For too long philosophy and the humanities in general have been lifted away from the average person by the academics.

The working man has more to gain from philosophy than the safe and coddled academic man.

Happiness is a fairly meaningless word, it ranges from hedonism to eudaimonia. The modern Western use of the word implies a temporary state of positive emotion which is fleeting at best.

A meaningful and fulfilling life is more robust and long lasting than simply being happy.

This channel has been an evolution.

One bad day can be enough to break even the strongest man. Every man should have protocols in place for the darkest of days.

The triad for a happy and meaningful life is good physical health, strong mental health and a philosophical framework. If a person can incorporate these three elements their life satisfaction is likely to be very high.

Getting the home veg garden, chicken area and micro workshop up and running before the wipeout comes along.

The road ahead will be tough.

Our behaviours and values will change.

Whether this is positive or negative is down to each individual.

Every man is now in his own battle of survival. As times get hard those who have prepared themselves physically, mentally and with a philosophical/psychological framework to guide them through the road ahead.

Rome is burning but it seems to be a fine day to drive an MX-5 down a country lane.

Phone addiction makes it impossible to live in the moment and will take much out of living.

The easiest way to control phone use is keeping the device off for more hours of the day than its on.

Your phone is a tool and you are its master, don't let the roles be reversed.

UK energy companies are sending out socks and suggesting consumers do star jumps to stay warm.

It feels like they are laughing at us and without some self independence it's only getting worse.

Things are going to get pretty bad, but look for the good and we will get through to this.


My thoughts on giving up my job.

Plenty of opportunities on the horizon.

Enjoying the process is everything

First test on a new vlog camera, the Olympus Pen PL9 and thoughts on a bumper stick I saw.

This morning there was only one hour to make the most of, a early morning swim after a night shift then onto the school run.

Akira the Don -

#earlymorning #wildswim

Transmission fluid change on the family car, then an evening walk with the dogs.

Running a few jobs before it gets dark on a warm April evening.

Feeding the chickens and cleaning out the water trough.

A couple of updates.

New family/tow car.

The birth of our second son.

Thank you to all the doctors, midwives and nurses that made this a smooth delivery.

I heard about cold showering for health benefits over 10 years ago, but personally never enjoy cold showers.

Outdoor wild swimming in cold water gives a full holistic experience.

#ColdShower #ColdWater

I bought a old Seiko with 6309 movement.

This was sent from a Ebay seller in India, delivered to me in the UK.


My mail order blood results are back. I was most interested in my testosterone levels, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and iron. They also checked many other levels suck as thyroid function, liver function and cholesterol.

We picked this chicken coop up a few years ago for free.

Our chickens always seem happy and are very productive, we usually get an egg everyday from each chicken, even over winter.

The coop setup needed a bit of work, so we've added a large metal run given th chickens much more room.

Fitting a NATO watch strap to a Casio 100m divers watch MRW-200H.

The watch had the silicone oil hydro mod to increase its water resistance, I had added a colouring dye to turn the oil orange, but this seemed to cause the oil to fog up in cold water.

After a fresh oil swap and NATO strap upgrade the watch is working fine again.

#Casio #HydroMod #DiversWatch


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