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There isn't one type of race or people who are rooted in old cultural traditions which the powers-that-be wont subjugate or skew at any point towards their mad-scientist (Masonic) creation of a total monochromatic race and culture; a globe of consumerist peasants scraping-by giving the 'fruits of their labor' to the power of the world government.

Reviving and preserving ancient tradition and biological race is harmony with survival. It allows man to re-gain the wisdom needed to protect against the elements and is the cycle that defies the self destructive modern industrial complex. The ice age moved man around and spawned the insidious ones who became the harshest of elements themselves. We must protect against all these elements for survival now, and for when the complex of insidious thieves become destroyed by their own storms and a new day begins.

-Dreathhairin aka 'fence'