Suzi the Dirty Rat has sent her simp Trim Hits (an anonymous troll whose greatest claim to fame is spreading asscheeks apart left and right) to dox FireIceWitch, and because of this, Mad Shangi and FireIceWitch (with the help of Rose Blades) have exposed Trim Hits for the sore loser of a cockroach that he truly is, in addition to other key players of the Dramasphere.

There's nothing wrong with living the lifestyle/philosophy. It's just on YouTube and Reddit (the MGTOW subreddit), the content's cancerous. Apparently, half the guys in the community want breeding farms for artificial wombs, reparations, and demand sex robots (examples of pussy begging), and are these people gonna pay for it? Half of them are doxxing each other just because they don't agree, and the lengths they go to do so. It's fucked.

Mad Shangi vs. SuziQ7979 ~ "Did you find your oxy yet, Suzi?"

Immediately after the latest Mad Shangi Show stream ended, Johnathon Tuttle did a Hangouts livestream. SuziQ7979's presence on the panel, along with JT putting the Hangouts link in his live chat prompted Mad Shangi to jump into the panel to confront Suzi for her long history of lies she caused towards people like Z-grade celebrity Corey Feldman, Sharon Hensley, Kimberly Watkins, Lorin Axelrod, Kimberly Faretta, Sara Barrett, Johnathon Tuttle, and also because of Suzi lying to people who seek the truth.

Suzi, you got no room to be talkin' about how Mad Shangi needs to get a life when you're the one who has none, in addition to an infamous arrest over a prescription drug scheme from 2013 that she somehow displayed her two-faced persona with her trademark dirty rat tactics of lies, even back then.

All credit goes to Mad Shangi for his research, analysis and commentary during the stream, with the help of Vaux News, Johnathan Tuttle, Sharon Hensley, Lycantheory, Kimberly Watkins, Harkyn (LordOfTheFallen), FireIceWitch and Filipo Sooa as the lies of SuziQ7979 and Cuck Eli have unraveled everywhere.


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This is an Anything Goes channel talks about everything from gaming streams, to gaming and movie reviews, to pop culture, to politics, to YouTube drama. This will be the official home of Filipo Sooa because I find it difficult to make videos on YouTube these days, due to people always mass flagging other people's videos and people starting dramas for the sole purpose of e-begging.