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Who knows........

F@#k your JAB !!

So much greed and corruption in this world with ZERO regard for human lives, I hope Karma comes SOON for all the evil ones !!

Numerous Canadian Veterans and peaceful protestors removed the fencing installed around the War Memorial in Ottawa so people could leave flowers, shovel snow and keep the Monument clean. Meanwhile, on CTV's article, it reads "CTV National News: Protesters invade war memorial" CTV, CBC and GLOBAL all need to be #BOYCOTTED in my honest opinion !!! Stay strong truckers !!

The world is "INDEED" laughing at you Sock-Boy, the old saying "You reap what you Sow" really holds true I suppose. Please resign ASAP and face the justice that's going to reign down on you !!

Top docs (who haven't been bought) call out Tam, Njoo and Deeks. Recorded live Feb 8th/22. Invitation to Tam, Njoo and Deeks has been sent out for Friday , Feb 11/22. Hopefully we can put this faked Pandemic behind us and all those that were complicit be brought to #JUSTICE !! #GODSPEED to all !!

Just LOVE Tucker !! Thank you for putting this deranged, narcissistic #WANNABE leader into perspective !! You've ruined Canada JT......Time to step down and face the music !! A HUGE shout-out to all the great Canadians standing up in Ottawa for our rights and freedoms!! Much Love !!!!

Brilliant piece of work!!......Not sure who the creator is, but Kudos to you !!

Please note todays date as January 19/2022 as politicians have been known to back-track on their words JUST A FEW TIMES.. I sincerely hope we're in the "ENDEMIC" stage of this charade. Godspeed to all !!

Do you ever tell the truth Mr. Kenney? (Asking for a friend) Christmas/2020 :(

The rabbit hole runs very deep folks.

'Fascist Psychopath': Justin Trudeau Calls the Unvaccinated 'Racist and Misogynistic Extremists' - I keep wondering when his trial date will be? Original Upload: December 30/2021

A pretty good analogy of "Truth" and "Reality" by Dr. Stephen Malthouse.


No description required.

But hey Canada, just remember ........
" We're all in this together !!"

How people are still buying into and believing this BullSh*t faked pandemic is beyond all human comprehension. "YOU" be the judge....... Baaaaaa !!

WOW !! I can only hope this opens your eyes as much as it did mine !
Big shout out to the folks at Https://
THANK YOU...... Please share this video. PEACE

The time to wake up folks is NOW or NEVER !!

Original video from Rebel News on You-tube - SEPT 23-21 (Pretty certain the Rebel has now been DE-MONETIZED by Screw-Tube)

Dr. Barbara Yaffe, associate chief medical officer of health in Toronto, accidentally speaks a little bit of truth on a Hot mike.


Finally someone brave enough to step up and reveal the truth. Koodos to this young lady !!

Doesn't have to be Christmas to enjoy this video !! LoL


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