Moydolf Dada Art - part 9 - remix & fix for acid, truth and MDMA
1st posted on the 9th of July 2020 on the despicable YouTube. Since then, it has been remixed with added material at the start of the video. The kind of material and information which is banned on YouTube because they work with Satan and The World Economic Forum scum.
Dedicated to all the people who I met at the anti-lockdown protests in London.
In 2004, Google landed a search contract with the CIA. The value of the deal isn't known, but the agency did ask Google's permission to customise the CIA's internal Google search page by placing the CIA's seal in one of the Google logo's.
Hence, Youtube are cunts.
"During the Nazi era in Germany, eugenics prompted the sterilisation of several hundred thousand people then helped lead to antisemitic programmes of euthanasia and ultimately, of course, to the death camps. The association of eugenics with the Nazis is so strong that many people were surprised at the news several years ago that Sweden had sterilised around 60 000 people (mostly women) between the 1930s and 1970s. The intention was to reduce the number of children born with genetic diseases and disorders. After the turn of the century, eugenics movements—including demands for sterilisation of people considered unfit—had, in fact, blossomed in the United States, Canada, Britain, and Scandinavia, not to mention elsewhere in Europe and in parts of Latin America and Asia. Eugenics was not therefore unique to the Nazis. It could, and did, happen everywhere."

Moydolf Dada Art - part 8 - remix & fix for acid & MDMA
I am a 71 year old canadian. My father, Steve Elniski, fought the nazis for 6 years in WWII as an RCAF pilot seconded to the RAF. I am horribly disgusted with the Canadian cbc broadcaster for turning a blind eye to Ukrainian nazis while "covering" the war. I am particularly disgusted and outraged that the canadian deputy prime minister, chrystia freeland has done photo ops with nazis. She speaks ukrainian and knowingly supports the murderous nazis and is indignant when people like me call her out. She has zero chance of getting re-elected here in alberta canada.

wisdom is not intelligence, wake up and ask questions.
Viva Bitchute

Moydolf Dada Art - part 6 & 7 - remix & fix for acid & MDMA
2 for the price of 1
Share with your enemy.
Stop eugenics. Build back better. Tell them "no".
Population control via virtue signalling.

Moydolf Dada Art - part 5 remix & fix for acid & MDMA

Tink Walks Amok Frank Zappa The Man From Utopia Video
11/16 time signature
- this is not computer music, this is played in a studio by real musicians.
Arthur Barrow's childhood nickname, Tink, provided the title for the track Tink Walks Amok.
"Here's a brilliant instrumental featuring 2 bass tracks. The slap bass is charted to PART GUITAR while the micro bass track is on PART BASS. It's named after then Zappa bassist Arthur Barrow whose nick name was Tink. The song was improvised on the spot with Frank cueing changes on the fly along to a drum machine. Drummer Chad Wackerman later recorded acoustic drums."

Frank Zappa – guitar, vocals, drum machine, ARP 2600
Steve Vai – guitar, acoustic guitar
Ray White – guitar, vocals
Roy Estrada – vocals
Bob Harris – boy soprano
Ike Willis – vocals
Bobby Martin – keyboards, saxophone, vocals
Tommy Mars – keyboards
Arthur Barrow – keyboards, bass, micro bass, rhythm guitar
Ed Mann – percussion
Scott Thunes – bass
Chad Wackerman – drums
Vinnie Colaiuta – drums
Craig Twister Steward – harmonica
Dick Fegy – mandolin
Marty Krystall – saxophone

Moydolf Dada Art - part 4 - remix & fix

updated version from the vault
1st televised on 24th January 2020
No, this is not pornography or erotica.
It's Moydolf.
We made a short documentary whilst drunk or on drugs.
Moydolf, a hypnotic crude disjointed avant garde documentary/collage. The visuals and animations are both disturbingly absurd, degrading and beautiful; accompanied by a rich and powerful listening tapestry ranging from classical music to dissonant messed up quadrospazzed techno. It's certainly an interesting sonic journey.
The film is somewhat a psychedelic diary into the mind of a non conformist art collective in London consisting of bizarre characters lurking in the background such as Mouflaf (photographer), Moon (writer), Flowerpunkchip (editor), Tickleroid (painter) and Nicos (musician) who all clearly loath all forms of copyright and censorship.
The film might not have a plot, and the script was probably more like an outline of the various real life sequences mixed with political news clips. There are no actors, no story per se and yet there is unconventional drama surrounding one of the artist's father with dementia. Of course, there isn't a story but more of a mounting disbelief at what our species is capable of.
This bizarre documentary film will never see the light of day but I could easily see this played in a gallery somehow.
Give this a watch, even if only once. It's a unique film/documentary/diary, and I feel like each person needs to have a surreal, ethereal experience which this film attempts to provide.

Moydolf Dada Art - part 2 - remix & fix
Banned from YouTube. Art against lies & tyranny shall prevail but this video does not touch upon these issues. The later episodes do which got Moydolf banned.
This silly video is dedicated to Jamarl Thomas.

The original part 1 stopped working. So I uploaded a new version of part 1 which probably makes it not really part 1 but could be perceived as part 48. Going full circle. But I doubt it. And why am I writing this? Nobody reads this pointless text. I'll stop.

YouTube censored version - Moydolf Dada Art - part 46
Dedicated to Liz Truss

Moydolf Dada Art - part 47 - dedicated to Chris Cornell and Dollar Vigilante.
This is the video which got me kicked off youtube. I don't know why. It didn't talk of the covid plandemic so I don't know why it got me banned. Youtube suck anyway.

Moydolf Dada Art - part 46 - dedicated to Jean-Luc Godard, Alan Fontaine & Gilbert Richard Oakes
Jean-Luc Goard was a giant of the French New Wave of cinema. He was an influence to many. Breathless and Alphaville were perceived as works of genius.

Moydolf Dada Art - part 45 - dedicated to Alex Cox, Margaret Cox & Heathcoat Williams

Moydolf Dada Art - part 44 - dedicated to Hunter Biden's crack & Natalie

Moydolf Dada Art - part 43 - dedicated to Ray Liotta & cat videos
Apologies for the lack of a description.
Art against tyranny is all I can add to that.
Support Wikileaks & freedom of expression.

Moydolf Dada Art - part 42 - dedicated to Lady Diana & Daniel Ellsberg
Excess deaths because of .... (not allowed to say on YouTube)
Stanley Johnson is a eugenicist

Moydolf Dada Art - part 41 - dedicated to Matt Walsh & Terence Trent D'Arby.
What is a Woman? Documentary Full Movie 2022 - By Matt Walsh - YouTube — Mozilla Firefox

Moydolf Dada Art - part 40 - dedicated to Oscar Wilde, Carry Grant & Marc Almond
Art against tyranny and vacuous superficiality.
Imagine Rachel Maddow's fake synthetic tears being real, sincere with integrity and truth.
Imagine for one second that they were real.
That's what Moydolf Dada Art is about.

Moydolf Dada Art - part 39 - dedicated to Harold King, Verne Troyer & Sharon Tate

Happiness within an insane world
Music by NCP & Mellifluous Anonymous (including an Aphex Twin loop).
This video was banned on YouTube.
YouTube is run by prudes who think erotica is porn.
Erotica is not porn, it's classy erotic sensual pornography.
Very different.

Moydolf Dada Art - part 34 - dedicated to Ankle Pants & Dollar Vigilante. Moydolf do not agree with some comments by Dollar_Vigilante but we believe in freedom of speech. And we also love him.

Moydolf Dada Art - part 36 - Dedicated to Scott Ritter & The Duran

Stella Assange interview with the BBC HARDtalk.
Stella gives a sterling interview in the defence of her husband.
The BBC pathetically attempt to justify Julian Assange's incarceration.

Son of Moydolf was 1st published at 2021 11 11 on the ghastly YouTube channel.

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