Personally I think the last 11 seconds turned out to be the best 15% of the video.
Anyway - who do you think did it better? Futurama or Avengers Endgame?
Don't expect production quality or whatever.

A small part of Dr.Who - The Poison Sky episode. And a valuable lesson.

A small part of Dr.Who - Daleks in Manhatten episode. And a valuable lesson.

If you can - please give me feedback about the sound.
Was it too quiet? Did you have to increase video's sound volume? Did you have to increase your system's sound volume?
Were you able to hear at all?
I mean - I listen to it in my headset at comfortable volume and there is room to make a lot more volume. But at the same time I feel my video is quieter than most. Am I right? Was that a problem for you?

(This video is a joke, btw.)
Looks like BitChute can't handle my .mkv very well and the sound corrupts. So I'm trying other formats.

Very mild spoilers for Avengers: Endgame.
Featuring Golden Goddess at 13. NATM!

I started thinking about this video months ago. It does not have super high production values. I spent several hours making it nonetheless. It's a little bit dumb, but I like it. Actually it's the first video of mine that I'm kinda proud of, proud of how it turned out. Maybe it's because I don't talk in it. )
Anyway - enjoy and don't take it too seriously.

Looks like .avi lets BitChute to keep the sound, but has a lesser quality of picture. (

Looks like BitChute can't handle my .mkv very well and the sound corrupts. So I'm trying other formats.

The gist is in the first 45 seconds - you don't have to watch after that. )
First part - Futurama.
Second part - some other show that I didn't watch. I heard that it's somehow connected to the Star Trek.

Looks like .avi lets BitChute to keep the sound, but has a lesser quality of picture. (

In short - I think there happens a manipulation in the discussion about government's efficiency or inefficiency in running a business.

Also used in the video:

The title and the cover says it all, I guess. It's about what I think about Black Panther basing on the Captain America Civil War movie.

That's the longest video I ever made. And probably I wont make videos that big anymore.
I think it took me a couple dozen hours total (decide on the points I'm going to make, choose to use, get it all in one hopefully coherent text, get the corresponding videos, record my voice, clean the record of the weird pauses and noises, get it all together and finally make the video). Half-way there I realized that it's way too much for me (and could cut a third, ha-ha-ha!), but I wasted too much effort so I could not just let it go.
And all this for what? To make a point that will be seen by... 30 people?..
I hope at least someone will enjoy it or better yet - find it useful.
Well, I guess it was an experiment and experience for me. )

Oh, yeah, the WHO report. I didn't thoroughly check it since it is not a meaningful part of my video, but if somebody needs it, here's the link:

It's a video about Brie Larson and... Brie Larson.

As a disclaimer - my opinions are my opinions. It's kinda always presumed but sometimes people forget.

Videos (fragments of which were) used: - fun Brie Larson - future Captain Marvel Brie Larson

If I am wrong - well, lucky England

This is not even a video. I just want to say something that will have a date on it.
You know, I want to call it. I want to be able at some point in the future to say “I knew this was going to happen, this was predictable, it should have been expected”.
I might be wrong sure, but I've seen it happening on so many levels - from personal, to art, to global politics. People do it all the time, but especially USA does it all the time.
And I predict this to happen between USA and England after brexit.

What I'm talking about is a pattern where one partner tells another “You deserve so much better and I want to give it to you. What you have now is beneath you, you should abandon it, you should burn the bridges behind you and then together we will build a bright future for you that will be so much better.”

And then after all the bridges are burned the tune changes. The one who burned the bridges becomes vulnerable and he has nowhere else to go. And now it is time for demands. Now that the conditions have changed it will turn out that there was a slight misunderstanding, things that looked like promises were not promises. And now it is time to negotiate, but since you are in such a vulnerable and needy position after you burned the bridges on your own, the deal that will now be negotiated, will be nowhere near favorable to you.

And I predict that this is what awaits England and USA relationships in the future. While UK is still in European Union the USA will make a bed of roses for it. But after England walks away from the European Union - especially if the break-up is so bad that you can't go back - then things will change.

Then it will turn out that this bed of roses was only for a short time. And now you will have to sleep on the bed of thorns, and pay for it a lot more than you paid for the rocky bed with European Union. And also you will have to be grateful for it.

Because by burning the bridges you have put yourself into a position where you have no other options. Nothing that was said or even kind of promised before you burned the bridges will matter. The situation have changed. You changed it, you burned the bridges and you are no more in a position where you can negotiate. You can only accept the terms that are presented to you by someone who - it seemed - promised you Heaven on Earth if only you would burn those bridges.

So, Endgame ended and I suddenly I don't understand one thing about Valkyrie.


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