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The RFID Microchip may or may not be the Mark of the Beast, BUT without question - it is a strong candidate for good reason. Listen to this testimony from an engineer who helped create the first Human RFID Microchip, along with his grave warning to us all.



Jews undermining and destroying Britain from within [2019]. 100 MILLION
GBP [pounds] for a holocaust memorial/monument in London.
Define 'holocaust' please?

“An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews.”– Joe Sobran
The Israelis and, to be sure, many diaspora Jews know exactly how the expression has been weaponized. Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni explained how it is done “Anti-Semitic”…”its a trick, we always use it.”

If one were to read the U.S. mainstream media, reflective as it nearly always is of a certain institutional Jewish viewpoint, one would think that there has been a dramatic increase in anti-Semitism worldwide, but that claim is incorrect. What has been taking place is not hatred of Jews but rather a confluence of two factors. First is the undeniable fact that Israel has been behaving particularly badly, even by its admittedly low standards. Its slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza has been unusually observable in spite of media attempts to avoid mentioning it, plus its support of terrorists in Syria and attacks on that country have also raised questions about the intentions of the kleptocratic regime in Tel Aviv, which is currently pushing for an attack on Iran. That all means that the perception of Israel, which boasts that it is the exclusively Jewish state, inevitably raises questions about the international Jewish community that provides much of its support. But the shift in perception is driven by Israeli behavior, not by Jews as an ethnicity or a religion.

Second, the alleged increase in anti-Semitic incidents is largely fueled by how those incidents are defined. Israel and its friends have worked hard to broaden the parameters of the discussion, making any criticism of Israel or its activities either a hate crime or ipso facto an anti-Semitic incident. The U.S. State Department’s working definition of anti-Semitism includes “…the targeting of the state of Israel” and it warns that anti-Semitism is a criminal offense. Recent legislation in Washington and also in Europe has criminalized hitherto legal and non-violent efforts to pressure Israel regarding its inhumanity vis-à-vis the Palestinians. Legitimate criticism of Israel thereby becomes both anti-Semitism and criminal, increasing the count of so-called anti-Semitic incidents. That means that the numbers inevitably go up, providing fodder to validate a repressive response.

One might add that Hollywood, the mainstream media and academia have contributed to the allegations regarding surging anti-Semitism, relentlessly unleashing a torrent of material rooting out alleged anti-Semites and so-called holocaust deniers, while simultaneously heaping praise on Israel and its achievements. Professor of Holocaust Studies Deborah Lipstadt has written a book Anti-Semitism: Here and Now about what she regards as the new anti-Semitism, supporting her belief that it is getting markedly worse in both Europe and the U.S. There is also a movie about her confrontation with holocaust critic David Irving called Denial. All of the media exposure of so-called anti-Semitism has a political objective, whether intended or not, which is to insulate Israel itself from any criticism and to create for all Jews the status of perpetual victimhood which permits many in the diaspora to unflinchingly support a foreign country against the interests of the nations where they were born, raised and made their fortunes. That is called dual loyalty and, in spite of frequent denials from Israel-apologists, it clearly exists for many American Jews who are passionate about the Jewish state, including members of the Trump Administration Jason Greenblatt, David Friedman and Jared Kushner.

Karen Pollock of the Holocaust Education Trust said in January that “One person questioning the truth of the Holocaust is one too many.” That is nonsense. Any, and all, historical events should be questioned regularly, a principle that is particular true regarding developments that carry a lot of emotional baggage. The Israel Lobby would have all Americans believe that any criticism of Israel is motivated by historic hatred of Jews and is therefore anti-Semitism. Don’t believe it. When the AIPAC crowd screams that linking Jews and money is a classic anti-Semitic trope respond by pointing out that Jews and money are very much in play in the corruption of congress and the media over Israel. Terrible things are being done in the Middle East in the name of Jews and of Israel and it all comes down to those Benjamins and the silence they buy by accusing all critics of anti-Semitism. Just recall what the Israeli minister admitted, “It’s a trick, we always use it.”



Zionist Chabad zombie/troll complains and deflects at Q & A with David Sheen at Claremont College in California on 28 October 2015

Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno has declared a national state of emergency following mass protests across the country against his neo-liberal economic reforms. Police responded to the protestors with force using tear gas, deploying armoured vehicles and arresting multiple people so far.

Many believe that the harsh reforms are a direct result of Ecuador's $4.2 billion loan deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).Nationwide mass protests, more than 500 people arrested, 1 killed and the government has fled the capital.

The Ecuadorean people are saying no to IMF-imposed austerity.

These sickos call it "Davening" when they thrust their pelvis, bob their head and sway back & forth lewdly while allegedly praying... However, the truth is that these blasphemous, perverted Fake Jews are dry humping their false goddess whom they call "Shekinah"


All through history Jews have been expelled from various nations and territories 109 times mostly due to their propensity to oppress the population of the host nation via usury banking and financial exploitation, subvert the morals of the the society, and gain excessive power in the government and areas of influence vastly disproportionate to their numbers just like they have done in America right now. They haven't been called nation wreckers through history just for the heck of it yet they want you to believe they are the poor victims and that everyone else is the problem. This is how sick and evil they are. Is history going to repeat in America? Is America going to be # 110th location that expels them to survive? Hopefully.


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Original channels on fake-jew-tube ALL GOT SHUT DOWN!!! SO we are now HERE on Bitchute,where freedom of speech still exists!!! Note: This Avatar is used to portray who the REAL bad guys are in their own "words" who HIDE amongst "Jewish people" ....PLEASE RISE ABOVE (((THEIR))) WEAPONIZED TERMS N DONT LISTEN TO WHAT (((THEY))) SAY YOU CANT SAY, POST OR USE! We mean ABSOLUTELY NO OFFENSE TO THE INNOCENT JEWS, BUT DO WISH TO EXPOSE THE ZIONIST FAKE BAD PART OF THE JEWS!