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After letting people bully him all his life, Guillaume thought he was a failure and wanted to kill himself 5 years that moment, a voice in his heart told him it was not over for him and that he had a purpose in life.

That's when he went on a journey to find his purpose which led him from quitting his firefighting career to pursue investing, social entrepreneurship, philanthropy, public speaking, writing, content creation, and activism, spending 2 summers cleaning forests and creeks and making videos to inspire others around the world to do the same.

"Though The Problems Of Our World Are Increasingly Complex, The Solutions Remain Embarrassingly Simple" - Bill Mollison

Demonstrating Freedom is a docuseries featuring Jim Gale, founder and Chief Storyteller of Food Forest Abundance. The mission of FFA is to inspire communities to build a free, healthy, and abundant society by taking action.

In this 5 part series, we head to Galt's Landing, a 52-acre off-grid site where the message of freedom and abundance are demonstrated.

Jim leads us around Galt's Landing where action has been put into practice.

The world's food supply has been nearly destroyed and Food Forest Abundance and Freedom Farm Academy have the answers!

DroTv series channel;

Watch Episode 34 of The Jim Gale Show - Uncovering the Truth with Michael Tellinger

Michael Tellinger is a scientist, explorer and internationally acclaimed author of numerous books, and dozens of lectures available on YouTube. He is the founder of the UBUNTU Liberation Movement of UNITY & Higher Consciousness. Michael has become an authority on the ancient vanished civilizations of Southern Africa, the mysterious origins of humankind, resonance, cymatics, and the power of sound. His research includes a diverse field of subjects such as archaeology, mythology, human origins, religion, origins of money, spirituality, breakthrough science and consciousness.


Jim chats with these 2 amazing guys at the Next Steps Conference, so much. more to come when amazing freedom loving minds come together - Christopher key and Tag from Perma Pastures Farm. #permaculture #freedom #inflation

At a gathering of leaders in the freedom movement at Galts Landing in January 2023, we have Five Times August performing a moving song, and Jim gives a moving speech as well :)

Andrew Kaufman M.D. is a public speaker, researcher, natural healing practitioner, business and homeschooling consultant, inventor, and Covid-19 whistleblower.

Dr. Andy has a B.S. from M.I.T. in Molecular Biology and completed his psychiatric training at Duke University Medical Center after graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina. He spent many years in the medical field and practiced as a forensic psychiatrist and expert witness. When he learned that many of the modern medical practices were harming people and not helping them, he gave up his lucrative medical career and began researching and understanding the relationship between body, mind, and spirit, and how to use Nature to heal your own body.

Dr. Andy’s new practice is spreading truth about the world we live in today and fighting for freedom. He teaches people the vital knowledge that they need to implement true Care for themselves and their families at the highest level of Consciousness. He now teaches people how to become their own Health Authority.

Watch the full episode here -

Jim comes back after being away for a few days and takes us on a short tour. Lots of new food in the ground!

Growing your own food ensures food security by giving you control over what you eat and where it comes from.

You can choose to grow a variety of nutrient-dense foods and avoid harmful chemicals and preservatives.

Additionally, growing your own food can provide peace of mind during times of food scarcity and reduce dependence on grocery stores or other external sources of food.

For a limited time, we are offering complimentary 30 minute strategy sessions with one of our designers.

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George Wiseman is the founder and president of Eagle-Research, a non-profit organization that develops and distributes energy-saving solutions. He is multi-talented and multi-degreed, but singular in his mission: to promote self-sufficiency at the individual level by discovering and sharing the best, all-around, practical solutions.

George attributes his self-reliance, resourcefulness and commitment to our natural environment, to his rural roots. “Dad didn’t believe in having any equipment on the place (hobby farms in Montana, Oregon, Alaska and finally a ranch in British Columbia) that we couldn’t fix ourselves. We had running water if we ran and got it. And electricity was something that came in batteries”.

His farm grown, western cowboy philosophy combines well with his inventor persona to create a world-class visionary. He takes the hand-up rather than the hand-out approach to everything.

To listen to the full episode:

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This popular herb is part of the mint family (Lamiaceae), and is used worldwide not only in culinary dished but also has lots of purposes.

Rosemary has been known to:

-Be rich in antioxidant compounds
-Help improve concentration & mood
-Promote eye health
-Reduce inflammation
-Improve digestion

**Disclaimer: The information on this post is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images and information is for general information purposes only**

Kevin’s “Eat what you grow for 365 days” challenge is in full swing and here is what he ate in week 2.

In this challenge Kevin will be showcasing for us how it's possible to not only grow food from anywhere in the world, but to have it be part of a sustainable practice where you get to actually eat something that you’ve grown; and he’s doing just that for every day this year.

Week 2:

-Sudachi (citrus fruit, grown in a greenhouse)
-Dwarf tamarillo (barbequed and used in salsa)
-Fresh duck and chicken eggs
-Black eyed peas
-Roasted purple sweet potatoes

Join us for week 3 of Kevin’s “Eat what you grow for 365 days” challenge to see what he comes up with next!

It’s true that anyone can grow food at home, but having the knowledge and skillset to do so while considering aspects like weather, rain, drainage, maximizing yield, and timing of the growth of everything takes careful planning and a lot of knowledge about permaculture principles.

Luckily, that is exactly what our food forest abundance designers are trained in.

For a limited time, we are offering free 30 minute strategy sessions for anyone interested in learning more about how to grow food and become self-sufficient.

Our strategy sessions can cover topics like:

-How to maximize the potential of your space and yield.
-How to create an affordable, low cost, low maintenance food producing ecosystem.
-Receive expert advice and personalized recommendations for your specific growing zone and goals
-Mistakes to avoid when first starting out

And so much more!

All strategy sessions receive a $100 design credit which can be applied to any of our food forest designs.

If you’re ready to make 2023 the year that you take control over the quality and freshness of the food you eat while also saving potentially thousands of dollars on groceries, then visit to book your strategy session today!

After pursuing international training and certifications in renewable energy and regenerative design, as well as a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Michelle Avis, along with her husband and business partner Rob, began Verge Permaculture in 2010, now a globally-recognized and award-winning design, consulting, and education company.

Dr. Peter Coombes is a Systems Thinker, Scientist, Engineer, Economist, Problem Solver and Policy Analyst, a Provider of alternative perspective and a designer of sustainable cities, projects and buildings.

He is a director of Urban Water Cycle Solutions and is currently an editor of the Urban Book of Australian Rainfall and Runoff and was awarded the 2018 GN Alexander medal by Engineers Australia for his contributions to hydrology and water resources.

View the full episode:

Are you feeling frustrated about the rising food prices?

Worried about food security?

Looking to finally start growing your own food, but not sure where to start?

For a limited time, we’re offering free strategy sessions with one of our expert designers.

This is an opportunity for you to get on a call with a design expert to learn where, when and how to begin building a food forest for yourself.

In addition, all strategy sessions bookings receive a $100 design credit which can be used towards any of Food Forest Abundances’ designs.

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Jim takes us on a tour of the Freedom Farm Academy headquarters at Galts Landing. He shows us how we can bring about joy, peace and abundance on a global level. This is how we fix all of the worlds problems, getting back to nature.

If you or anyone you know wants to invest in a business that will help bring this to more people, send us an email - [email protected]

We have an exciting new series that we are creating with the help of Kevin Feinstein, Director of Design and Installation Support at Food Forest Abundance.

Kevin will be showcasing for us how it's possible to not only grow food from anywhere in the world, but to have it be part of a sustainable practice where you get to actually eat something that you’ve grown; and he’s doing just that for every day this year.

In week 1 he highlights:

-Muffins made from butternut squash
-Dried jujube which can be consumed as a snack
-Black walnuts
-Roasted purple sweet potatoes
-Mashed seminole pumpkin

Join us for week 2 of Kevin’s “Eat what you grow for 365 days” challenge to see what he comes up with next!

Join us Feb 22, 2023-Feb 25, 2023 for the 2023 Next Steps Conference, which will be held at the beautiful Legacy Lodge at Lanier Islands Resort in Buford, Georgia.

This conference will help shift the current paradigm and is bringing together an amazing group of teachers and activists to bring a parallel society into being, and this conference could be the catalyst needed. In person collaboration is key to create true and lasting change.

Topics that you can expect this conference to cover:
- How to become a citizen journalist
- Ways to opt out of the technocratic state
- Alternative education choices like homeschooling
- How to heal yourself naturally
- Creating a homestead and community building

And so much more!

Hear from special guests like Dr. Joseph Mercola, Jim Gale, Derrick Broze, and so many more amazing speakers.

Visit if you’d like to learn more about the Next Steps Conference or to sign up to attend (use discount code FOODFOREST at checkout to save 10% on any ticket).

Here is what homesteaders do with their Christmas trees - feed it to the goats!

We've got a secret to share 👀

Growing a food forest is actually easier than maintaining a lawn. You don't need to mow, water, or fertilise your food forest—and it doesn't take much time at all. The best part? You'll never have to worry about pests or disease in your garden.

If you’re ready to make the switch, take advantage of our free strategy sessions we’re currently offering. All strategy sessions receive a $100 design credit which can be applied to any of our food forest designs.

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In this episode, Dolf Zantinge joins Jim and Matthew to share the importance of coherent water on the body and mind. Jim also shares his concerns with artificial intelligence and his excitement for the many benefits of Food Forests.

Dolf is an entrepreneur with a background in fibre optics, telecommunication, artificial intelligence and data mining.

Early in his career, he co-founded Syllogic, an international IT firm in the domains of AI, machine learning and database management systems. After Syllogic was acquired by Perot Systems, Dolf was European Director for the company. Later, he was the Director of IT at KPN, the largest Dutch telecom company. He founded and chaired UNET, one of the first fiber optics companies in Europe.

From a tech-heavy career, Dolf’s career took an unusual turn when he pursued the study of Chinese medicine / acupuncture and delved into the impact of electromagnetic frequencies on biological systems. This led to further research on photonics, physiology, light, and water. He partnered with Eric to develop the technology to create full spectrum coherent water and measure its positive effects on biological systems. He is passionate about providing holistic and natural solutions to counter the impact of electromagnetic radiation on our health and consciousness.

Watch the full episode here:

Learn some tips and tricks about propagation

We’re back with another CEO address from our CEO and chief storyteller, Jim Gale.

Last months’ CEO address was so popular, so we are hosting another!

This Thursday, January 12th, Jim will speak to us about updates on what is going on with Food Forest Abundance, various partnership opportunities, how to get discounts through FFA, strategy sessions, and so much more.

Join us this Thursday, January 12th at 8pm ET by visiting the link in our bio

This past Saturday, January 7th, Jim took a group of 70 of the world's leaders in the health sovereignty movement around the headquarters of Freedom Farm Academy at Galt's Landing.

A huge part of health sovereignty is about growing your own food and Food Forest Abundance is here to show you how.

If you'd like to learn more about how Food Forest Abundance can help you start growing your own food, visit to learn more.

For a limited time only, book a FREE strategy session and receive a $100 credit towards any of our designs.

In this episode, guest Cal Washington, an empowerment advocate, explains how to become free from the commerce fees that have unknowingly been attached to many of us, beginning with our birth certificates.

Cal also provides an inside look at challenging the court system and other authorities, with documentation he advises us all to pursue.

To watch the full episode:


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