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Footage from a couple of months ago when all the friends made it to the play date!!

The music is Fox on the Run by Sweet

Olive has nothing to fear when she romps in the woods with Goose and Cooper!

The music is Safe and Sound by Capital Cities


Good clean fun! Dogs playing in the mud.

The music is Mud by The Road Hammers

Cool, fall weather and the dogs are loving it!

The music is Glad You Came by The Wanted

Goose lovin' life kickin' it with the girls!

The music is Too Sweet by Hozier

Goose and Cooper discover a raccoon and Goose tries to climb a tree.

The music is Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

The dogs play and find gross things to sniff!

The music is Move By Yourself by Donovan Frankenreiter

Goose and Sig romping around!!

Sorry for the hiatus. Some stuff happened, but we're back!

The music is Rockin' Me by Steve Miller Band

Spy vs Spy! Goose and Cooper investigate the woods and practice their super spy moves!

The music is Secret Agent Man by Bruce Willis

All his friends are bigger than him, but Goose thinks he's 10 feet tall so it evens out. ūüėā

The music is 10 Feet Tall and Bulletproof by Travis Tritt

Starting a new channel! Videos won't necessarily be of dogs playing and the music may be a little more mellow.

Here is the link to my parks and scenery channel:

More videos to come. Probably weekly.

Portland Arch Nature Preserve

The music is You Belong to Me by The Doobie Brothers

Playing and racing. Happy dogs all over the place!

The music is Keep Me in Mind by Zac Brown Band

The dogs swim, chase and wrestle on a warm October morning.

The music is Foreplay / Long Time by Boston

More lost footage from September including swimming in the river!

The music is Ride Like the Wind by Christopher Cross

Sidney and Lisa join Goose and Cooper for a wild romp!

More lost footage from September!

The music is Bust a Move by Young MC

The dog friends running and playing!

More footage from September!

The music is Turn Me Loose by Loverboy

Got a little snow! Goose and his new friends sure had a blast even though it was just a light dusting.

Merry Christmas everyone!

The music is White Christmas by Michael Buble

Goose visits all his old friends and wild fun breaks out!

The music is Radar Love by Golden Earring

Found some footage from September I hadn't used yet! Fun!

The music is September by Earth Wind and Fire

Goose and I check out parks near our new home and then Goose has a fun surprise!

The music is Everything I Own by Bread

Goose and Cooper chase each other through the forest preserve.

The music is Good Time by Alan Jackson

All the dogs in rare form today! Lots of running, exploring and dog shenanigans!

The music is All Star by Smash Mouth

Goose and Cooper being wild and free at the park!

The music is Call Me the Breeze by Lynyrd Sky yrs

I moved! It's beautiful here. I hope you enjoy the scenery. More dog videos to come!

The music is Back Home Again (Indiana) by Zach DuBois

Best friends! Goose and Cooper have a ton of fun playing at the park.

The music is Friend Like Me by Ne Yo


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I make videos of dogs playing and set them to music.

Some videos are relaxing, some are energizing and fun.

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