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I just watched about 10 new videos on multiple channels and about 4 of them were zoomed in so you cant see the whole picture or read the scripts or wording in the video. i don't think many channel operators even know their videos are zoomed-in/unwatchable because people are unloading trying to get their material on here..... but if the vids can't be watched......
when people realize the videos loaded don't work, including loading dozens of videos at a time from their other channels on to here.....they will become frustrated, they will stop using this platform long enough for another to rise if not fixed soon, but thats just my opinion. i hope this site succeeds. thanks so far, but video uploads need to be priority..... since you are a video hosting site. thanks again.

Ive uploaded this damned f-ing video in every size/format. i uploaded it for the 6th time now but retried again in the same exact format as any prior vids which i uploaded here that I created in this exact editor/format all that played fine. however this one refuses to upload without bitchute player zooming in ruining it. its taken me longer to mess with uploading it than making the damn video. it uploads fine to youtube though and plays fine on my computers different players.

I found these VR's on YT and laughed my ass off especially with the first one. Nathan Rocheleau, Grand Dragon Son's of Odin Klavern of the north attempting to feud with Will Quigg of The Loyal White Knights of the KKK south. So, what the fuck is this Nathan character doing using Odin to link directly under the KKK who are christians destroying white roots. Even though Odinic rites make more sense than the white KKK with a jewish based bible, it's still pointless to use Odin for the post-civil war organization, the KKK who are long enough established with christianity and Masonry. Though a pagan neo-KKK is slightly/ possibly not totally unfounded of an idea but the KKK aren't ever going to change to non-christian pagan gods, so why bother trying to change this as its a total waste of time since the KKK of the last 40 yrs is more or less 'out of the basement to save the whites' hypocrisy based in judaism.... it's hillbilly nonsense. The idea of the KKK in the 1800's partly borrowing from the masonic 'Sons Of Malta' doesn't make them 'pagan' in their roots as an argument. Masonry is a perversion (or in cases a further perversion) of all religious sects and uses 'enlightenment' early globalist type ideology that's suited for the melting-pot rather than local tribal cultural identity and mythology. Masonry is an ultra manipulative mix-sect.
So, other than that you can still use 'Klan' or 'Clan' but why consider your Odalist clan to be part of the established Ku Klux Klan.
Regardless, what the fuck are the supposedly white prideful KKK doing with jewish desert religions which further feed into the destruction of white European culture such as Old Norse/ Odalism etc. This goes for white 'pro-European culture' christian nationalists as well. Though at least European nationalist are not as goofy as the 'out of the basement' KKK white revolutionaries today in america.... i guess. 'PRO-EUROPE/WHITE CULTURE PRESERVATION WITH JEWISH BASED RELIGION.......HMMMM? Sounds more like youre useful tools for the zionists to me.

Videos are-
1. ''Grand Dragon message from the north east realms''
2. ''Response to Grand Dragon Nathan Rocheleau " Sons of Odin KKK'

This video in primarily for educational, social, political, kkk history, christian and pagan studies, american history.

-Dreath aka 'Fence'

Video i just threw together of one my favorite old tunes, a murder ballad that Charlie made famous, along with old film stills mostly from 'The Birth of a Nation'.


Tony Dolan was a Yale grad friends with William F Buckley Jr, Buckley who was Yale 'Skull and Bones/CIA/CFR(his globalist affiliation is lengthy if you search his bio's) who with Dolan released this album. The song is 'Cry, The Beloved Country' like the album. What a joke ( i imagine Dolan saying, ''hey Buckley, so sad that we ruin National Sovereignty for our Banker masters, ha ha ha chummy chum'')

Dolan who went on among other things to become principal Speechwriter for Reagan including the 'Evil Empire' bogus speech. Psy-opping the country on the right. This album of Dolan' is the attempt to push a 'conservative folk movement' which was a failure but shows another avenue the shadow power structure tried to push early on. They obviously infiltrated and controlled much of the left opposition at the time, including the folk 'scene' direction.

The album features Buckleys photo and promotion/propaganda on the back as well. Enjoy the sounds of CIA Skull and Bones/Yale folk..... on the 'right'. Yale was heavily controlled by the Bones, and guys like Dolan were basically members regardless of the the Bones official roster. Yale today is another story too long to explain here. Though not much more than another ivy league college stamping-out globalist melting-pot sheeple regardless if the Bones are there anymore. The bones today are watered down and is my opinion that the society has resettled elsewhere under a different name.... as these masonic type global conquest societies often do.

Buckley is closely linked to NPI's William H. Regnery II and with John Birch society material through their old family book company Regnery publishing and William H. Regnery II as founder of NPI of the 'Alt -right' with CIA shill buddy Richard Spencer.



Conservative Folk music article Tony Dolan / Buckley Jr https://boingboing.net/2012/12/03/cd-of-conservative-folk-music.html

More about Dolan http://www.nndb.com/people/659/000214017/

The video gives good enough info to go research for yourself. orig posted to YT by Apollonian Germ.
CIA is obviously a Global Government agency, not some left or right-wing agenda. its their sole purpose to greatly contribute to the Global Government which their family ties are connected. Keep the money and power system in the family.
Also though, go do a wiki search of William F Buckley Jr. he is CIA straight up and graduated as a member of Yales Skull and Bones. You know... where presidential rivals republicrats John Kerry and George Bush Jr were members, The Bones Yale grads, the Bundy brothers who both were chief architects of the Vietnam War escelation, The Bush's/Rockefellers/ Warbergs who ran in and around the Federal reserve and manufactured WW1 and WW2 dealing with arms trade during WW1 by Remington who supplied 75% of the allies arms. WW2 dealing with Thyssen Steel companies and IG Farben etc who helped the rise of Hitler and also were his enemy reaping profit in America's industry just before annihilating their Nazi 'buddy' with involvement in the further creation of the post-WW2 global government establishments..... to say the least about Skull and Bones connections to The Federal Reserve, White House, CIA , CFR, Trilateral Commission, Rockefellers, about six family Bush members, manufactured wars etc etc etc.

In 1951, Regnery published God and Man at Yale, the first book written by William F. Buckley, Jr.. At that time, Regnery had a close affiliation with the University of Chicago and published classics for the Great Books series at the University, but he lost the contract as a result of publishing Buckley's book

In the early 1950s, Regnery published two books by Robert Welch, who went on to found the John Birch Society in 1958. And if you don't know yet, that JBS was CIA .... wow.... just like NPI is. What a coincidence. CIA/ Soros to the left. CIA/ Regnery and company to the right which is affecting Europe's 'right' as well. Come on people wake up!




Regnery CIA connections http://www.nndb.com/people/245/000108918/

I thought this old video was worth the reminder regarding how infiltrated basically all well known organizations are which are commandeered early-on if they show any momentum which may challenge the globalist government position. Lead to the slaughter right from the start. To see Ray Hill communicating with his spy 'buddy' Nick Griffin... who then is replaced with Adam Walker to totally sink the BNP's image. Sabotaged from the start. Talk about keeping the public in the dark, this is about as transparent as it gets to anyone fairly awoken.
The only way to avoid this total waste of time is to prepare and spread word through the family system/ tight knit local system and in the most discrete ways possible to 'train' and learn what is needed when 'the time comes'. Jumping onto the action on THEIR political stage puppet show paradigm is going to be a waste of your efforts. They know most people can't resist the temptation of needing to feel accomplished in their ever growing corrupt model system. They prey on this.

Repost of a video i found originally entitled ''To the 3 Abrahamic Religions, Think for yourself, Ask Questions''
This video is actually quite sad as much as it is liberating to see someone realize and defy the destruction these cause, but sad as it illustrated the plague these 3 in 1 powerhouses of doom deliver to minds.
These tools for mass control, the most insidious.

Sad/liberating. Good job girl.

-Dreath aka 'Fnece'

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There isn't one type of 'race' or people who are rooted in old cultural traditions which the powers-that-be wont subjugate or skew at any point towards their mad-scientist (Masonic) creation of a total monochromatic culture; a globe of consumerist peasants scraping-by giving the 'fruits of their labor' to the power of the world government. Their objective is to divide and conquer EVERYONE.