Not all predators can be spotted. Some are downright devious. In this video, I talk briefly about the initial stages of how an abuser hooks the target, and the basic techniques that are used to keep the target from realizing what is going on.

In this brief video, I discuss how abusers justify their behavior to you, and the key questions you need to ask yourself if you aren't sure whether or not you are at risk.

Without proper motivation and a good relationship to failure, your efforts at self-improvement are doomed.

In this video, Feral J discusses reaching success through developing a realistic perspective on failure. In the absence of perfectionism, and accepting it as feedback, you can push yourself to heights you never dreamed possible before. And since it's that time for New Years Resolutions, Feral also discusses the trap of covert contracts and why it is important above all else to make these changes for yourself and not as bargaining chips to manipulate others.

I didn't want to do this, but sometimes you just have to suck it up, admit your faults, and do the right thing. And that is what I plan on doing now. Let's move forward.

The first step in flirting occurs before you even see each other. In this video, Feral J explains that while good looks aren't all that important, getting the looks certainly is.

A pioneer in this field is the 1930s art critic and photographer, William Mortensen. As part of his 1937 volume A Command to Look, Mortensen discussed three primal elements of sex, sentiment, and wonder. Applied to one's build and looks, this becomes a powerful way of optimizing how you present yourself--giving you the key to becoming attractive by maximizing your best traits.

"You know nothing about being a...." stop. Just stop. Group identity gives us a sense of righteousness and a booster shot to the ego, but it keeps us from making our lives better.

In this video I discuss how this attitude has been fostered, how it helped me to keep my life in a miserable, stuck state, and what I did instead that gave me options, skills, and strength--real empowerment!

In Victorian times, the Growling Room was a place where men could go to let off some steam after work. At Burning Rainbow Media, we approve! Join Are Cats Gay, GGTOW Berserker, and Feral J along with special guest Logan McCree for a night out with the guys.

In the past few days, fellow gay conservative Chad Felix Greene wrote an article and the Internet got mad. In response,
Lauren Theisen, a champion of free speech for everyone that she agrees with, gave a suggestion: That gay conservatives "shut the fuck up".

In this video I consider her points and offer three useful points of criticism of her position.

Discretion is the better part of valor. However, there is a difference between being judicious and avoiding discomfort. That difference is called avoidance. In this video I discuss it in the context of PTSD as well as in an abusive relationship, and discuss how by avoiding discomfort we set ourselves up for lasting misery and helplessness.

Life gets better. But it does require taking this on.

Hustle and ambition are great masters, but terrible servants. Here I take a look at this obsession--"hustle porn" addiction--and talk about how it has negatively impacted me, and how to keep the hustle a good thing by putting it in its proper place.

I'm starting to catch on a little. Day #11 (practicing every 2-3 days).

Note this is NOT a how to video. This is just me showing my friends so they know I'm actually working on it.

Methods used: Pimsleur Swedish I (Verbal) and From English to Swedish 1 (Written)

Answering a viewer's question about effeminate guys. While masculine gay guys are accused condescendingly of being "straight-acting" and of having "internalized homophobia" (and perhaps being "misogynistic"), why don't we ever consider the reverse as a possibility?

Projection ain't just a room in the back of the theater, folks.

Contrary to popular opinion, masculinity is not a social construct but instead is a unique aspect of men's physiology. In this video I discuss how we confuse essential masculinity for cultural aspects, and point the way toward a masculine ideal that is in concordance with what makes us unique.

Just goofing off with a quick and dirty video effect tonight. This was fun to do--and with a little more work it can be really awesome

Just a nice relaxing video. Put on some headphones and let the sounds of wrapping paper take you away.

We look at the controversial study by Lisa Littman pulled by Brown University this week. While the results are contested, Dr. Littman examines some concerning findings and recommends parental engagement through the child's process. Since when did being involved in your child's well-being and urging caution before major life-impacting decisions become controversial?

Original Study: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0202330

Answering a viewer's questions about "heteronormity", "internalized homophobia", and how it ain't real

We talk about GGTOW (Gays going their own way) in theory, but haven't said much about practice. In some ways, this is like our older brother MGTOW and our little brother WalkAway. Here I give out three different ideas of how male-attracted males can get away from the toxic SJW mentality that has infested our culture and start living our own lives.

Why do I only debate those I respect? Because time's short and I want to get things done.

In this video, we discuss the basics of interpreting body language, and how it can be a useful tool for keeping yourself safe and strengthening relationships.

Paranoia does not make safety. What does is the right amount of attention at the right times. In this video, I talk about the different levels of attention using a handy and simple tool called Cooper's Colors.

You are so cuckable. Actually, anyone with an ounce of decency is. But you need not be. In this unscripted video, I examine one of my own such failures, and point out the numerous red flags with surgical precision. The question is not merely what unstable people are capable of, nor of their scrupulousness since you can't control that. The question we NEED to ask is what about us makes us so damn appealing to them so we can do something different.

Knowing the hill you want to die on is crucial. If we fail to prioritize our values against one another, we invite failure. Knowing what things to pursue first and what things can wait until later is critical for achieving the more complex goals. In this episode, I illustrate this with one of my grandfather's stories, then examine common things in light of Maslow's Needs Hierarchy and the Survivalist concept called The Rule of Threes.


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