Answering a viewer's question about effeminate guys. While masculine gay guys are accused condescendingly of being "straight-acting" and of having "internalized homophobia" (and perhaps being "misogynistic"), why don't we ever consider the reverse as a possibility?

Projection ain't just a room in the back of the theater, folks.

Contrary to popular opinion, masculinity is not a social construct but instead is a unique aspect of men's physiology. In this video I discuss how we confuse essential masculinity for cultural aspects, and point the way toward a masculine ideal that is in concordance with what makes us unique.

Just goofing off with a quick and dirty video effect tonight. This was fun to do--and with a little more work it can be really awesome

Just a nice relaxing video. Put on some headphones and let the sounds of wrapping paper take you away.

We look at the controversial study by Lisa Littman pulled by Brown University this week. While the results are contested, Dr. Littman examines some concerning findings and recommends parental engagement through the child's process. Since when did being involved in your child's well-being and urging caution before major life-impacting decisions become controversial?

Original Study: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0202330

Answering a viewer's questions about "heteronormity", "internalized homophobia", and how it ain't real

We talk about GGTOW (Gays going their own way) in theory, but haven't said much about practice. In some ways, this is like our older brother MGTOW and our little brother WalkAway. Here I give out three different ideas of how male-attracted males can get away from the toxic SJW mentality that has infested our culture and start living our own lives.

Why do I only debate those I respect? Because time's short and I want to get things done.

In this video, we discuss the basics of interpreting body language, and how it can be a useful tool for keeping yourself safe and strengthening relationships.

Paranoia does not make safety. What does is the right amount of attention at the right times. In this video, I talk about the different levels of attention using a handy and simple tool called Cooper's Colors.

You are so cuckable. Actually, anyone with an ounce of decency is. But you need not be. In this unscripted video, I examine one of my own such failures, and point out the numerous red flags with surgical precision. The question is not merely what unstable people are capable of, nor of their scrupulousness since you can't control that. The question we NEED to ask is what about us makes us so damn appealing to them so we can do something different.

Knowing the hill you want to die on is crucial. If we fail to prioritize our values against one another, we invite failure. Knowing what things to pursue first and what things can wait until later is critical for achieving the more complex goals. In this episode, I illustrate this with one of my grandfather's stories, then examine common things in light of Maslow's Needs Hierarchy and the Survivalist concept called The Rule of Threes.

Not all offenses are direct. In this video, we'll look at the three major types of offensive strategy (Annihilation, Attrition, and Exhaustion) and their differences. We'll also spend some time on the undervalued Exhaustion strategy, which is very useful when you're out-manned and/or out-gunned.

An old story teaches us about the importance of practical action versus bold, dramatic ones. We also discuss using discomfort to strengthen us, drawing on Jason's story of recovering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Driving for a quick visit to the Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Little Rock, AR. If you've not been, you should go. It's beautiful.

Nothing special except for it's damn pretty outside today.

We have plans. We make budgets. We set goals. And, inevitably, we fail. We do not fail because of our lack of interest. We fail because we base our efforts on things that lie outside our control, and we ignore those things that we can control.

Living tactically means using your resources in the most effective way possible. You want results. In this video, we will discuss the first step on the way of the modern barbarian: that of putting your mind to the things that you can control. I’m your host Jason, and this is Martial Lore.

The recent video of the Saudi Fashion Show just seemed like something was missing. So I fixed it. You're welcome.

So lemme tell you about how me and Larry Joe Jim-Bob warshed out of the Possum Grape Volunteer Fire Department...

"Sometimes the fear is worse than the actual thing". Alinsky teaches his followers to exploit an opponent's overactive imagination. In this video, we explore two historical sources: Bobby Fischer and Zhuge Liang, who used similar techniques. We then analyze how this works, and best practices for not falling vulnerable

What do velociraptors and the Zulu wars have in common? Strategic Pressure - Alinsky's Rule 8 - is crucial to almost any SJW's campaign, and it's responsible for much of their success in destroying innocent people. In this video we discuss what it is, why it works, and how to defend against it.

With the summer heat, we're not the best at taking care of ourselves. So Feral J. Catt is coming to the rescue with a great tip that will keep you safe from a dire emergency in this summer heat

I love stories. Especially old stories about trolling. And I'm sharing them since you young people love nothing more than stories by old people. This one is about how that dipshit Napoleon got punked by his best frenemy Talleyrand during a hunting expedition.


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