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March statement by Archbishop Vigano on those who wish to rule the earth.

In western nations around the world illegal aliens - or invaders if one prefers - have been pouring into countries and governments have been pouring benefits into their pockets, taking better care of these illegal criminals than they do their own citizens.

Now it comes out that in at least one of the nations, the U.S., they are allowing them to bring in their illegal elder relatives and like their children, they are given more money than citizens whom have paid into their nation's system all their lives.

Another recently released video shows another FBI agent, along with 2 others, embedded in the J6 crowd. This is an article about it, pictures, and video.

There is a reason many called it a domestic terror organization.

April update on the freedom and nation destroying WHO treaty.

A look at the war on real food.

"[Six of the six] great ice ages started when we had more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than now. We have 0.04% of that gas in the atmosphere... Well that means nothing to me, because the atmosphere has changed in its carbon dioxide content from over 20% to now, which is really low in geological time. If we halved it, all plant life would die, and animals would die."

Article on the ever growing medical landscape involving uses of Ivermectin, in this case in treatment of cancers.

Pretty amazing for a "horse pill" ;)

Dude Looks Like a Letch announces the preparation for the EU rollout of a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

The Mark Cometh.

The loudest voice for freedom in the Australian government speaks out against the bill instituting Digital IDs and the tyranny it begins.

Blessed Easter to one and all. On this Easter Sunday the world, led by the pervert in the U.S. White House, have tried to turn the day into that which it is not - a celebration of Satan. What they don't realize is that their master has already lost and Christ has risen indeed. This is a series of videos - one a look at the proclamation by the Pervert, one a remembrance of the day's true meaning, and two by Archbishop Vigano on the events and on the WHO.

This is an audio interview with one of the J6 political prisoners in the U.S., held without bail or trial and tortured, discussing what they saw and heard - including a team of instigators.

Their treatment goes against the U.S. Constitution and is worse than that which foreign terrorists in Gitmo experienced - all for exercising their 1st amendment rights and doing nothing different than leftist protesters have repeatedly done over the years, including in the thumbnail for the video.

A New Zealand Whistleblower, who helped to set up the pay to inject program of Arden, provides the details of the government's plan to inject all New Zealanders with the gene therapy injections. Also included afterwards is an article with some of the data on the effects of the program.

This is a look by Logan into the J6 prisoner who 'took his own life' and the associated events.

This is a long, detailed presentation and Q&A which took place at MIT with Steve Kirsch. The subject is the gene therapy injections, treatments, the plandemic, and truth

Reiner Fullmich, the German lawyer who is involved in global lawsuits about the gene therapy injections is interviewed on the SP show.

On of all places the BBC, two UK politicians/pundits admit during discussion of Net Zero that one of its "features" is that it is a wealth redistribution scheme (taking the people's money and putting it into the pockets of politicians, bankers, and the ultra-rich) and that in reality the people need MORE carbon based products (lower energy prices). It's a well established fact that low energy costs have been one of the fundamental forces that lowers poverty and enriches the citizens of nations.

A gift to the American people from the current regime in Washington DC - $451 BILLION spent every year for the vast number of illegal invaders that have flooded over the border during Brandon's reign of terror. That number will easily surpass half a trillion dollars before the end of the year and doesn't include the cost in lives lost or ruined by them, jobs taken by them over citizens, housing given to them over citizens, goods stolen by them from citizens, or all of the other negative impacts which have only just begun and will grow ever worse as millions more pour across the borders and are flown directly into the heart of the nation by the DC regime (like the Venezuelan gangs going on continuous sprees of robbing homes or the African gangs on continuous raping sprees).

The disgraced U.S. politician and evil witch discusses on a government propaganda channel how anybody who doesn't swallow the massive lies propagated by governments and their lap dogs in the media must be "deprogrammed" (i.e. rounded up and brainwashed/tortured) until they believe and faithfully regurgitate the massive lies spewed by those who would rule us all.

A look at some aspects of freemasons, one of many secretive societies such as Bush Sr's skull and crossbones. The core of this video is a sequence of videos taken during actual rituals carried out, as well as how the society has intertwined themselves into Biblical teaches (which in and of itself is a red flag in the way that it was done).

This video recently crossed my radar showing a lady complaining about how someone undercover pushed her and others into the capitol building. It also shows the instigator doing the pushing was wearing an earpiece for communications.

An interview with Dr. Ardis that discusses, among other topics, whether or not DNA plasmids are ending up in food and water, as well as the potential for another plandemic.

The UK military is so desperate to recruit kids that they are talking about how one can do illegal stuff if one simply signs up. What a recruiting slogan, "Join Us, Be a Criminal!"

This is an interview of Tucker that took place in the fall of 2023. In it he discusses how those who would rule over the world constantly lie and suggests that people trust their instincts.


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