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Destination Space is a 1959 American science fiction television film. It was produced and written by Rip Van Ronkel and directed by Joseph Pevney. Plot: Two astronauts are in charge of a giant space station. During an attempted rocket launch, a meteor smashes into the station, damaging it. Later it's discovered that an overload within the rocket will cause a nuclear explosion-within minutes.

ungle Drums of Africa is a 1953 12-episode, American serial film, shot in black-and-white, which was an original commissioned screenplay by Ronald Davidson produced by Franklin Adreon and directed by Fred C. Brannon for Republic Pictures. The story is set in Kenya, and involves the efforts of an American uranium processing company's representative and a woman medical missionary, to thwart the efforts of agents of a "foreign power", abetted by a disaffected native witchdoctor, to gain control of a large uranium deposit on lands owned by the latter's tribe. This serial features black American actors in major roles, including that of a college-educated chieftain. Plot: The daughter of a medical missionary in Africa carries on her father's work after he dies. She later befriends two adventurers prospecting for uranium. But it isn't long before she finds herself in danger from crooks trying to get the uranium for themselves and a local witch doctor, who sees her as a threat to his power. Chapter 1. Jungle Ambush (20min), Chapter 2. Savage Strategy (13min 20s), Chapter 3. The Beast Fiend (13min 20s), Chapter 4. Voodoo Vengeance (13min 20s), Chapter 5. The Lion Pit (13min 20s), Chapter 6. Underground Tornado (13min 20s), Chapter 7. Cavern of Doom (13min 20s), Chapter 8. The Water Trap (13min 20s), Chapter 9. Trail to Destruction (13min 20s), Chapter 10. The Flaming Ring (13min 20s), Chapter 11. Bridge of Death (13min 20s), Chapter 12. The Avenging River (13min 20s).

Jungle Raiders (1945) is a Columbia film serial. Kane Richmond plays the hero Bob Moore, with Janet Reed as Ann Shaw (his love interest), and Charles King plays head villain Jake Raynes. Plot: Ann Reed travels to a mysterious land following her father, Dr. Murray Reed, who disappeared into its interior many years ago. Ann falls in with Bob Moore and Joe Riley who have just been mustered out of the military and plan to join Moore's father who is researching rumors of a miracle healing drug used by the witch doctors of a mysterious tribe. The owner of the local trading post is determine to keep the scientists out of the area so he can locate a cache of jewels guarded by the tribe without outside interference.

Jungle Queen (1945) is a Universal movie serial. Material from this serial was re-edited into the feature film Jungle Safari (1956). Plot: In 1939, Nazi Germany sends a team of agents to incite revolt and seize British Middle Africa as a first step in conquering Africa. Attempting to place their own sympathiser in charge of the local tribe, they face resistance from Pamela Courtney searching for her father, a pair of American volunteers and the mysterious Jungle Queen Lothel, who appears out of nowhere in her nightgown to give advice and instructions to the tribe.

ungle Menace (1937) is the first serial released by Columbia Pictures. Based on the success of Republic Pictures's 1936 serial Darkest Africa, starring real-life animal trainer Clyde Beatty, Columbia made this exotic jungle serial starring real-life animal collector Frank "Bring 'Em Back Alive" Buck. Set in the fictional land of Seemang in Asia, Buck plays the role of Frank Hardy, a soldier of fortune who intervenes in and investigates attempts to run a rubber plantation owner and his daughter off their land. It was directed by Harry L. Fraser and George Melford, and filmed in black and white in California, USA. In 1946 material from this serial was re-edited into the 70-minute feature film adaptation called Jungle Terror. Plot: In the Asian province of Seemang, where the Bay of Bengal meets the jungle, Chandler Elliott (John St. Polis) owns a large and prosperous rubber plantation. His attractive daughter, Dorothy (Charlotte Henry), is engaged to neighboring planter Tom Banning (William Bakewell), but troubles are brewing for both plantations. They ship a cargo of rubber on a riverboat to be taken to an ocean port, but the boat is hi-jacked by river pirates. They kill the crew and steal the shipment. This is part of a plot by Jim Murphy (LeRoy Mason), Elliott's plantation manager, and others to force Elliott to sell his plantation. Local explorer Frank Hardy (Frank Buck) determines to find out who is behind the plot.

Jungle Girl is a 1941 15-chapter Republic Pictures serial starring Frances Gifford. It was directed by William Witney and John English based on the novel Jungle Girl (1932) by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It was the 22nd of the 66 serials produced by Republic. Plot: Dr. John Meredith, ashamed at the crime spree of his twin brother, Bradley, travels with his daughter, Nyoka, to Africa. There his skills as a doctor displace Shamba, the resident witch doctor of the Masamba. Years later, Slick Latimer and Bradley Meredith arrive looking for a local diamond mine and team up with the disgruntled Shamba. Bradley kills his brother John and takes his place. They also bring along Jack Stanton and Curly Rogers, who promptly join Nyoka in trying to stop the villains.

Jungle Jim is a 1937 Universal serial film based on Jungle Jim, the comic strip by Alex Raymond. Grant Withers starred as Jungle Jim, and Henry Brandon played the villainous Cobra. Plot: Two safaris enter the African jungle intent on finding a white girl who is the heiress to a fortune. One safari, led by Jungle Jim, wants to make sure she gets the news that she is now a rich woman and escort her back to civilisation. The leaders of the other safari want to kill the girl so they can try to get hold of her inheritance themselves.

Jet discovers he is related to King Alfred the Great of England. As such he should live the life of luxury expected of royalty. The Captain decides to show just how privileged Alfred really was.

The Captain goes back to witness a strange event in William the Conquerers life. An event so obscure hardly anything is known about it, an event that could have changed the whole future history of the world.

Captain Z-RO and Jet encounter a saucer shaped missile in space.

The Captain discovers while researching the history of flight that Leonardo Da Vinci is having a crisis of confidence over his invention. The Captain knows he has to find a way to encourage the man and to be the influence history records.

The Captain assembles a team to go back in time to the Great pyramid of Giza. He wants to try and enter the pyramid after the burial but before grave robbers have looted the place in the.

The Captain goes back in history to learn about a famous moment in the life of Ghengis Khan. It was rumored he abandoned his conquest of North China because of a bad omen.

Captain Z-ro finds and old Spanish ship the Concepción, which sunk in 1641. The Captain is not interested in the gold and treasure on board but the huge amount of Axtec writings that have been lost to the world.

The Captain has a new spacecraft he wishes to test. While on the mission, things begin to go wrong very quickly, and the situation turns to a life and death struggle.

The Captain witnesses the first gold strike in California suddenly deviate from how history recorded it. He goes back in a desperate attempt to put things right.

Captain Z-ro returns to the time of the Revolutionary war after Molly Pitcher is wounded and appears wont be able to complete the task that made her famous.

Cortez's expedition to Mexico is in danger of collapse due to mutiny among his own men. The Captain goes back in time to try correct the situation.

Captain Z-Ro sees that an important message needed by General Washington is intercepted by the British. The Captain mounts a rescue mission to retrieve the message and get it to Washington.

Captain Z-ro sends his time machine back to 450 to try and understand how Atila, with everything in his favor still failed to win a decisive victory at Battle of Catalaunian.

Jet goes back in time to discover if Robin Hood is real. He comes under the attention of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Captain Z-Ro needs to mount a desperate rescue attempt to save Jet and the legend of Robin Hood.

Jet goes in search of Black Beard's treasure on Mulberry Island. Due to a malfunction, Jet overshoots his intended target and rather than treasure has a first hand encounter with Black Beard himself.

Captain Z-RO and Jet decide to build their own robot to study how robots work, only they can't control their robot once it's finished.

Captain Z-Ro investigates with Jet the truth behind the legend of William Tell. As things go off track, and it appears William Tell may die, Captain Z-Ro decides he needs to take direct action.

During an experiment Captain Z-Ro accidentally takes a critical mail box from a Pony Express station. As he tries to return the box he discovers a life and death drama unfolding.


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