TIMELINE: Phase 1: November 2015-April 2016: Frank Erb, work bible study
Phase 2: April 2016-July 2016: Frank Erb, bible study, Verity; transitioning away from bible study and frank erb
Phase 3: july 2016-September 2017: Verity Baptist Church only
Phase 4: weekend after getting kicked: woodland church; youtube channel begins
Phase 5: weekend after woodland: Loomis church youtube channel continues

An Explanation on Marriage and Business, or more appropriately, How to Immediately Trigger an Andersonite (Alternate Title)

I have judged the fruit of venezuela and it tastes like piss.

This video has aged like wine. Bringing the best of this old new ifb preacher.

This video is a roleplay and is categorized as comedy. The contract proposal at the end of the video is not though.

The rebellion was over the impeccability of Christ involving two NEETs trying to hijack the church.

NHBC newsletter has been COPYSTRIKED (not joking)
sorry for the misinformation somewhere in this video about it.

No funny haw-haws on this one.

b& from NHBC imo. !d20
edit: NAME* shall be called the everlasting Father amen. Stop misquoting Isaiah you dumby dumb dumbs. Talk about the word "NAME" at some point, please. I am an orthodox trinitarian.

Lit Discourse, notwithstanding pedantically ostensible axioms.

Also: I hesitated but I do indeed believe that Jesus is a man; as in emphatically not a woman in any way lol. I was thinking about how the assumption of the doctrine of the eternal humanity of Christ could have been assumed if I didn't expand so I was strategizing how to carefully word my response to the question before you moved on to the next question.

We're cool, bro. Thanks for going on "Debate Religion / Politics" server. Hit me up if you would be interested in discourse a more punctuated setting. If not, I get it. Thanks.



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