beat them before they get you.

In this episode, I share my 10 Tips to keep you as fit as a fiddle during sneeze season. And be sure to get the freebie – my Sleep Hygiene Handout, where I walk you through tips and strategies to get the most restorative sleep you’ve ever had!

If you’re a business owner, or are considering taking the leap, we’re sure that you’ve sought inspiration, and even some motivation, from fellow ladypreneurs to get through the hard knocks. Sharing stories, successes and struggles helps keep us on course with our goals and building a community around that not only gives us security but also accountability.

In this week's episode, Dr. Michelle and Ashlie Rose would like to introduce you to Bethany McDaniel of Primally Pure, an all-natural skincare line built upon her passion for health inside the body and out.  Hear how she got her family business going, the changes that transpired once becoming a first-time mama, and some tips on what to keep in mind when starting out or when times get tough.  

We hope you love getting to know Bethany as much as we did, and be sure to get our exclusive Primally Pure freebie at the end of the episode!

“You’ve got good genes!”  We’ve said it and maybe heard it, too, but do we even have control over our genes to keep those good qualities shining through?  Even more, if our genetic makeup carries vulnerabilities that make us more susceptible to disease, addictions, or mental illness...is our fate sealed?

Enter "epigenetics".

“The food we eat, the vices we partake in, chronic stress, bacteria or viral exposure, environmental toxin exposure and even something like poor sleep can all turn up ‘bad’ genes.  These lifestyle and environmental factors can create pressures and stressors on the body that lead to chemical responses. These responses, can then lead to changes in the epigenome, which can either benefit us or be damaging to our bodies.”

Listen to this weeks' episode as we through this fascinating area of science and learn how the decisions you make to your health today could create lasting positive change to your genealogical inheritance and that of your kin.  Also, be sure to grab this week's freebie - Dr. Michelle’s Power-packed Epigenetic Superfoods!

If you’re ready to start shifting the trajectory of your health and help prevent the onset of chronic disease (for you and your kiddos!), make sure to start with this 4-page freebie that includes some seriously power packed superfoods broken down into color (including their beneficial compounds and how they help your body heal). Just click the picture below!

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Listen up here and enjoy!

During the month of August, Dr. Michelle and Ashlie Rose begin exploring Immunity and Inflammation.  In this week’s episode, they identify stressors of the workplace and ways to improve your office environment.  

“The average person spends about 25% of their time at work, and for many of us, that time is spent at a desk.  I’d venture to guess that, as entrepreneurs, we generally like what we do, and as a result, we actually end up stealing from our free time and spending quite a bit more than 25% of our day at a desk.  For this reason, it’s essential that not only our space but also our boundaries around this space are carefully planned and curated.”

In episode 4, Dr. Michelle and Ashlie Rose offer tips on creating the ideal home office headquarters to promote productivity and comfort, share time efficiency techniques and apps that work for them, discuss strategies to deal with toxic colleagues and workplace bullies, and propose ways to get your body moving during your daily grind.  Be sure not to miss Dr. Michelle’s freebie this week - her must-have’s for a healthy work atmosphere.

"The truth is that we all came from a uterus, from this pelvic region - it’s the core association to our development. Our pelvis, and second chakra, is the center of our feelings, emotions, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy and connection – pretty important stuff. So, when there’s a lack of creative expression, the energetic flow in this area slows down, and we can experience stagnation in these aspects of our life."

In this week’s episode, Dr. Michelle and Ashlie Rose discuss the importance of creativity and play to your overall health - both personally and professionally. Find out certain signs and symptoms that might indicate you're in a creative slump.

Along with opening up about some of their recent creative outlets, Dr. Michelle shares four of her favorite ways to incorporate these traits into her daily routine.

There's also a special freebie to help spark that creativity today!

“As we emerge from our twenties and familiarize ourselves with 30 and beyond, interactions with our friends tend to diminish due to various obligations, kids, work, geography, school… everything. The connections with our friends can lose its prevalence and, unfortunately, maybe along with that, we forget to play… at all.”

In this week’s episode, Dr. Michelle and Ashlie Rose share some of the struggles of being an adult, when it comes to friendship.

Maintaining and nurturing our relationships is essential for our health and happiness. Many times, our colleagues make up a large portion of our friend-base, so join us to get some low-stress tips on how to re-kindle old friendships or create new ones.

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“We’ve all been there – we have a project due, a blog post we need to write, a book we need publish, an event we need to plan or even just prepare for a special weekend. BUT, when we actually take a moment to sit down and articulate all our brilliant ideas… nothing. We’re stuck, we’re stagnant and the juice just won’t flow… “the zone” seems completely out of reach.”

We all know that creative blocks can be annoying, inconvenient, or even a detriment to our business, but could brain fog be a sign that your body is trying to tell you something more?

In this week’s episode, we cover the leading cause of brain fog and five of Dr. Michelle’s favorite natural ways to boost that mental clarity and recall, so you can finally get back to being YOU.

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Get to know your hosts, Ashlie Rose and Dr. Michelle.

In this episode, we set the stage by giving you a little history and backstory of why this podcast has come to be. Through a little Q&A face-off, we share our morning routines, how we re-charge from our busy lives and our favorite podcasts.

Learn about Dr. Michelle’s favorite morning beverage and why she doesn’t set an alarm. Learn about Ashlie’s new yoga discovery and how she tackles stress.

Listen up, and learn about this week’s freebie!


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