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Part 1 of 3. Zydereen, the "Witch of Neptune," plots to take over the planet.[24] To that end she brainwashes Zarkov and Commander Richards to destroy the planet's atmospheric converters.

Flash, Dale and Zarkov battle against an invading army of ancient androids.

Half of the planets are lined up to strip the GBI of its authority and distribute its secrets amongst them. Earth casts the deciding vote in favor of keeping the GBI in control and selects Commander Richards to deliver the vote to the Galaxy Council on Mars. Krybian, the evil representative of Pluto, conspires with a master criminal to prevent Richards from voting, thus ensuring that GBI will lose its power. Flash foils the conspiracy and delivers Richards on time.

Prudentia, evil queen of the planet Diana, kidnaps Dale Arden to force her to reveal the secret of faster-than-light travel. Flash and Zarkov must use that secret themselves to travel back in time to save Dale's life.

Part 2 of 3. Flash and Dale race to Saturn to clear the names of the captive Zarkov and Commander Richards, accused of sabotaging Neptune's atmospheric converters. They battle the evil Zydereen, "Witch of Neptune," who brainwashed the captives and has stolen their knowledge of galactic defense.

From the near-lifeless planetoid Theta N-1, Dr. Fabian Prendis puts out a desperate call to Dr. Zarkov, at the command of his mysterious master. Upon arrival, Zarkov is taken captive and learns that Prendis is dead. His captor is a "lion-man" who demands that Zarkov continue Prendis' "transmutation" experiment to make him fully human in appearance. Flash and Dale discover where Zarkov has gone and race to his rescue.

As the Sky Flash is pulled off-course to an uncharted planet, every machine on Earth is seized by a mysterious "mechanical paralysis." Flash, Dale and Zarkov must stop Ziering, ruler of Planet X, before he can kidnap the 100 leading scientists from Earth in his bid to take over the galaxy.

Flash's greatest enemy escapes from prison and seizes control of the Sky Flash.

Strange tremors again threaten Earth, and Zarkov discovers that the evil Zaldu has survived his previous encounter with Flash and company and rebuilt his kingdom. The GBI team must once more journey deep underground in the Earth-borer Earthworm to thwart Zaldu once and for all.

Planets are being destroyed and Earth is next. Flash, Dale and Zarkov must time-travel to 1950s Berlin to defuse a bomb planted 1,250 years in the past.

The evil King Akim rules Charon, where the only law is lawlessness. After Akim brainwashes Flash's best friend into attempting to assassinate Flash, Flash and Dale travel to Charon to thwart Akim's nefarious schemes.

Part 3 of 3. Using her stolen knowledge, Zydereen, Witch of Neptune, builds a solar ray and threatens to destroy all life if she is not declared Queen of the Galaxy. Flash and Dale race to Neptune to thwart her evil plot.

Flash, Dale and Zarkov travel to the planet Tarset to investigate an ancient curse. They must overcome a traitorous scientist and thwart an invasion from the evil planet Ebon.

Jet Jackson returns to his mountain home to find Professor Bergland and his ward Lisa wanting Jackson's help to investigate the Radioactive Dust Bomb. Bergland believes that passing a mild electrical charge through humans will repel the radioactive dust. One evening during an experiment Bergland over exposes himself to an electric current and falls into a trance like state. Next morning Jackson and discovers the professor missing and all the power out at HQ. Elsewhere Lisa is betrays she is a spy during a phone. She is arranging a meeting with two men to discuss ...IMDb

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Jackson is approached by a group of children concerned the lot their baseball diamond is on has been bought and fenced off by a businessman, planning to build a factory. Jackson suggests a number of solutions, all rejected for various reasons. Jackson then agrees to meet with the business man, who point blank refuses to sell, no matter how much Jackson tries to sweeten the deal. Back at HQ Jackson is convinced he's seen the man before and goes through his records till he identifies the bank robber and a number of his associates. We discover the businessman has dug ...IMDb

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When Captain Midnight is informed that a friend who is in Arizona looking for a mineral named "Thorium" and was shot needs help, he and Ikky fly in their Silver Dart jet plane to help him. IMDb

Mr. Hobson, an American security specialist, reports that an enemy radio transmitter in Mexico has broken down. Since his men have broken the enemy's code, they want the transmitter repaired as soon as possible so they can continue to monitor the broadcasts. Captain Midnight and Icky volunteer to travel to the remote mountain area where the transmitter is located posing as fix-it men in hopes of being hired to repair the broken equipment - and do some poking around in the enemy's base on the side. IMDb

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