Hope for Tomorrow
Hebrews 11:1

Don't wait for everything to get perfect! Why Not Today!

Let's get things done!

It's a good day in the neighborhood!
Calendars are available to Pre-Order

We had fun!

Let's get some things done on our front porch, entrance, and dining room!

With my cup of hot tea

Take a break with me this afternoon

Let's Bless Our Homes

Join me as we watch the Launch of SpaceX and the Dragon Capsule. I can't stop crying! I feel like a kid again!

A Day of Prayer for our Cities!

Sneak Peek into Next Week and Next Month

Wow, did I get on my soapbox!

Fun on Memorial Day

Excitement in our Neighborhood

We are making plans for Monday's Celebration

Are you prepared to evacuate?

Cultivating the gardens of our Mind, Soul, and Body

with a special Guest, my son Justin
Thank you Sharon for my gift! You have made my day!

Great questions today

Let's Have a Party on Monday

It's Anti-Procrastination Day

There is a million ways to do things!

Let's get rid of 9 articles of clothing from our closets!


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