Frack Free TV

Frack Free TV

Speeding Lorry on Pipers Lane West Newton. There is a 25 mph restriction in place.

How fast is that lorry going ?
The time was actually 4:55pm

Cuadrilla cause a 1.5 earthquake.

Some of the West Newton happenings today.

A party political broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party covering one issue....Fracking.

An amazing lock on over the weekend ended in arrest as the two people were finally cut out after been locked on in front of the Tinker Lane igas Fracking site since early Friday morning

Radio York discussing permitted development for shale gas exploration sites. All local councils and MP's are against it.

Coverage of Rathlin Energy planning extension to resume work at the West Newton drilling site.

A discussion about the ridiculous "Science" reported on yesterdays North West Tonight. Bob Dennett of Frack Free Lancashire points out the real issue with the seismic activity at Preston New Road.

Earthquakes in Lancashire, what the "experts" say.

Rathlin Energy looking to extend their planning permission at their West Newton A well site.

This is the evening and afternoon reports in the same video from the BBC North West team.

MPs discuss fracking at Westminster House.

Conservative MP Lee Rowley speaking at the debate about fracking at Westminster House today. He is a fine example that other Conservative MPs should take, if they want to keep their jobs.

You can't fault the logic of this.

Jeremy Vine talks about fracking and the earthquakes caused by Cuadrilla at their Preston New Road fracking site in Lancashire.

Barbara Richardson of Frack Free Lancashire speaking with Nick Ferrari program this morning about the concerns of the people of Lancashire because of the man made earthquakes caused by Cuadrilla, the fracking company at Preston New Road near Blackpool.

A phone in discussion on LBC Radio about fracking and the recent earthquakes caused by Cuadrilla at the Preston New Road Fracking site in Lancashire.

Francis Egan talking on the Today Program, assuring people about earthquakes and other concerns that fracking is a danger to the environment.

Francis Egan interviewed on BBC North West Tonight.

BBC News 24 With Francis Egan interview

BBC Radio 4 with Friends of the Earth, Rose Dickinson and Fracking Commissioner, Natascha Engel.

The City of York Council discussing fracking and permitted development. Not as dull as you might think.

Dr Ben Edwards tells us that fracking causes earthquakes.

North West Tonight's report about the seismic activity at Cuadrilla's Fracking site at Preston New Road.


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