Fans of the 1960s iconic TV show, 'The Prisoner,' with their slow and soulful version of the theme tune, specially rewritten for the ukulele, entertaining visitors to Portmeirion.

Sinister and memorable as a screen monster, 'Rover' is the guardian of 'The Village' many viewers recall being both fascinated by and terrified of from 'The Prisoner' TV series.
Yet in reality, 'Rover' has an achilles heel which caused headaches for 'The Prisoner' production team back in the 1960s...and still causes nightmares for the Six of One re-enactment enthusiasts of today.
Understandable when you consider that replacing 'Rover' - in reality nothing more malevolent than a meteorological balloon - costs them £30 a pop.

Enthusiasts from all over the world flock to Portmeirion in North Wales every year to enjoy re-enactments of scenes from the British TV classic, 'The Prisoner.'
How many of today's tedious TV programmes will be remembered as fondly as Patrick McGoohan's masterful and entertaining commentary on our socio-economic prison half a century from now?

Jo Roberts recalls how she became a Prisoner of fortune to the fans of an iconic British TV show from the 1960s.

Tony Sloman, original librarian for 'The Prisoner,' finally settles the 51-year-old debate about the identity of the man who was not a number.

Britain's weird weather continued with a novel phenomenon over the weekend, with the sudden appearance of a strange, thick, snake-like 'dragon mist' oozing out over the estuary at Portmeirion, in North Wales. The picturesque tourist attraction was the setting for the iconic 1960s TV series, 'The Prisoner,' created by and starring Patrick McGoohan.
Locals said they had never witnessed a mist quite so dense and mysterious before.
The eerie phenomenon followed one of the warmest days of the year.

USAPs: Unacknowledged Special Access Programs.
The calculated twisting and perverting of a glorious secret.
A secret about highly advanced extraterrestrial civilisations and their marvelous technologies, kept hidden from a long-suffering Earth Humanity for over half a century - and the plan by a greedy and powerful few, who are preparing to monetise it into another excuse for endless war.
The Ultimate False Flag is a Fake 'Alien' Invasion and the exportation of weapons into outer space, to expand the wealth and control of the Military Industrial Complex and continue the subjugation of the clueless and gullible masses.

IT'S TIME, MR PRESIDENT...IT'S TIME. http://www.adamskifoundation.com
Did Marilyn Monroe really commit suicide - or was she murdered because of what she knew about Roswell? A CIA wiretap on Marilyn's phone has come to light in the copy of a memo signed by Counter-Intelligence Chief James Angleton, detailing Marilyn's knowledge of the reality of the crashed Roswell ship, which she had learned about during pillow-talk with JFK and her intention to go public with it.

THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL: The Mojave Desert, November 20th, 1952.

GLENN STECKLING, Director of the Adamski Foundation, discusses staggering cinefilm of a saucer floating behind bushes, as a telemetric disk gathers information in front of it.
The footage was taken by George Adamski in Mexico, in 1958.

Former US Navy pilot Commander Graham Bethune gives rock solid evidence of the reality of the Adamski motherships and scoutcraft in an interview for Dr Steven Greer's CSETI video testimonies on ET Disclosure. Commander Bethune tags this historic gem of 1950s America onto the end of his interview, which is mainly about another extraterrestrial encounter he had with a large saucer shaped craft over the Altantic Ocean.
Dr Greer had the good grace to allow the Adamski testimony to remain in the original CSETI edit, although, oddly, the testimony does not make it to the print version of the Bethune interview, which appears in Dr Greer's new book, 'Unacknowledged,' which accompanies his ground breaking documentary movie of the same name. The full interview can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU6LOfiUJ6Q
References to George Adamski have also been removed from the Wikipedia version of the original Bethune interview. As you can clearly see, elements within the intelligence community are still terrified of the information good old George represented and have done their wicked best to ensure he is either ridiculed or removed from the historical record completely.


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