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Seeking revenge, an athletic young man joins the pirate band responsible for his father's death.

François Villon, in his lifetime the most renowned poet in France, is also a prankster, an occasional criminal, and an ardent patriot.

Prevented from dating his sweetheart by his uncle, a young man turns his thoughts to murder.

Wealthy Elias Graves builds his home on the top of a hill; a group of squatters have taken up residence at the bottom. Many of the men in the squatters' village have their eyes on young Tess, and one of them, Ben Letts, frames Tess' father for murder.

Eric Fane is a composer unwilling to compromise his dream for a steady job back home in the United States.

An unlucky inventor's attempt to demonstrate his break-proof glass at a convention goes humiliatingly wrong, but his luck may be about to change when he runs into pretty young woman on the train ride home.

A film projectionist longs to be a detective, and puts his meagre skills to work when he is framed by a rival for stealing his girlfriend's father's pocketwatch.

Chico (Charles Farrell) is a poor Parisian sewer cleaner who aspires to work his way out of his dead-end job and into the middle class.

When a nobleman murders his best friend, a lawyer becomes a revolutionary with his heart set on vengeance.

The story deals, as its name implies, with the rigid law of the Northwest and with Jack Meadows' efforts to set free the girl's father, who is the sheriff.

A fresh young beauty becomes an old maid waiting for her suitor to return from the Napoleonic wars. When he returns, clearly disappointed, she disguises herself as her own niece in order to test his loyalty.

A shiftless young man becomes obsessed with a mysterious woman and yearns to find her again.

Two thugs plot to kill an old miner to get his claim, but one of them lusts after his beautiful daughter and wants her first.

A film adaptation of the classic Alexandre Dumas novel. Edmond Dantes is falsely accused by those jealous of his good fortune, and is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in the notorious island prison, Chateau d’If.

Spectacle in the expected silent Italian style with elaborate sets, athletic events, and a notorious Roman empress lusting after a Persian slave who drives chariots.

The story of Madame DuBarry, the mistress of Louis XV of France, and her loves in the time of the French revolution.

Bohemian drama. A woman falls in love with a struggling artist, who later becomes famous and decides to leave Venice for a lucrative career in Paris.

A religious woman seeks to save her people from destruction by seducing and murdering the enemy leader, but her plans get complicated once she falls for him.

A family of Polish refugees tries to survive in post-World War I Germany. For a while it seems that they are making it, but soon the economic and political deterioration in the country begins to take their toll.

A bitter clown endeavors to rescue the young woman he loves from the lecherous count who once betrayed him.

With little luck at keeping a job in the city a New Yorker tries work in the country and eventually finds his way leading a herd of cattle to the West Coast.

In the midst of an emotional depression, a man hires a murderer to kill him. But the despair soon passes, and the man must now escape the killer he's hired to end his life.

In Acadia, now part of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, young Evangeline is betrothed to Gabriel. But before their wedding can take place, the British imprison the men and send them into exile with their lands forfeit to the Crown.

A retired judge hires an acting troupe to re-create the gold rush of 1849, but things become serious when a real gold-mine is discovered nearby and a local girl is kidnapped by a nasty gambler.

A brother and sister dance act encounter challenges and romance when booked in London during the Royal Wedding.


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