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This is the part of my interview with Dr. Stefan Lanka in which he takes apart what he calls 'The Virus Misconception,' the belief that pathogenic viruses are the cause of infection and disease.

Central to the misconception is the absurdity of the isolation process, which he says has little to do with science and rests entirely on Faith and Assumption.

The genetic sequences used as a template for the PCR test are not isolated from a virus. They come from a soup of genetic material containing all kinds of particles that are produced by ordinary metabolic processes in the human body. This is the so-called "isolate" that forms the basis of a genetic sequence SIMULATED on a computer that is claimed to represent a virus.

Isolation and purification in the true and rational sense did not take place. No purified isolate exists.

Read a concise summary of the process in plain English here:

Anyone who can imagine how scientific dogmas like these might end up forming the roots of a giant "pandemic" fraud will be interested in reading The Virus Misconception by Dr. Stefan Lanka. You can download that as well as some other useful articles on the same link.

PCR can only detect a short piece of any given sequence, NOT the whole thing. But if the given sequence didn't come from an isolated virus in the first place, no alleged variants of that alleged virus can be detected either.

This interview is part of the HARM documentary project.

HARM - Part One: The PCR Test Deception
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Recorded in July 2020, medical fraud mobster, Tony Fauci candidly admits that any result from a test run at more than 36 cycles is essentially meaningless.

What he doesn’t say is that the test was being routinely run at 40 cycles and higher for the whole of 2020 and as late as May 2021, at which point the threshold was reduced to 28…but only for “vaccinated” people!

Of all the smoking guns he’s left lying around, this is one of the smokiest and yet funnily enough the media haven’t breathed a word about it. I think it deserves a little more attention, don’t you?

HARM - Part One: The PCR Test Deception
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If you’re an Australian who trusts your own immune system more than being injected with an experimental nanotech potion cooked up in a lab, then god help you if you live in Victoria because Dan Andrews, idiot dictator in chief, really hates you.

If you’re not scared of an alleged killer virus that's actually no worse than seasonal flu, and you see no reason to risk the long list of inflammatory consequences that thousands of other human guinea pigs have suffered at the hands of Big Pharma who bear zero liability for injury or death, Dan Andrews will have you locked up in your home and locked out of life.

And if you dare go for a walk, he’ll have you arrested.

Dan Andrews is a fanatical believer in case numbers. Do you think he knows anything about the test? Maybe someone should show him this film:

HARM - Part One: The PCR Test Deception
Watch the trailer:
Watch the film (40 mins):

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The scientific FACTS and scientific professionals in this documentary have been censored by YouTube on the grounds of “Medical Misinformation.” Here’s the REAL reason:

Without the PCR test there would be no “pandemic.”

What justifies lockdowns? What justifies “vaccines”? What justifies medical apartheid? Answer: CASE NUMBERS.

CASE NUMBERS that are produced by a PCR Test not designed for diagnostic use and not capable of doing the job it’s being used for.

If the media were to ever report the facts about this test, the lynchpin of the whole illusion would be removed and the house of cards would collapse. That’s precisely why they won’t report the facts, and precisely why we have to.

Share this film as widely as possible. Show it especially to friends or family who still believe in CASE NUMBERS.

The PCR test deception may not be news to you, but old news never reported is always news to most. That’s why I made this, so start spreading the “news.” The more people we wake up to the pandemic of testing, the closer we get to ending this nightmare.

This film is not for you. It’s for the people who don’t believe you.

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Bitchute transcoding leaves a lot to be desired. If image quality matters to you, try the Odysee version and set the resolution to 1080p:

A musical clarion call to defenders of children and freedom everywhere.

Marching, playing music & dancing in the street are not a waste of time. They’re important expressions of our humanity and collective power. We are human. They are not. Together we’re powerful. Why else would they use every excuse to keep us apart?

We need to inspire a lot more people to join these marches. If you think this little film can help do that, please share it.

Speakers in order of appearance:

Reiner Füllmich
Gareth Icke
Dr. Vernon Coleman
David Kurten

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A self-funded documentary project that began in Berlin, the historical heart of a pharmaceutical coup d’état rooted in fascism. Driven on by a daily sense of horror, I had to somehow show that history was being repeated. Then as now: the ideological corruption of science and the psychological manipulation of people as a means to control the population and ultimately to 𝘳𝘦𝘥𝘶𝘤𝘦 it.

The task I set myself was never about the twists and turns of the global fraud, but about reaching the spellbound and fearful by making the roots of the fraud visible. It’s about clearing a view through the fog of current events into the forgotten past where the seeds were sown.

It's basically huge and there's no more time to waste. So my plan now is to release parts of it in their raw but ready enough state. I will also publish excerpts from interviews that I think are too important to be kept waiting. If you're interested, please subscribe to be notified each time that happens..

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