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Streams of Consciousness speaking about Trafalgar Square and Chataham House protests...

Streams of Consciousness speaking about mainstream media's stronghold on societal reaction and beyond.

'incompetency': blatant iniquity implemented under the guise of faux-incompetence; often used in CFR/CIA/Chatham House 'political' propagandist narratives: eg. the constructed personas and assertions of George Bush Junior/Boyish Johnson/JesuitJoe Biden etc.

International Organizations Immunities Act (1945):

Streams of Consciousness speaking about individualism, the appropriation of movements and the agent provocateur dynamic.

Streams of Consciousness blast regarding our prioritization of human liberation

I now share something that I wrote in September 2016, when Papal operatives 'Obominare' and Hilary Clinton were planning mass vaccination of USA's citizenry via militarized CDC force. I did not publish it due to their anti-constitutional initiative being crushed. Sadly, it is most relevant and applicable to our current situation, thus I release with plans to issue a series of presentations relating to systemic transformation and revolution, including other nations enduring implosive attack from the Globalist State, with specific information concerning our present circumstance.

Photo by Jacqueline Mackay

Streams of Consciousness blast, speaking about the Naziesque horrors transpiring in Australia and New Zealand: the brutal heisting of Australian and Kiwi sovereignty.

Speaking about the irresponsibility of State regarding their installation of 5G 'weaponizable' technology whilst many endure the irrational governMENTAL coercion/force to isolate and self-subjugate.

Illustration: Sue-Ellen Stroum

Speaking...a recording from June 15th...strange tech issues w/upload, so just releasing now...

Speaking about the occult symbolism of vaccination; it's significance as a ritualistic Luciferian practice of desecration, adulteration and of course, contamination.

Vaccination nano toxicity article with sources:
Bussche dynasty information:
Anthony Sutton's America's Secret Establishment:
The Secret Oath of the Jesuit:

Speaking in question of alcohol as the drug of choice in western culture.

Speaking regarding plandemic conditioning and it's mkultraness

(MKULTRA was a CIA experiment utilizing trauma to affect consciousness and memory, among other nefarious methods to manipulate the human mind)

Speaking about globalist state's befuddled militia of buffoons; the woeful ignorance of their latest atrocity.


A short blast speaking about the affects of multi-generational conditioning.

Speaking...sometimes folks research to learn the gravity of our situation: yielding an educated, yet distressing internal reaction: a natural process...

Speaking about the corruption of celebrity figure heads to promote globalism as social conditioners of the western mind set.

Speaking about fertility; the Papacy's appropriation of Paganism, and their coetaneous suppression and intimate control of our sexual relations, social dynamics and psychic sensibilities...Also the Vatican's ongoing battle against societal liberation coming into play with the advent of their Council of Trent Viruse plandemic.

Speaking about the ontological repercussions of the globalist state's Council of Trent ViRuse.

Speaking about systemic transformation; media's programming of the human mind; the methods of sociological construction used by social engineers to shape societal mind set in accordance with the plutocracy's oncoming technocratic regime: Among other relating subjects...
A relevant song...

Speaking about the actualization of Agenda 21 in the region known as Great Britain

Relating presentation (duration 35 mins)

Speaking about globalist state's ongoing assault on American sovereignty.

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As mentioned within presentation, I include another...
(Duration 25mins)

Speaking about the outrageous, unlawful and absurd assertion that Britons are supposedly disallowed to engage in sexual interaction with someone from another household, and must now repress sexual compulsion in adherence with state imposed 'protocol'. Also, Britain's national sovereignty still being under threat from covert globalist state operatives; systemic transformation among many other relating subjects...


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