the mandalorian but with a john williams soundtrack

all 3 trailers combined in what i think is chronological order to enable reaction and commentary / criticism

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Is rey a clone? all the evidence seems to point to it.

This video has been created for commentary and educational reasons, and comes under fair use

Parody video of Let it Go About Kathleen Kennedy and the state of star wars and lucasfilm.

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Created under guidelines of fair use for criticism purposes
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Vocals by Satithyme,
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a petition to get the amazon tv series cancelled was sent to... netflix... by mistake... oops

i review a original boxed atari 2600 and show how it is very different to a modern games console

i unbox and review the new bittboy hand held console in the first of my new series Retro Reviews

star wars / frozen parody video about Kathleen Kennedy and how she has ruined starwars and liucasfilm.. enjoy!


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