Operation Oxygen: https://www.flatearthdoctrine.com/operation-oxygen/

Governor Brian Kemp: https://gov.georgia.gov/executive-action/executive-orders/2020-executive-orders

Primary PDF "Guidances" from GA Gov. Brian Kemp (Executive Order from May 1-13, 200): file:///Users/admin/Downloads/

Operation Oxygen webpage: https://www.flatearthdoctrine.com/operation-oxygen/

For 20 years John Patterson tested Telstra 5g digital systems: https://www.telstra.com.au/5g


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Spring of 2015 I first heard about flat earth, laughed for 9 months about it. Then, I attempted to debunk it for 6 months, both with scripture and science, and was unable to. Ever since June 2016 I have been on a mission to spread awareness that the earth is stationary and flat with a dome (firmament) over our head because God's Word is ALWAYS Faithful and True! I've written a couple books, including The Doctrine of the Shape of the Earth: A Comprehensive Biblical Perspective. Feel-free to go to my website to learn more www.FlatEarthDoctrine.com