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#antiusury #antizionism #antizog #antiwoke #antiism

Both are fkin savages, so keep them the fuck over on that side if the world!

..a conspiracy within a conspiracy.

Yes,, at highnoon!!

Please Lord protect Mel Gibson & these children!

History is starting to repeat itself once again. They're #rebrandingpedophilia to #MAPs / #MinorAttractedPersons / #PEDOPHILES & using #lgbt as the vehicle to do so... destigmatizing, normalizing, and legitimising #Pedophilia
..if you don't think this is happening, listen to Erin Holmes unmask the key organizations and #academics who are working steadily and strategically toward the ultimate goal of the #DecriminalizationOfPedophilia

Face0fBased_v2 on tikok


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..if a man is sick enough to think he is a woman, what's stopping him from thinking it's ok to molest children? ..nothing!



Refer to title.

Jeremy Mackenzie(Diagolon: The meme flag that enacte the 'emergency measures act') COMPLETE TESTIMONY

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Died Suddenly Documentary 2022

German WW2 Veterans Telling What Really Happened

Few years ago.

U.S. Senate expert witness testimony from Steve Kirsch, states that there are 410,000 unexplained deaths in Americans. Insurance company data shows 40% increase
in deaths of people under 64. All signs point to the jab doing way more harm than good.

waykiwayki Freiburg undercover 1 - The Famous Astrophysicist Quits Interview


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"Get out of the main stream before the current holds you under."
- Flip Cide