This was an interview of the CEO of Circle, a company that is involved in "digital dollars" - a precursor to CBDCs. He's an example of the lot - the don't care in the least about the effects of their policies and methods, it's all about money, money, money. One of the things that struck me was his obvious distress - not confident at all in his company's future. For a CEO he gave a terrible interview.

The NATO Secretary General does his level best to resemble the head of the Ministry of Truth in Orwell's 1984, talking about "War is Peace." The truth is not one single weapon is needed to establish peace in Ukraine, a war that Merkel has admitted they planned for and wanted - one that could have easily been avoided by not trying to use force to get what they want.

He actually sits there and talks about not allowing someone else to to get their way with force, while effectively talking about using force to get his own way. Also in his position he is constantly doing exactly what he states others can't be allowed to do. Further, he and the rest of the moronic, worthless snots at Davos and part of the WEF want to do exactly the same thing to the entire world - use force to subjugate everyone and make them submit to the WEF's plans. It's why they created the Ukraine war and are desperate to destroy Russia, as they stand in the way of the plans of those behind the WEF as stated in their own words - eliminating all sovereign nations, personal freedoms, and ruling over it all.

As she sits between two of the detestable CNN mouthpieces, the EU Commission VP turns to Kinzinger and says, "You'll have hate laws soon too" - then cackles like a hyena. Neither one of the dimwits sitting with her challenged her inane statement. She obviously doesn't have a clue about the U.S. Constitution.

When you allow your speech to be limited, you allow your thoughts to be limited and yourself to be enslaved. She and her ilk can bugger off.

This is an intro to an old TZ episode that bares a striking resemblance to the kind of dystopia that those behind the WEF wish to create, including eliminating any who think for themselves and are *gasp* human.

In this excerpt from an interview with Dr. Tenpenny she discusses the fact that in all previous attempts to make an mRNA vaccine, it resulted in deaths during the animal trials. This is above and beyond all of the issues caused by the spike proteins and other contents, extraneous and otherwise, in the gene therapy injections. Yet the SOB's still pushed and continue to push the injections.

The CEO of Siemens shows just how lost they are. He admits that not eating meat for life makes such a minuscule difference that it only makes up for a single multi-hour airplane flight - yet he says he did so anyway (of course, he could be lying through his teeth, like usual).

Either way it show a complete lack of understanding. He then goes on to say, "But if 5 billion people did it, it might make a difference." If it actually mattered, they could also take 1 less flight and keep eating meat for the same result. In fact, billions of people have never flown in a plane. It's like they have zero ability to think rationally.

To top it off, he is pushing zero carbon. The imbecile doesn't even know the real conclusion of that statement. Zero carbon means ZERO life of any kind on earth, as ALL living things - be they plant or animal - are carbon based. That means to achieve zero carbon, you would have to eliminate all life on the planet, jettison it into space. Anything else is just moving carbon from place to place. There isn't a philosopher's stone - you can't change it into a different element. What a dip shit.

The evil little punk talks about there being an ever increasing volume of "injectables" (all made with mRNA technology) and how they can dupe governments into actually thinking they are a good thing and getting them to approve them and create injection campaigns.

Remember there is a reason that prior to the fake "pandemic" that no mRNA vaccine had ever been approved - and that in all previous attempts during the animal testing the results were always disastrous.

If you value your health and that of those around you - never, ever take an mRNA based toxin.

This is a video from when one of the most corrupt, perverted people in the U.S. was on stage with Klaus. In it Klaus talks about how the perverted Biden has been a part of the WEF for a long time and worked ceaselessly for it (no doubt in part drumming up illegal and illicit business for his family and himself).

Klaus also talks about "The Problem" that the WEF had - the fact that the "middle class" of the world weren't buying into their madness and were unwilling to become slaves to the globalist despots. One of their solutions to said problem was the fear campaign known as "the pandemic." Another of their solutions is the continuing push to eliminate the ability of people to support themselves, pushing people into reliance on "the government." It's the "Sing for your Supper" plan - do as your told or else...

Another part of their plan is a global "government" and the elimination of all sovereign nations.

Biden has already started his part of that plan too -

Have been warning of the WEF's dystopian vision of "smart cities", and this year at Davos they're discussed again. The little twerp in the video talks about "changing the rules" and creating "smart cities" where everything THEY think you need is within a 15 minute WALK. No cars, no travel.

Whether it is raining, snowing, or storming - whether you are going to work or going grocery shopping or getting a new appliance - your hoofing it. Have a friend or relative that lives in another area or town? Tough luck - you'll have to video conference. Want to go for a ride in the country, go take a hike, have a picnic? Sorry - no can do. You will stay in your little 15-minute cell and do what your told and own nothing, while the little snots like the one in the video fly on private jets and are chauffeured around in big gas guzzlers, just like they do to get to and travel around Davos.

The city where they are already limiting cars:

Other smart cities:

Moderna's CEO, on cue from a propagandist media sl.. whines and cries about the fact that in some countries there were public debates and discussions about the mRNA injections and goes on to laud those countries where everybody parroted the party line of BS.

How dare anybody actually think for themselves or question the death merchants of big pharma and their paid off regulators, doctors, and politicians!! Have no doubt that the lot of them want a much reduced population of mindless drones that do their bidding without question or complaint.

One of the biggest dufus cretins around is apparently jealous of how big of a fool Gore made of himself at Davos this year, so he tries to one up him and show he is indeed the bigger fool. The idiot actually thinks they are so special that it's "extraterrestrial." The reality is they aren't saving squat, the only thing that "touched them" was a pedo parent, and the only things they are doing is killing people, trying to take everything they own, and institute a dystopian feudal society of yore. The amount of greed, bs, hypocrisy, and evil emanating from Davos is off the scales.

The old fascist pervert plays the lead villain in a movie of his own making, trying to instill fear - the tool which they repeatedly wield in order to control the gullible and the weak. It's so bad, it's downright laughable.

IF there were a world wide "major cyber attack", it would be them executing it. My view would be bring it on - I could do with a vacation. The ignorant old creep also forgets that civil unrest works against those in or wanting power...

The New Zealand government has lied repeatedly and I can't help but think of the clip of Jacinda telling the public to only listen to her and to ignore anything else they might hear.

Now the real power brokers have terminated the reign of terror of one Jacinda the Jabber and she's been forced to make up a story about "not having enough in the tank." Her story, like those she previously told, are pure BS. They are forcing her out due to her terrible acting and inability to hide her glee at the many, many people she has murdered as a result of her policies. They know that very few would listen to her as they continue to push the dystopian WEF policies, including smart cities, CBDCs, and Digital IDs.

At the WEF's conference of evil, Moderna's head admits to the fact that they were already actively working on their toxic mRNA injections prior to January of 2020 - BEFORE there was any public statements about "covid" and or there was any known outbreak in China of any kind of illness. Coincidence of course...

Speaking of which, their "RSV Vaccine" is yet another toxic mRNA injection whose intent is to kill still more people and make more billions.

The government heads and other WEF members that are in Davos meeting specifically required that THEIR pilots be people who had NOT been injected with the mRNA toxins.

It's okay if you or your loved ones are so injected, or fly on a plane piloted by someone who might suddenly die - but they want none of that, adding further proof that they know exactly what they are doing to humanity.

Crimes against humanity.

An analysis of the Pfrizer data provides another link between the mRNA vaccines and cardiovascular adverse effects.

They have no intention of voluntarily stopping their insanity with the mRNA injections or their totalitarian path forward. In this video the UK's pathetic little demon TB talks of creating a monstrous database of all who have and have not submitted to the injections. There is absolutely zero valid reasons for doing so that don't involve dystopian plans.

A nurse whom works in neonatal intensive care talks about her first hand experience with adverse effects of the mRNA toxins on babies.

Toddlers, babies, the just born, and the unborn - all were murdered by those pushing, mandating, and lying about the mRNA injections. This video is about some of them that were documented in the U.S. adverse effects reporting system.

The original Pfizer documentation shows that they knew there were negative effects due to the ingredients, the fact that they could be spread person to person, and that they negatively effected the unborn.

In this video clip Dr. Cole talks about this and the still image shows the admission in Pfizer's own original documentation.
Intentional, evil, crimes against humanity.

This is a short thread video that is a collection of information on the sudden collapse of athletes and public figures.

This is a video that was part of an article by Kenekoa regarding sudden deaths due to the gene therapy injection. That are article will be posted next.

More information on the rapid advancing cancers that the data shows is linked to the gene therapy injections, which are eliminating one of the human body's most effective cancer fighters.

1148 Athletes that have died after being injected with the gene therapy toxins, all documented. Murdered by the corrupt, greedy, and power hungry.

In their own words - have seen a lot of similar comments over the last 10 years...


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