This may be the last Cars & Coffee video for awhile as the coronavirus is spreading more and more each day down here. It was my goal to make the longest video on my channel today for you guys to watch since this may be one of the last posts for awhile till this virus gets figured out. I have one more night meet video to post sometime soon. I hope you and your families stay safe and stay in great health. Thank you for all the support!

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2019 has been an awesome year for Cars and Coffee. The show is growing more and more every month and its only going to get better in 2020!

These are the best Pullouts & Burnouts I have recorded leaving Cars & Coffee in 2019!

The best Mustang Pullouts and Burnouts of 2019 is coming next week!

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Check out all of South Florida's car scene leaving the biggest Cars & Coffee Show in the WORLD! This video includes Cars Accelerating, doing burnouts, and drifting! Thanks for watching and please consider Donating to help support my dream of traveling the country showing the world different car scenes across the United States.

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What’s up friends? This is Ford Guy from YouTube, I will be posting the same content here as I post on YouTube. That includes - Drag Racing, Car shows, Car show pullouts and burnouts etc.. I own a 2012 Mustang GT with a few mods ;) I do post mustang content more than anything else *HINT* the name (Ford Guy) but the car show videos consist of all makes and models.