Why Tesla fired 7% of their workforce, why Tesla stopped selling 75D battery, why shanghai factory

Tesla saving 80 million a quarter by firing 3k people, and Saab hard to find parts meant bankruptcy

Tesla to cut 7% of its workforce. Elon Musk is a lying Fraud. Bankruptcy next

Conspiracy theorists who can only see so far annoy the crap out of me

Everyone on TV is bearish on the market. Market dejavu. Fed has been raising rates for 3 years

Where Tesla stock is going next and Elon Musk eill be vague about China loan

Gay boy Gali Hyper change TV queer boy has some suggestions for Elon Musk LOL

Electric cars are for retards, stock market bottomed on jan 3rd, rant about bible and jews

Did the market bottom jan 3rd? What Apple means to market, and Fed too scared to do right thing

Today Jan 2 market is down 350 pre market, oil down, and Tesla misses sales estimates lol

How is government public transportation going to compete with Uber and Lyft

1st a little word from Gali, what stock market will do Dec 31 Jan 3rd, Oil, and Tesla

Market hitting 23,250 as predicted in my last couple of videos and larry ellison tesla bod now lol

Now that the market bounced 1000 points in 1 day this is what im seeing next

Stock Market will bottom on January 3 or January 8th 2019. Watch those dates!!!

What i think the market will do going forward and Tesla best short for 2019

A Tesla rant on what a 340 break means and the bullshit trading inudstry


Hypnotized Society believe in things they can't prove like Aliens, Dinosaurs, Vaccines, globe earth

Deutsche Bank Merger rumors with Commerzbank is fake manipulated news to pump stock

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reveals she has jewish heritage. Hmmmm i wonder why LOL!!!

Elon Musk called Jay Clayton a pussy on 60 minutes CBS interview. Buffett Apple gonna lose money

HBO Axios hosts are politico reporters pretending to be cutting edge. Elon Musk

Today is the day that Tesla Bondholders will be in regret

Tesla time to short is not going to be obvious to those who are waiting for right time


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