Are extraterrestrial hybrids living amongst us? This is the astounding revelation from Richard Doty who investigated strange cases of alien abduction and experimentation on human hosts. Based on these discoveries, the U.S. government implemented testing protocols to ensure that hybrids had not infiltrated sensitive military positions. He reveals that the Vatican also has testing protocols. It seems that E.T.s, of various origins, have been genetically mingling with the human populace, so that they may walk among us undetected. But to what end?

A chance encounter revealed a UFO base hidden within Urania Peak on the grounds of Tonopah Air Force base, one of the most secure facilities on the planet. When Richard Doty got word of this clandestine infiltration, he assembled an armed security team to escort him as he investigated. The report he filed from his investigation was received and reviewed by top military brass who “took care of it” in a drastic way. Repercussions of this action are still classified to this day.

A mysterious war for humanity’s consciousness and spirituality rages on across 3rd and 4th density realities and channelers may be on the front lines. One may have the best of intentions when reaching out for guidance from etheric entities, yet not realize that they have become open to receiving negative beings. According to Corey Goode and the Law of One Material, untuned channelers and ritual magic can be used as gateways for negative entities to manipulate the co-creative consciousness of our planet. Even the Blue Avians have expressed their concerns for making contact, lest their information become misused and misrepresented, once again.

It has been bandied about that many of the technological achievements by Lockheed Martin were not entirely of terrestrial origin. As more insiders are willing to come forward, we gain information which corroborates such theories. During many conversations with her father, who was an aerospace engineer with Lockheed Martin, Heather Sartain learned about the reverse engineering of various extraterrestrial vehicles and storage facilities for technology which could not be kept on Earth. It is their discussions on the magnetic nature of sun and a potential solar event to which we must pay close attention.

Imagine being able to traverse alien worlds with hostile denizens and harsh environments, yet encounter no threat posed to you or your wellbeing. Randy Cramer discusses avatar technology that transmits the consciousness of an operator into a synthetically created body, ideally suited to thrive on such worlds. More that human exploration of other worlds, Randy reveals that extraterrestrial beings have used this tech to walk among us, undetected, for centuries.

The galaxy has mercenaries, pirates, and crime syndicates, like on Earth, controlling certain regions of space that are hazardous to travel through. These bad actors represent only 5% of the galaxy's populations. Randy Cramer tells us that 95% of the civilizations throughout our galaxy pose no threat to our planet and our way of life. But he iterates that we must stand on guard for that remaining 5% who use their advanced tech to cripple species, drive slave labor, and drain planets of their resources. He discusses various species and their agendas that lead to conflicts with members of Earth’s secret space programs.

We can now dig even deeper into the powerful testimonials from William Tompkins. This time we gain shocking confirmation of the 20 & Back program which so many people in the secret space programs have endured. His insights into Solar Warden and the great brain drain era confirm much of what Corey Goode as already disclosed. Though he never names it, Tompkins’s testimony outlines the formation and motivations behind a group that would come to be known as the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate. It seems that greed and the pursuit of power knows no limitations.

We all have seen the public scorn which shadows anyone who claims to have encountered a UFO or extraterrestrial beings. Clifford Stone confirms that an awesome effort has been made, by agencies of the U.S. government, to seek out and ridicule any such eyewitnesses in order to protect secret military operations which are charged with the collection and exploitation of extraterrestrial technology. It is during one of these operations where he uncovered a subterranean extraterrestrial facility in Vietnam; an encounter which ended violently.

After a brief meeting to catch up Gonzales with his tour of the library and hall of records, Corey Goode is whisked away to a distant base in the Kuiper belt to inform the Secret Space Alliance of what he learned during his visit to the inner earth. It is here that we learn more of the Ancient Builder Race and prophecies from the occult sects within the secret Earth governments.

An agreement has been made that humanity is not ready for full disclosure. This has more to do with the protection of assets rather than benefiting humanity. But we can find out what to expect from full disclosure by learning from another civilization which has collectively ascended beyond Draco control. Ambassador Mica comes from such a world and has relayed to Corey Goode what we can expect. He lays out the intended partial disclosure plan, detailing what will be revealed and what will be kept secret, and highlights what can free us from these forces of control.

Lockheed Martin, and other defense contractors, are known to advance the vanguard of technology and scientific exploration into new frontiers. What they do not openly reveal, could hold greatest sway over the future of humanity. Heather Sartain grew up listening to tales from her father and his friends, who were all aerospace engineers during the foundation of various secret space program initiatives. What she heard about the nature of our co-creative consciousness, the importance of the pineal gland, secret projects and the presence of extraterrestrial beings further confirms information coming forth from Corey Goode and other whistleblowers on such matters.

Something strange is afoot in Antarctica. Recent reports have been coming to light that world leaders and politicians have been making their way to Antarctica, with no public details as to why. Corey Goode knows why they are going and what has been found under the ancient ice of the South Pole. Evidence of ancient civilizations has been discovered and the area is being cleared out to make way for a sanitized disclosure to the public. Before these artifacts are completely evacuated, certain high profile personalities are allowed to visit these strange sites before evidence pertaining to these ancient civilizations are taken out of Antarctica forever.

The intricate history of the secret space program unfolds before us as Dr. Michael Salla discusses details from documents which corroborate the testimonies of people who were there. The list of key players includes: Eisenhower, JFK, James Forrestal and William Tompkins. Each took a role in ensuring the clandestine progression of humanity into the depths of deep space. This was a crucial time for engineers and politicians as humanity became caught in a proxy war between two rival E.T. factions. But things took a strange turn when science fiction media became the public means of disclosure through shows like The Outer Limits and Star Trek.

Ambassador Mica is becoming an increasingly important part of Corey Goode's meetings with the Blue Sphere alliance. As the frequency of such encounters increases, so too does the urgency of the messages he is given to convey to us about the times we are about to face. But there are those in the lower secret space programs who are not convinced by what Corey is saying, so another forced interrogation is thrust upon him. Fortunately, his allies can bring him some healing, but much of the damage done is permanent.

Beyond the advanced gadgetry and technological pageantry, the most profound revelations from the secret space program come in the form of conscious evolution. Corey Goode continues his examination of the Law of One material, this time focusing on the Draco mandate and how a technological salvation plays into the imminent planetary transformation to unity consciousness. We also learn of two races of extraterrestrials, who are a secret part of the Sphere Being Alliance, which will reveal themselves during the coming harvest.

Corey Goode continues to update us on his exploits within the secret space programs. This time, he is taken on a surprise visit to the inner earth where Kaaree works to remove etheric entities which were attached to his energy field. Another surprise comes with discussions of Inner Earth people who are forbidden to return to their subterranean homes, known as The Banished. Plus we learn of new efforts made to discredit whistleblowers who are working to reveal the extent of the SSP.

Previously, we have heard that only 300,000 people are ready for ascension and reports of this number have left many people confused and distressed for the future of humanity. To address this concern, Corey Goode was taken to a meeting with Raw-Tear-Eir and the blue spheres to clarify the implications of this message. From this contact, Corey conveys more information about the hidden power of our creative consciousness and how we all can tap into this power to help those who are not yet ready to ascend.

Rolling fields of green and vast hectares of crops thriving in the brilliant light may be the last you would thing you expect to find miles below the surface of the Earth. But that is exactly what Corey Goode encountered as he was taken on a tour through the inner earth civilization he visited. More than just agriculture, it is the technological achievements of these civilizations which set them apart from our own. Strangely enough Corey finds that they all bear many similarities with other subterranean civilizations already sprawling throughout our solar system.

As one of the founders of Solar Warden, William Tompkins designed many different types of space-faring vehicles ranging from small attack ships to gigantic spacecraft carriers. He discusses one of his designs for a carrier-type ship, which closely resembles a something that Corey Goode had directly encountered. Also, an astounding revelation comes to light as Tompkins recalls a memory from his childhood when he, along with a million other people, witnessed the five hour Battle of Los Angeles in February, 1942.

Many years before helping William Tompkins pen his autobiography, Bob Wood also worked at the same Douglas Aircraft facility. Instead of building out the Secret Space Program, his career placed him deep within the technical aspects of designing conventional aircraft and space-bound technology. But it was his deep interest in UFOs and technical prowess which gave him the opportunity to investigate how UFOs might work, despite not being given direct access to exotic materials. Eventually, the wall of secrecy crumbled and he now comes forward to share many of the secrets he has been able to uncover and authenticate.

Major updates concerning Corey Goode’s latest activities within the secret space programs are coming your way. In this first installment, we learn of veiled threats against Corey to try and scare him into ceasing his release of information. Despite the Cabal’s concern, the cat is really out of the bag as members of the Earth Alliance are working with factions of the SSP to ready a massive document dump. Plus we learn details of a telepathic communication technique used by Kaaree of the Anshar which plays a critical role in the rest of our updates.

During his tenure with the Navy, William Tompkins worked with a secret think tank which designed spacecraft carriers and other military capabilities in space. All of their work was mired in cover-ups of cover-ups so deep that no one really knew who they were working for or what they were really trying to accomplish. Anyone who tried to push the limits of this secrecy seemed to have met an untimely end. What Tompkins and his associates worked so diligently to design, became the technological reality Corey Goode experienced while in service with the secret space programs.

Deeper into the library Corey Goode comes across the hall of records. It is less about the contents of this room, and more about the activities taking place here. What he learns will send ripples throughout the secret space alliance and may cause you to question information received from telepathic connections allegedly made with extraterrestrials and ascended masters.

Corey Goode divulges the details he was able to collect concerning the most dangerous and secretive of space programs, the Dark Fleet. Operating far beyond the oversight or command of any earth-based government, the Dark Fleet has built a precarious alliance with Dracos, for conquest and defense of their territory. Whether hiding on their bases in the Oort cloud, hovering overhead in wedge-shaped craft or fighting in distant solar systems, their reach is vast and not to be trifled with.

In this special presentation, Michael Tellinger joins with Corey Goode to discuss how the Ubuntu philosophy meshes well with the message from the Blue Avians. Understanding this intersection is key to overcoming the constraints placed upon our planet through the deliberate manipulation of our monetary system by the financial syndicates clamoring for full control of our world.


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