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American Freedom

BIS Blueprint = Global Control of ALL Assets, Information & People.
You'll own nothing and be happy !!! (my a$$)

Corey's Digs did a deep dive....

Addressing Misinformation on DOE Appliance Standards

CAA - Creative Arts Agency
Cultural Infiltration
Tore Says - Enjoy the Show

original edit by James Red Pills America

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. documentary based on his book.
Full Documentary available to view Oct 18

the commander and chief with nuclear codes???

we are in the Twilight Zone

by Larry Elder

Candace Owens Announces Release of Searing New BLM Documentary, 'The Greatest Lie Ever Sold'

Oliver Stone

In 1984, G. Edward Griffin interviewed former KGB Yuri Bezmenov. Titled 'Soviet Subversion of the Free World Press'.

The Creepy Line is a 2018 American documentary exploring the influence Google and Facebook have on public opinion

We knew it all along


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