In this video I visit Yellowstone National park and go sight fishing for big cutthroat trout with dry flies. These are very picky fish that have seen a lot of fishing pressure. This is how I catch big careful trout in heavily fished flatwater.

Tips shown in the video:

When approaching picky trout that are feeding, you should wade very slowly towards the fish so you don't create a wake. The fish will scatter as soon as they can tell they are being targeted.

make long casts at the fish, this water is very slow and clear. The fish can see you as well as you can see them. You should also make sure to never land your fly near the fish. Try to land atleast 20' upstream of the fish and let your fly drift to the fish.
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This guy decided he wanted to fish where I was fishing and blatantly cut me off. A poor sportsman indeed. Don't be like this guy. Salmon fishing in 2018 in Petoskey MI

A quick trip to the Oregon coast yields a lot of crab! Learn some tips here on how to catch dungeness crab. Hundreds of crab caught in a few hours of fishing. We also cook these big crab over a campfire, so you won't want to miss this episode!

A trip to northern MI was successful as we catch and cook a large salmon over a campfire. Flyfishing for big salmon in small creeks!

A huge king salmon jumps and almost sends a lot of dplit shot in my eye.

Don't just go on dates, go on adventure dates. A multi day camping, kayaking float trip through the wilderness.

Catching a big brown trout on a dry fly in Oregon early June 2018. I happened to be driving through the area and decided to stop and fish one of my favorite Oregon trout streams. I found a big brown eating small can guess what happened after that.

How to start a survival fire with jumper cables. I started a quick fire with jumper cables and hand sanitizer a couple days ago.

Fly fishing with popper flies for bass! I catch a largemouth and have a couple intense close calls with big smallmouth bass on poppers. I also lose a large smallmouth and do a "Triggered H3H3 Edit" you might appreciate after I lost a big bass.

Fishing for bass with tubes in Michigan. In This episode I go to a local lake and catch bass on tube jigs. I get a few nice ones, including 2 largemouth, a smallmouth and a pike. I really love fishing for bass in Michigan. It's been several years since I had a chance to do it much. If you like this type of video, you'll love the videos I make this summer. I'm going to fish for a lot of bass in the coming months! Stay tuned and thanks for watching this Troutster bass fishing episode.

In this episode I go fly fishing for crappies and have a catch and cook crappie fishing feast! This turned out to be some of the best fish I've ever had, so you should stick around till the end to see this amazing batter recipe! These crappies were caught out of a kayak on a lake in MI.
I was catching these crappie on a size 10 cranefly larva fly pattern. I also had some success with a small size #14 gold colored nymph.

Fly fishing for brook trout in the fall. Streamer fishing

What gear do you need to start flyfishing? Find out in this video. If you have any other questions, Take a look at our website. Buying all the right gear is the first step to successful fly fishing. You'll find out just hat you need here in this video.
Most beginners flyfishing questions can be answered at the following link:

Putting the backing, flyline, leader and tippet on your reel:

Info about reel arbor sizes:

More info about fly lines:

Info about leaders, tippets and backing:

A particular rod that I think would be perfect for beginners:

Check out this awesome little Backpacking rod! This beauty retails for 169$ and is worth every penny. Its pieces measure 19.5" long, making it super easy to fit into any backpack. If you've been searching for the best backpacking flyrod, you might have found it! This is a 6 piece Redington Classic fly fishing rod.

Learn how to fight fish using a fly fishing rod. This is much different than a standard rod and reel. Learn the basics of ho to fly fish in this tips series video.

In this episode, I head into the heart of MT and catch some gulpers on dry flies. Brown trout and rainbow trout on a timber filled lake.

Check out the pros and cons of using fluorocarbon and monofilament as your tippet. Tippet material testing.

In this video I go over some tips that will help you catch more fish while you're fly fishing for trout with dry flies.

Learn my best quick tip for pulling apart a fishing rod. We've all had the pieces of a rod we couldn't get apart. Check out this video and you'll be able to easily separate the pieces.

I hit the river to find a huge hatch of mayflies. Searching for the largest feeding trout, I eventually located a rainbow trout that was obviously very big. I casted at it a few times, and I'm sure you can guess what happened after that..

Read more about the lack of snow, and the bad fishing side effect at:
A lack of snow in the mountains, could make for a tough summer trout season in the Rocky mountain West, Oregon, WA, CA, ID, NM, AZ and more!

The current levels of snow in the rocky mountain west are at record low levels.
While you might not think this is a big deal, I assure you that it will have an effect on the summer fishing season.
as spring snow starts to melt, the reservoirs begin filling up to capacity. once the snow is gone, the water flowing into the water body slows down, but often times the lower end of the reservoir remains steadily dumping large amounts of water.
The farmers down stream of the reservoir are not concerned about fishing, they are often sucking the rivers nearly dry to water crops. And they are doing it legally, because of outdated water rights laws.
Excessive amounts of flow will lead to the lowering and eventual warming of the reservoir, causing a dramatic effect to the fishing downstream.
Trout not only like cold water, they require it. Warm water will hold less oxygen, launching already sluggish fish into a life and death struggle to stay alive.
They will rarely eat, making fishing difficult if not impossible.
This has happened a number of times on several tailwater rivers over the years. This year could easily be the worst in history.
By late summer the water will be extremely low and warm, leaving the fish downstream fighting for their lives.
Once the water temperature reaches the 60's, fishing will begin getting tough. As it starts to approach 70,s.... You'll notice that the fish no longer have the energy to fight.
Once it gets this bad, some states will begin closing down fishing in rivers during later parts of the day, or closing fishing down entirely on certain rivers.
Catching a trout in 70+ degree water will stress the fish to a point that it might not recover from.
If y..
Last summer I found a hidden hot spot filled with huge trout. I was fly fishing for trout and caught a ton of huge cutthroat trout in the 4-6 pound range. Massive fish!


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