California's SB276 & other such malignant statutes are an act of war on American liberty. Vaccination statutes nullify Habeas Corpus, destroying the personal sovereignty granted by common law constitutions, we now fight to maintain freedom in a world of corrupt corporatism that renders our most vulnerable corporate prey.

A disheveled, sleep deprived, distraught but serious presentation, speaking, or should I say RANTING about California's new fascistic #SB276 statute. A truly heinous & diabolical bill, a civil rights ATROCITY that changes the social paradigm of America. Setting a potentially contagious precedent of abject tyranny. A violating provacation to revolt.

Recorded on September 13 2019 after tirelessly battling sb276.

Unedited stream of consciousness, speaking about revolt, dissent, civil disobedience, strategy and a consortium that could accomplish social & systemic functionality.

In an effort to discourage autonomous research or investigation, FBI now attempts to increase stigmatization & fear of the ‘conspiratorial’ mind set by use of official categorization


Speaking about Democrasaurus Hex, and the various strategies of those that rule with impunity from the side lines

Speaking about UN/IPCC’s use of ‘climate change’ as an orthodox concept, to turn environmental activism into an inefficient, diffuse, unspecific appeal to the establishment; within their structured paradigm of manageable 'dissent'.

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From debut album Spawn of the Beast 2007- featuring Ivan Goff on Uilleann Pipes - Written by Ozzy Ozbourne

For some reason Bitchute cropped the movie. Incase folks are interested, the words that got truncated are: Sir Francis Galton, and Skull'n'Bones

Live recording from a video shoot with Sue-Ellen Stroum: non-edited version featuring Interupticus Norvegicus by some friendly workers...including both takes


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