I want you to have peace this Holiday season!

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Anti-Procrastination Day Challenge in our Zone 3 the Bathroom

It was a Great Week for Sprinting

Time to get some things done!

If you don't take care of you; who will!

Let's talk about the holidays!

The Bridge Generation; Helping Aging Parents while you still have young children!

We had some great questions

Get ready to have some fun! and get some things done today!

Being a House Guest or Blessing others with your home!

Let's Talk about Building

We had some great Questions today!

Do You Suffer from Fear of Failure

It's Anti-Procration Day in our Kitchen

This is your perfectionism! Take some actions!

The Girls just want to have fun! We are headed shopping!

Eating Good Food on a Budget

Becoming a Prayer Warrior for your Family

Lets get ready to Sprint

Coping with Stress

Time to Bless our Homes

Fake it Till You Make it!

Let's talk about shame

I finally got a call from him!

Being Prepared


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