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We sent it loads of FBA units to Amazon FBA. When the customers started leaving me negative feedback for wrong items sent out by Amazon FBA, FBA said it was somehow my fault.
I have recalled 28 units and now when they come to me I see the problem. What is Amazon going to do about it?

While having lunch we were able to watch little boats sail around and do crazy things.

A beautiful pink orchid, Phalaenopsis Hybrid, time lapse video of the flower opening.

You don't have to commit to getting a whole bottle of Honey Whiskey, you can also use the honey that you prefer, may it be from the flower of your choice or even a more organic honey.

Watch this great tribute to those who have given their lives for our freedom. Smokey Tipton is one of Florida #1 singers. Thank you Veterans and thank you Smokey.

A proud moment for the Cubs and their dedicated supporters. After more than a century, the Cubs have done it, they have won the world series. Watch this moving tribute to the Cubs. From the build up, all the way to the World Series Game 7 vs the Indians.

When making a video tutorial on how to grow onions from leftovers at home, we thought it would be great to add a little timelapse of the onion sprouting. We only use a small segment of the time lapse in the tutorial, so we thought it would be a waste not to show the whole timelapse.

Drunk Florida Old Man acts Hard Core when speaking with woman he nearly killed in accident.

Watch as Donald Trumps hair becomes the focal point for an attack by cats. Watch out Donald, you can't go arround grabbing womens cats, they will fight back!

A collection of images during and after Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti. Hurricane Matthew killed 108 people in Haiti, and the death toll is expected to rise.

So this video has been going around about a guy pulling a coke can off of a skunks head. Now we have added a voice over of what the skunk would be saying.

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These are the answers to 15 random questions that we found online. An open conversation about nothing particular at all.

While watching a review video on YouTube about a 360° camera, the reviewer loses his cool about not being able to upload a video. This is when he accidently shows two screens that were open on his Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge. One of the screens shows something unexplainable, the other, the man just wants some meat.

A trip through the setup of Greenway Hydroponics in NJ.

Watch as 3 neighbors answer random music questions on the porch.


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