We picked this chicken coop up a few years ago for free.

Our chickens always seem happy and are very productive, we usually get an egg everyday from each chicken, even over winter.

The coop setup needed a bit of work, so we've added a large metal run given th chickens much more room.

Fitting a NATO watch strap to a Casio 100m divers watch MRW-200H.

The watch had the silicone oil hydro mod to increase its water resistance, I had added a colouring dye to turn the oil orange, but this seemed to cause the oil to fog up in cold water.

After a fresh oil swap and NATO strap upgrade the watch is working fine again.

#Casio #HydroMod #DiversWatch

We've have constantly sub zero temperatures in the UK for a week or more. Most of the lakes are frozen, except my favourite deep water pit.

This maybe the last opportunity for a cold bareskin run and dip before the mild weather returns.

#BareSkinRun #ColdWater

Trying out bareskin running.

In an article on the Telegraph website claiming 'forget wild swimming, we're bareskin runners now', I have it a go with initial thoughts, and comparing with wild swimming.


Cooking a full English breakfast outdoor in the woods during a mild morning in UK winter.

Thanks to everyone who's supported the channel so far, the best is yet to come.

You don't need to own no possessions, but have no possessions own you.

Winter walk in icy rain.

Polish lavvu tent and Outbacker woodstove to make a hot tent come sauna for dipping in the icy waters of a wild swim lake.

Testing a set up for car camper van set up.

How I plan to sleep in my £400 Ford Focus this summer.

No phone, no screens, no social media.

Just a morning winter wild swim at the lake.

Live in the present.

#WildSwim #Morning

After experimenting with a plant based diet for a year, I'm now eating steak everyday

With life changing so fast, now is the time to get fit, get educated and get after it.

My plan for a video everyday didn't play out. Onwards and forwards.

The Mora is a great knife and takes anything I throw at it, however it is not everyday carry legal in the UK.

Can the Svord Peasant Mini do what the Mora takes in its stride?

#Mora #Svord

First use of the Stanley Adventure Two Cup Nesting Cookset.

Stainless steel, ideal for cooking and making hot drinks for one or two people.


Exploring a new woods shown on my local OS Map.

Rump steak cooked on a mini skillet over a alcohol stove.

#Steak #AlcoholStove

First boil on the Quechua MH500 1 litre Hikers Camping Kettle from Decathlon.

I favour stainless steel cookware over aluminium.

Microadventures are small expeditions, that got around the rest of life. It's using the spare time after work, once the kids are settle and once the housework is done.

Alastair Humphreys channel -


A short ride round the block, recorded on Strava.

Bike: Triban RC120

Thoughts on alcohol-free beer and non-alcoholic beer.

Non-alcoholic beers are made up of simple and complex carbohydrates, they contain vitamins and minerals and make good recovery drinks for sports.

Some alcohol beers are marketed as isotonic drinks.


January allotment update. Needs a fair amount of tidying up and cleaning up, but we had a relatively success year last year. Now looking forward to putting the work in for the upcoming spring season.


Christmas message, thank you for all who have supported the channel and myself. Hoping you all have a great Christmas, and even if not, it always gets better.


Thoughts on mediation, for people like us who probably wouldn't normally think about meditating.


A behind the scenes look at storing my outdoor kit, my house and how I'm doing things.


Meet our dogs Hugo and George.

Hugo is a Labrador/English Springer Spaniel cross breed (Springdor) we've had him from a pup and his parents were working gun dog, he was born in May 2017.

George is a rescue dog, we believe he is a Welsh Spaniel, we are unsure how old he is, but we believe is around 2-3 years old.

#Springador #WelshSpaniel


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