This episode, we explore Indigenous plantings. Usually with indigenous landscaping, the surroundings are basically left untouched, but added to only with plants found within the region naturally and originally.

We will also explore dead indigenous plantings in the future for those who like it bleak and bare.

For the base (grass, tree, season mod(s) I use Fallout 4 Seasons by GameDuchess and Frog Princess and running Summer 3.3 for this build. You can find it here:

Absolute must-have for precise placement, Place Everywhere by the Lich:

Scrap Everything by shadowslasher410 defines most of the things scrappable in the game and thusly moveable as well. Can be found here:

That pretty much covers the base mods. Now there are really only two mods used in this video for the greenery; Ludvig08's Northland Diggers and Settlement Objects Expanded by ccmads:

Northland Diggers:


I hope you enjoy this series. Any questions? Please ask. Thanks for watching!

Each scene in Fallout Shorts is designed not only for relaxation, but also to tell a story. Not just my story, but your story as well. What do you see? Are there comedic aspects to this scene and a heartbreaking aspect to that one? Does one give a warm, fuzzy while another evokes loneliness? What are you thinking when you are placed in a particular scene? Interpretation is part of your immersion.
"I'm gonna give you a little advice; There's a force in the universe that makes things happen. And all you have to do is get in touch with it. Stop thinking, let things happen and be...the ball." Ty Webb (Chevy Chase), Caddyshack.

Ever wanted to create that wilderness look at one of your settlements? Hopefully this will help with some ideas for adding natural waterfall and rock formations to that effect. As usual, this can not be done without the work of some pretty talented modders. Please give them a visit at the links below. And if you use their mods, please leave an endorsement!

Here are the essential mods used in this video:

Woody's Wasteland Stuff -

SOE Pack by CCmads -

Kraggle's Structures -

Thanks for watching! More to come...

This episode, we once again use indigenous plants to create an overgrown look to a breaker's yard located at Outpost Zimonja. A mix of live and dead plants scattered throughout the build area is used to give one the feel of a nearly abandoned location with lots of nooks and crannies to explore. Hopefully we achieve this

Mods used for this project were mostly USO and Northland Diggers with buildings from Warehouse Extended and Woody's Wasteland Workshop.

Thanks for watching! See you soon with another video. And please have a great day.

In this episode of Landscaping 101 we take a look at formal gardenening. Depending on the school of thought to which one adheres, formal gardens are about symmetry and no so much about content. Or, opposingly, formal gardening is all about symmetry, form AND content. Perhaps we can explore both schools of thought, but in this episode, we will look at the former.

The setting is Spectacle Island which I seek to turn into a government seat for the new Commonwealth. In doing so, I'm styling after one of my favorite cities; Lima, Peru. It is the way fog rolls into Spectacle Island nearly every day that reminds me so much of the weather pattern of the Pacific Coast of South America. Cities like Lima and Trujillo (means "always spring") are scattered with classical Greek and Roman style architecture gifted to them by many European countries in the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as bearing the obvious Spanish influence of the 17th and 18th centuries.
Classical formal gardening is my least favourite form of landscaping. I hope it does not show.

Thanks for watching and thanks to all the talented modders who make these projects possible!

In this series we will discover different varieties of landscaping from formal to rustic to American Suburban to urban and of course, wasteland indigeonous. We will apply this to Fallout 4's workshop and settlement building to make your settlements more interesting or more immersive.

What would you do once you had established all the critical necessities for your settlers? Work on morale/happiness? Landscaping is a great way to do this.

This Katana (2) set is accompanied by a black Kensei Robe and black Asian straw hat, all are very well done. But I can't say enough good things about the animations which are brilliant!

Most of the melee action (or lack thereof) in Fallout 4 is incredibly boring with little or no attention paid to it's significance, especially when one considers the possible lack of any other weapons in a post-apocalyptic setting. It is so refreshing to see at least some much better melee animations being worked on. I hope Gogy28 expands on these animations and applies them to other melee weapons as well.

Thanks, Gogy28 for a really well-crafted modification. Both this and your Fallout Katana set with accompanying animations earn a permanent spot in my load order.

Find the Kensei Set here:

If you prefer a less ornate katana, Gogy28 made Fallout Samurai Set as well. It is shown in one of the screenshots. Find it here:

This cool mod may be a little thing to us, but ChuckYufarley spent a lot of time working out textures and animations for these window blinds. Fantastic mod with some neat little surprises!

If you are a settlement building nut like me, You've got to give these a try.

Can be found here:

Don't forget to endorse! Thanks!

If you want that door locking mod I use, look here:

Example: Monno's Bikinis having Barefoot Footsteps Sound added.

Barefoot Footstep:

Monno's Bikinis:

If you really want to immerse yourself in Fallout 4 as an ex-pat Soviet era or even modern Russian sniper, here's some kit for you to consider:

Hothtrooper's timeless Wasteland Sniper get-up with the detachable hood that can be used with the clothing below as well:

Nutulator's fantastic clothing mods:

Military Gorka Suit :
Metro Gas Masks with two excellent Russian masks:
Altyn Assault Helmet:
Fatigues Extended - highly recommended:

Weapons I use:

Master_Shifu's excellent AK74M+U+AK104+RPK74. The latter makes an excellent sniper rifle as well. For some reason, apparently Master_Shifu has been banned from the Nexus, so if you are lucky enough to have this mod, HOLD ON TO IT!
Link is taken down on the Nexus, sorry.

The excellent Makarov PM by Alexscorpion

And last, but certainly not least; in my humble opinion, the best sniper rifle mod for Fallout 4, the venerable Mosin Nagant WWII era Russian rifle:

There are some mods I missed, but if you see anything, please ask where it came from. Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this little nugget of immersion. ;-)

Special thanks to my good Russian ex-pat veteran friend (whom I may not name) who gives me pointers as to kit and methods and to my dear old friend and successful attache abroad, David, who as far back as the '70s got me hooked on all things Russian. Спасибо!

I wanted to create a cosmopolitan suite in Diamond City that would shame the Upper Stands crowd. A sort of warm, well lit and inviting space in the midst of Diamond City's shitty raideresque ambiance.

Yea, you made a masterpiece of a character and now you want to show the world your character creation prowess? Here's how.

Thanks for watching! Hope this helps.


Here's some of the mods used to make a native playthrough immersive.

Crimsomrider's Accessories (AWKCR-AE):

AWP3RATOR's FONV Sorrows Outfits Port 1.0.0

Crimsomrider's The Amazonian Warriors - Grognak Armor Without Gloves And Boots (EVB - CBBE):
With this retexture:
Skimpy Grognak Replacer:

Crimsomrider's The Barbarian Warriors - Wildman Rags Barefoot (EVB-CBBE):

Film Workshop

Environmental mods:
Resurrection Jungle Edition
supported by:
Fallout 4 Seasons - Summer

Some say migrating Khans looking for a better life than that under the Legion or NCR settled and built a palace in the Commonwealth in 2052. Could it be possible? Join Running Bear and Dancing Fox as they set out to find and restore the PALACE OF THE GREAT KHANS.

Quick and dirty tutorial on using FO4Edit to change weapon damage output to existing weapon plugin.

Here's a couple of PC console command tricks you can use to arrange or modify your settlements.

Quick and easy re-chambering round size using XEdit. Ex: AK 74M chambered in 5.56 from 7.62.

Heres a link to GamerPoet's excellent series on XEdit:

Aaand a link to download latest version of XEdit:


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