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gravity creating safe havens for where gas won't be ravaged by the vacuum of "space" is a total joke

itsa rly, it's hard to believe they get away with this shit. i think they call this the "generation gap". clearly this is made to make young people switched on think they have music that suits them. sad really
Bring Me The Horizon - Parasite Eve (Official Video)

full report is expected by Friday, class

mirror https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJpmjvTARtM if you arent following him WTF have u been? complaining about an obtuse demographic no doubt.

LMAO God bless the real twitter crew


just simple verbatim from a speech

This was released in September 1927, one month before the Wonsal brothers (AKA Warner Bros.) released "The Jazz Singer." This is great compared to "The Jazz Singer."

LMAO such pussies, aren't willing to reap what they sow .... well lucky there are reapers hey ?

LMAO what can i say? if u still think we went to the moon you are beyond help.

mirror from Possumkicker , subscribe NOW!!! https://www.bitchute.com/video/zyFeLFQBbrwh/

no wonder the Fake MLK gets a national day and Malcolm X gets buried....i had no idea Malcolm was so onto shit

ahahaha finally found it. listen and weep naysayers

from the film Pi

amazing "hiphop" style track from my brothers and sisters in South Africa .... little can compare to these guys

Sci fan and his fanboi clan, what a bunch of misfits, scientism nitwits

what can i say ..thee gorgeous Zaz

Highlights from her show.
In case u don't know Zaz is the greatest singer of our time, possibly all time and she sings in the language designed for song. if you don't like it, sux to to be you.

thanks for the polio bill gates, i thought this was eliminated already

savage/brutal dry Asian objection
bless her cotton socks

epic rant is epic


she's the best


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We don't consent. We do not support the NASA fakespaceX global hoax scam.
They get kicked out, but they get in again, whatever are we gunna do?
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