Final Innings

I edited out the non-musical parts.

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The Twitch banning of Dr Disrespect [AKA Hershel Beahm] gives us a glimpse into a rare situation that in most other cases would take place behind closed doors.

We see in realtime as Herschel finds out that he is being cancelled by his tribe. We can visibly see him go through several different stages of grief, and then in his final moments he decices to promote David Icke, a figure who promotes people openly questioning (((who))) rules above them. Herschel is part of the tribe, he was lifted to the heights of online celebrity by that tribe, and he really lived a long time in their world - so when the best way he can think of to lash out at the people cancelling him is to name drop David Icke, then that is very interesting to me.

Hey there fellow kids, I heard that this is what is popular with the Zoomers!

Not even 1! :P

This song has always given me some very comfy vibes.

Trump really hasn't panned out at all, has he?

Regardless, this is one of the songs that I remember most from around the time of the election, and listening to it always made me feel super good. Still does.

I guess a broken clock really can be right twice a day...

That's some HOT STUFF (TM), MG75! ^_^


A people cannot fight against their destruction if they have been taught to not see it happening. The most important thing you can do is to help your people to (((notice))) the things that are happening to them.

Are you saying that it's not OK to be White?

Is there a more pitiable creature?

If Nick went lipsmode with her, then he probably got a big ol' mouthful of bat!

Fap to the interracial midget porn, bigot!

Where's the lie tho?

Nigger dogs.

Andy Dick (an actual Nazi) publicly endorses the GDL, and puts Jews on blast for attacking the USS Liberty (Google it)!

He is a sublime talent.

It is to our profound detriment that we require today's zoomers to solve societal issues that we should have taken care of generations ago.

I'm sure that none of us wish to encourage acts of violence which leave our guys in a state of perpetual incarceration, but our failure to resolve the White Genocide issue has left today's zoomers with little other recourse. If John Earnest were born into any other generation, then he would have become an internationally recognised concert pianist - but because of our failure to correct our current trajectory, his sublime talent will wither away in prison.

I hope that one day he can be free.

I'm sorry.

How do you like your golems now?

I wish they would sink to the bottom of the ocean like Atlantis...

This video was taken from a commercial for the CBS program 'The Good Fight'.

The Good Fight indeed!

Like can you imagine being a private individual who is singled out by a mass media corporation to be assaulted and / or killed in the street!

Are you going to forgive these jackals when we win? I know I'm not.


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Hail victory!