A day of me and Chris exploring new areas to catch whatever we can catch. Not going to lie, it was a tough day of fishing but I at least didn't get skunked. On this occasion though, I've prepared a small gift for Chris on his move to Texas.

After getting skunked multiple sessions last week, I decided to keep grinding the summer days at my usual lake. Not going to lie, it has been tough this summer with the whole weather fluctuations back and forth from hot to cold. I'm pretty sure the fish don't enjoy it. Still no crappie and they haven't been showing up in numbers the past year or two.

2019 Daiwa Alphas CT w/ Roro Spool w/ micro bearings
5' Kastking Zephyr UL 1g - 7g lure rating
6lb NanoBraid w/ 4lb fluorocarbon leader

Experimenting a little with 4k recording and it was not fun editing in resolve 16, I apologize for that and the output could have been way better. Either way, me and Chris head to a pond that we stumbled across and figured we try our luck there.

2019 Daiwa Alphas Air CT w/ Roro spool w/ microbearings
6'6" Tsurinoya Dexterity 1-8g lure rating

Many thanks to my fishing buddy Daryl for showing me this spot. I decided to take up on Daryl's offer and fish a very small section of the Tualatin River while crossing our fingers and hoping for lunkers to show up.

2019 Daiwa Alphas CT SV w/ roro spool w/ microbearings
6'6" Tsurinoya Dexterity 0.5-8 gram lure rating
Roboworm 4 1/2" soft plastic worm

Me and Chris head out east to fish multiple spots throughout the whole day. Unfortunately due to recent runoff, the whole river was chocolate milk and fishing was very slow. Luckily for us, we decided on a whim to stop at a weird no name pond on the side of a highway. We were curious and our curiosity paid off.

2018 Daiwa Tatula 100h w/ aftermarket longcast spool
9'0" Medium Okuma elite series IM8 Steelhead/Salmon casting rod
2019 Daiwa Alphas CT w/ roro spool w/ microbearings
6'6" Tsurinoya Dexterity UL

I head back out to Hagg Lake on 5/15/2020 just before the rainy week. Still hoping for the crappies to come out as the ones here in Henry Hagg Lake are pretty nice sized slabs and are fun to catch. However, I'm not too picky when it comes to the fishes on the end of my line.

2019 Daiwa Alphas CT SV, w/ 5.5g Roro Spool, w/Micro spool bearings
Tsurinoya Dexterity 6'6" UL, 0.6g - 8g lure rating

I head back to my usual lake this time with my fishing buddy Chris and as expected we didn't have any problems catching the stockies. I on the other hand had to deal with my air bearings running dry since I forgot to oil them after cleaning them over the winter months.

I head to one of my favorite places to fish and try my luck at finding bedding bass. Unfortunately for me my day didn't start so well with running into a sun bathing snake. When spring time rolls around and as the weather gets warmer, finding snakes crawling around at this lake becomes a common routine.

My Gear Used:
2019 Daiwa Alphas CT SV w/ Roro spool & micro bearings
10 lb Braid w/ 4 lb Flurocarbon Leader
Tsurinoya Dexterity casting rod 6'6" 1g - 7g lure rating
4 1/2" Roboworm

Decided to try and break the skunk curse that I've been having so I decided to hit my usual lake with my fishing buddy Chris. It took a while but I was finally able to break it.

I head out to a private pond in hopes of catching a nice size largie and smallie for my first of the year. Unfortunately I wasn't able to sight see any large size fishes but was able to catch a few dinks.

It's good news for me though, as small dinks move up to shallower waters the larger size bass tend to follow weeks after. Therefore I'm looking forward to the next few weeks when I come back out here to try again.

A beginning of a new chapter in my life, to record all my fishing trips because video evidence is better than pictures alone and I'm getting old, memories starting to get fuzzy. Other things to consider, the funny things other fishermen comment while fishing nearby.

In this video I'm use mainly small spoons to catch my trout. I didn't know that the lake that I frequent had a recent stocking so I was surprised by the amount that I was catching.

On 5/4/2020, I decided to head to my usual spot that I fish, Henry Hagg Lake, to check if the bass and crappie were showing up. It's not a bad lake nor is it an amazing lake either in terms of fishing. The lake is very heavily pressured by the locals here and is also one of the few main bodies of water that the Oregon Department of Wildlife stock with mass amounts of trouts(Trophies & Brooders).

At times the department of fish and wildlife stock the lake that I fish with brood trout. Not many get stocked and not many survive throughout the year but fortunately for me I was able to catch my first brood trout at this lake.

The trout measured in at 22 inches, unfortunately I wasn't able to weigh the fish due to lack of scale. I was using 10lb braid with a 6lb fluoro leader.

I take my favorite guy to Henry Hagg Lake for a fishing session in hopes of igniting the flames of a fisherman. With both permissions from his parents, I'm uploading this and future sessions of us both that maybe when he gets older, he can always come back to this channel and remember how fun it is to go out fishing.


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I decided to start recording my fishing trips along with fishing pictures because having more evidence of all the fishes that I've caught will be something that I can look back upon as I get older each day. The fun memories that I will make with my fishing buddies and family won't be forgotten and I know I won't regret recording them.

I reside in the Pacific Northwest where warm water species isn't talked about much and most anglers here focus on salmon, steelhead, and trout. I try to fish for everything available so who knows, you might be able to gather some info from my recordings. Stay a while and watch, share my joy in fishing and let us aim to become better anglers.

By the way, I am what is to be considered a BFS angler which stands for Bait Finesse System. BFS angling comprises of using either a specialized baitcasting reel or a modified baitcaster and an ultralight rod to throw very light lures which traditionally is thrown by spinning gear.