Frack Free TV

Frack Free TV

BBC News at Ten coverage of the release of the #frackfreethree.

Todays report from itv's News at Ten about the freeing of the frack free three.

This evenings Channel 4 New featuring and interview with one of the frack free three.

Coverage of the 3 lads being released from Preston Prison after their draconian sentence was overturned on appeal.

Todays appeal court decision.

The #frackfree3 win at the appeal courts today. Their sentences have reduced from 16/15 month in jail to a 2 year conditional discharge.

A look at the days events at Preston New Road, Lancashire where fracking has started after a 7 year battle.

A look at the events at Preston New Road today.

BBC Radio 2 show discussing fracking.

Natasha Engels Commissioner for Shale gas AKA 'The Mistress of Fracking', is talked about on todays program.

Tonights report on fracking at PNR.

Fracking gets the go ahead

Todays Radio York piece with the new Fracking Commissioner along with the audience phone in.

Reporting about the high court injunction against LCC

The Sunday Politics, North West program, talking about Permitted development and fracking.

Fracking at Preston New Road halted by injunction.

An interview with Joe Corre about the imprisonment of anti frackers.

Looking at the cost of the KM8 campaign. The human cost is harder to quantify.

Tonights Look North East asks the question, 'Is Third Energy ever going to frack in North Yorkshire' ?

Now that it's looking unlikely that Third Energy will frack this year, this report on Radio York today discussed if it will ever happen.

Rathlin Energy have applied for 36 month extension to do work at the West Newton A drilling site.

We only have until 2nd October to put in our material objections to ERYCC. Do it today at

Todays (12-9-18) debate in Westminster Hall about permitted development and fracking.

This weeks Countryfile looking at why fracking is both economically and ecologically unsound.

100+ women dressed as Suffragettes will travel to Parliament Square on Wednesday 12 September, raising public awareness against fracking and local democracy failures.

Why not join them

Hey media, leave Jeremy Corbyn alone.


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