The Tesla Bull trap has been set. Let me explain and listen closely. Follow the narrative

Elon Musk and Tesla reputation is officially toast. Musk donated to GOP and calls diver a pedophile

Tesla reservation holders are disappearing fast. Twitter stream is the anecdotal evidence.

Elon Musk did the same 3 things Ken Lay of Enron did before it collapsed. Tesla will go bankrupt

Elon Musk will use this tactic to try & report a profit next quarter if his CFO & accountant let him

Elon Musk short squeeze of the century was the China news today that was nothing more than fluff

Twitter cleaning spam accounts to sell itself, Groupon to be bought out, and short Tesla China news

Alex Jones and Info Wars is the new Fox News. Alex Jones just panders to his new base, Trumptards

Space is fake and NASA will never film the launch with a smart phone from inside the rocket looking out

JP Morgan interested in Deutsche Bank is a lie. Always the same lies before a company collapse

Elon Musk fighting with media today is reminiscent of Ken Lay before Enron collapse. CNET is a joke

Tesla Factory Gates 5000 Model 3's to deceive investors of production #. Factory gated explained

Message board trolls are exposing Tesla for Fraud and Deutsche Bank needs European union to stay tog

Reading a page or two out of the Enron stock collapse. Parallel to Tesla and Musk. No coincidence

Trump lied about shortening term limits and Elon Musk asking for more money from customers

Tesla is building Model 3 by hand because.... Deutsche Bank Italy problem underrated

Tesla is days away from bankruptcy in my opinion. This call never been so urgent

Walkie talkie for apple watch is going to revolutionize the use. Fitbit needs to do it

Q anon and the whole alternative media movement are all ignorant dumb fcks.

Bitcoin masturbaitors about to witness $6000 crack then $2000 by year end

Texas to legalize marijuana. Get ready for the next great awakening revolution against Zionism

Trump announces a new agency for the Fake Space Program. The SPACE FORCE. LOL

The Muslim religion is closer to the truth of Christianity than Judiasm. Trump is a Zionist fraud

Grant Cardone is telling people not to buy homes. Guy has a short term record

FOIA requests to the CIA to reveal Satoshi Nakamota prove Central Israeli Agency


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