Just some thing in my yard.

This was done for France. They’ll need it by the end of the century.

It’s always nice to get a little slice of the animal kingdom.

The classic animutation. This video is not actually erotic.

If a bunch of mutant animals can sing it on public television, why can't I?

George Floyd... a man who did more by dying than he ever did alive

Is that they're wasting the budget on these unreadable, garish full-body suits, when they need more human actors.

Basically, they threw out everything from the Sentai. Thankfully, it's only throwing out the baby with the bathwater, rather than instead of the bathwater. There's good and bad points, but more on the bad here.

Just playing with Rouge some more.

I just thought some would appreciate this in this Pandemic Panic

The world needs some spontaneous insanity to make up for the hatred brewing underneath what seem to be good intentions.

Tested out the iMovie editor for this one. Also referencing the “Children of the Atom”...

There was nowhere to go but downhill for Marvel's writing team, really. I feel like this is the final straw. Even after One More Day. The Modern Age of Comics as we understood it is finally over. These names and designs feel like parodies.

I won’t be using it as often as I used to.

Remember when Playmates tried collector oriented figures?

Ugh, neither party seems like a good option...

Decided to leave Twitter over Trump complexities and suspension.

I forgot Sponge On The Run, which I will try to see. But overall, here are my thoughts on the animated film parade this year.

Given the failures of films like Spies in Disguise, could Western Animation be on its way out of theaters?

I'm sure a lot of you would love this; but anyway, this was an animutation against Global Warming mania from the mid-2000s.

And whadda ya know, this video exploded like wildfire overnight.

I discuss a handful of Sonic topics I needed to get off of my chest. Things like balance, character design, and my thoughts on the movie's theme song. (Spoilers: The Movie theme song belongs in the same dustbin as They Call me Sonic)

Another old classic re-uploaded. This was huge in the early 2000s.

The highlight of "The Krusty Krab's Kantankerous Kommercial" by EmperorLemon. This is a send-up of Big Bill Hell's

Does he not know shame? Does shame know him? One thing is for certain; HuggyBobo does not belong here.


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