This isn't a coherent song, my goal was to have fun.

I tried using Ableton to edit a song, and I think it went well.

I pulled this out of my unfinished folder. Very loopy.

I felt like using FamiTracker again, so I did this quickly.

FamiSpam failed due to my complete laziness.
This is the last song I will upload to the series. Afterwards, I'm probably going to learn proper composition and stop making tracker music for a while.

Happy birthday DevEd!

I haven't made music for a while.
Most of this is terrible, but that won't stop me from publishing it.
Uploading this one manually since BitChute didn't mirror it.

I was frustrated with this at first.
Uploading this one manually since BitChute didn't mirror it.

Sorry this one sounds awkward, I feel rusty with this.
I quit after 12 days last time, so I'll try to beat my previous streak.

I tried to make a loopy song, and it turned out terribly.
I'll try to do better next time.

This is one of my favourite ones so far.

Made in confusion.

I have no clue how to use arps properly.

I'm not happy with my music, so I've resolved to make 30 seconds of music a day. My goal is to write 20 minutes of music in 2 months.

I submitted this to an OHB a while ago as Filthy Foe.nsf.
The OHB submission was rendered in NSFplay, but this recording was rendered in FamiTracker since the noise sounds better.

Another thing I made for fun.

Something, I don't know.

I'm back, and ready to use FamiTracker again.

A track I made for Winter Chip XIV on Battle of the Bits.
Hopefully I'll have the time to try participating in OHBs this year.

Messing around in FamiTracker again.

This is a test song to make sure I remember how FamiTracker works.


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