Frack Free TV

Frack Free TV

Hey media, leave Jeremy Corbyn alone.

A brief explanation about permitted development and how the government want to class gas exploration well sites under the same rules as a garden shed.

Tonights report on the government's decision to allow Cuadrilla to frack one of the wells at the Preston New Road well site.

As part of the 'Hacking Happiness' series Radio took a trip to the Kirby Misperton Protection Camp before it disbanded. It was probably the happiest protection camp in the UK.

MP for York Outer, Julian Sturdy asks a question in the house about fracking and permitted development.

BBC's 'Woman's hour' featuring anti-fracker Hatti

During the the UK song there was a stage invasion from a protestor.

Frack Free Misson Owl on Look North

Leigh Coghill asks a question at the Barclays 2018 AGM about Third Energy and why they have invested more money into it after they had said last year that they would be getting rid of it.

Tonights report on the fracking industries threat of legal action over 500m buffer zones


Ineos are waiting to pounce, BE READY FOR THEM

Todays report on the opening of the footpath at Kirby Misperton.

Tonights report on some batty goings on in North Yorkshire

There are studies linking fracking chemicals and breast cancer. Here is a link to an article in the Daily Mail about it.

Empty frack pad smells like victory to me.

The discussion after the screening of the excellent Power Trip Movie

Hollywood come to Preston New Road

The start of my Journey into finding out about fracking.

Lunch time coverage of the "Jig at the rig" gathering at Preston New Road.

Talking about the fact that the UK does NOT rely Russian gas.
The UK imports less than 1% of its gas from Russia and can easily get gas from elsewhere if needed.

Last nights Look North East reporting on some of the days fracking issues. Including JWMP, Third Energy needing cash injection......

Today's coverage of the fracking issue on Radio York featuring an interview with Nicolas Howard of the Castle Howard Estate.


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