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And flying through it.

Dangerous job.

The new terminal that replaced the ancient Soviet one was completed in 2020.

Epicenter of kokol activity,

Kokol home improvement store "Epicenter" got hit in kharkib. Epic epicenter secondary explosions of laminate and drywall.

A brain surgeon swinging an astronaut by her hair.


Bogdan was reloading..

Signing up to work for the fed is the dumbest decision ever for any right-thinking American.


Points to the bodies and call this scene "a result of total mobilization that is conducted by our country". He's the only one still alive out of 4 people. 2 died immediately, and 1 bled to death. The first one was snatched off the street 4 days ago in Ternopol region, the second one 3 days ago in Dnepr.

Generator noise.


An episode of "international friendship" has happened and Kirgizs have attacked a Paki dorm. Most likely the Pakis looked the wrong way or something. The funny thing is that they speak Russian.

Supporting pukeraine is gay.

Naked niggers.

Kokols like to roleplay. Sukas-koklukas too.

Fun and games. Unpacking, nakhui.

In the first clip, pedolands ambassador in kokolstan explains to the kokols the importance of lgbt, in the second an eestooniiaan sprat promotes freedom of promoting sodomy to kids. Finalized by the NATO herring-eyed pedo proclamation about what the pedoworld stands for.

Putin had a strong preference for integration with Europe, but now it's all over. Eurocucks got fucked by the scheming anglos (as usual) and have no national leaders.


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