I am an old dude
and I am all confused.
I am confused.
I have not got a Fucking clue.
I have not got a clue
I don’t know what’s going on
I don’t know.
do I?
Why would I?
I don’t know
See what I am saying right?
this and that and the other.
I don’t know what’s going on.
I don’t know.
How the fuck would I know?
For fucks sake!
Jesus Fucking Christ!
Fucking rubbish!
Fucking garbage
What the fuck am I supposed to do?
What the fuck?
Do you see what I am saying? Right.
Fuck it.
Fucking shit!
Do you see what I am saying right?
I don’t give a fuck.
do you know what I mean
I do not give a flying fuck
Do you see what I am saying?
I could not give a flying shit.
I could not care less.
about it
Do you see what I am saying?
What the fuck?
Fucking garbage.

The conscientious observance
of social distancing
seen to be
ubiquitous in public today
is a repulsive and degrading
manifestation of
the unthinking and mindless
and terrified servility
of the masses cowed
into obsequious and conspicuous
before the Masters of Chaos
and the arbitrary edicts
of their facts
of their Totalitarian Yoke.
Of their need
to destroy.
The slavish servile capitulation
of sovereignty
in the avid social distancing
exhibited in bald effrontery today
as the naked need to comply
with an order
designed to represent
materially and symbolically
a resignation of Agency and capacity
and also the destruction
of fraternity and trust
in naked betrayal.
This final savage
and willing co-operation
in the elimination of that thing
of that dominion
and done in direct violation
of one’s own Nature
needs and inclinations
and in violation
of one’s own Beauty
and and in violation
of one’s own Love
and all done before
the snarling mocking face
of a nameless fleshly rapacity.
It is truly repugnant to behold.
The willingness to
betray lose and leave
one’s own inviolate
Humanity - to self violate
to destroy one’s own dignity
to flush that away
in a vomiting of fear
in the unquestioning service of lies
to see that everywhere
and in everybody!
Where are my Brothers? Now.
Where are my Sisters? Now.
Where are the people
who know?

I am just
going to put my Penis
on the table
place it there
I will need to stand
next to the table
to do that
and so situated
I would like to
observe you at your work
with your rolling pin
your dough
and your flour
at the same oaken table
as I
now next to you
with my mere Penis
and only that
rolling kneading and manipulating
in your mystical bakery
I hope that you glance at me
now and again
in your diverted reveries
your secret silent recipes
your naked sweating knowing
I here in a proximity
soothed at your casual
thank you
the loaves go into the tins
there to rise now
with your Magic
your apron is smeared with
flour and glaze
the yeast is acting
you have stilled me
you have healed me
I am ready to do your bidding.

Sadistic Psycho Killer
Your Flower Arrangements
are mighty fine
your flair for interior decoration
is truly sublime
Sadistic Psycho Killer
you have impeccable judgement
and superb taste
excepting in the matter
of selecting
whom to waste
Sadistic Psycho Killer
your discriminatory practices
are harmful and outre
you choose who you will
to torture and slay
but none of your victims
are Trans ot Gay.
Sadistic Psycho Killer
Equality is dashed
your oppressive preferences
now frozen in rude horror
on the dead faces you slashed.

you are disposed
in loyal service
kneeling knave
you serve
in servility
in time

The message is clear.

When women wear high heeled shoes,
they do so
in order to
force their feet
into the same extreme position
that their feet will inevitably
conform to naturally
and automatically
during the epoch
of their ultimate sexual arousal
that is to say
during Orgasm.
In the wearing of these devices
the muscles of the legs
and the Buttocks too
will be repositioned
as contracted
stressed and enlarged
and protruding with a
powerful evocation
of the avid receptivity
they will naturally exhibit
when stimulated
in the actions and turmoils
of Sexual Congress
and the ecstasy
developed therein.
At the same time
the shoe performs
a secondary ancillary
and supplementary function
essential to the intended effect
and that is to say that
the shoe is a very obvious
and deliberately engineered
crippling impediment
to running
to free movement
to liberty
to flight.
to capacity of action
and any self determined
or necessary volition.
So all in all
we can now say
confidently and in summary:
a woman who is wearing high heeled shoes
is speaking of or signalling or articulating
a desire or intention formulated
more or less
consciously and mindfully
or unconsciously and mindlessly
to communicate a clear
and unambiguous message.
This message
is best summarised as -
‘’I want you to think about me
having and experiencing an Orgasm
and I want you to
imagine my feet
stretching in my
overwhelming ecstasy
and forced by the final power
of my libidinous energies
into arched extremity
and there and in that
exhibited mimetic conformation
a strong and inevitable
evocation of the idea
as physically and palpably
so represented
and additionally
I will subject you to
even a coercion
by the means of
unequivocal suggestion
into the apprehension
of that extremity
of bodily posture as being
in sympathetic
and co ordinated
and rhythmic
to my pulsing and spasming
Orgasmic Vagina
flourishing in its final release
of magnetic vitality
and in that thought
and in that ideation
I want you to be simultaneously
very strongly
and powerfully aware
of the fact that
that I cannot run away from you
I want you to know
that I am trapped now
in your animal fantasy
of my terminal arousal
and its associated phenomena
I am presenting myself to you
in the notional assemblage
of my putative
penetrated genitalia
functioning as a demanding
and invincible affront
to your dignity.
I wish to reduce you now
to the same degree of my own
bestial and debased
moral prostration
and to exhort you
into degrading and consuming
conflict dissonance and depravity.

#Andrex puppy Legacy
Gas me
Cremate me
F*** me
Rape me
Gas me
Cremate me
Sex me
Mate me
Sex me
Blow me
S*** in my mouth
Want me
Love me
Want me
F*** me
Want me
Destroy me
Take me
F*** me
Take me
Kiss me
Sacrifice me
Yes Baby!
Stab my anus right up
Infect me
Knife fuck me
Hard Baby!
Bog roll
Toilet roll
Dirty little Shitter
Gas me
Cremate me
F*** me
Rape me
Take me
Execute me
Love me
Suck me
blow me
Finish me
Swallow me
Evacuate me
Swallow it!

There will be no unity
in work developed
in looking for tricks and wrinkles
solutions ways and methods.
The work is not work
it is not a problem
to be solved
it is not a task to be endured
it is not a project
it has no desired End.
It is
returning Being
enjoyed now
there is no other reason for it
there is no reason in Unity.
Where there is effort
there is not result.
Words are not bricks
to be assembled in toil
and patterned after
willful designs
a hand is arrogant
it is not needed in this.
A hand will destroy.
A hand is for performing Abortions.
You will
memorize passages
of beautiful compelling prose
and selecting at times
some passages
and not readily accessible
or comprehensible
and you will recite it
you will recite this prose
hour after hour
day after day.
This will produce access
to your own Unity.
You will stay
with that which conforms
to the prosody of cosmological pulsation
and naturally and inevitably
You will
come to be with that prosody
ever after
in your own original forms.
These forms emerge effortlessly
they will be irrepressible
natural and inevitable
there will be no work in them.
Nothing ignominious.
no shame
no choice
no decision
no aspiration
no vulgar pretension
no desire and no need.
This is writing.

#Lesson 1:
There is Me
and there is You
and You
I am not You
I am Me
You are not Me
You are You
and You.

Lesson 2:
One Thing and Another Thing.
One Thing
is different from
Another Thing
One Thing
such as
is not
Another Thing
such as
that is not this
and this is not that
this and that
are not
the other.

Lesson 3:
More and Less.
On the one hand
there is More
and on the other hand
there is Less
more and Less
Is More or Less
More than Less
Less is Less than More
Not More
Less is not More
More is More.

Lesson 4
Good and Evil.
On the one hand
there is Good
and on the other hand
there is Evil
Good and Evil
these two things
Good and Evil
are different
from each other
they are not
the same
as each other
is better
than Evil
is worse
than Good
it is just not as Good
as Good
Evil is more Evil
than Good
Good is more Good than Evil
Good is not Evil
is not Good.

Lesson 5:
Puppies and Kittens
there are Puppies
and there are Kittens
Puppies and Kittens
a Kitten
is not
a Puppy
a Kitten
is a juvenile Cat
Felis Catus
and a Puppy
is not a kitten
a puppy
is a juvenile Dog
Canis Lupus Familiaris.

#Cock socket
silver pocket
space rocket
wrong docket
steel chisel
it’s a swizzle
spin up a doober
Henry Cooper
Fuck me sideways
and on Fridays
Spark up a blunt
You stupid cunt.

#District Nurse
District Nurse
District fucking CURSE!
I would LOVE
to visit your DISTRICT.
Know what I mean?
Visit your DISTRICT?
Do you know what I am saying RIGHT?
I would LOVE to go right up your
dirty little DISTRICT.
You dirty little SHITTER.
You fithy fucking SLAG.

#A young Man Laughs
he feels so gay
he feels so gay
is far away
so far away
in his heart
he thinks it something else
this Death
some other amusing thing
a sort of Art
a wonderful trifle
something delightful
a splendid sport
of an amusing sort
A young Man Laughs
because he feels so gay
he feels so gay
to be living and strong
pulsating and vital
and moving along
and Death
so far away
so very far
and felt to be
never this day
his laughter is an attracting call
a siren song
a message
a fall
in every gasp of it
a pleading summoning
step before
some other
different thing
and what is that fancy
goading perchance?
Nothing more
than Death Finality
End and finish
in this hopeless finite
bleak Reality
that occluding smothering
last and closing pall.

#I yearn now
for a return of Nature
I desire it
my Animal Passions
they will boil over
in the return
they must overflow
my personality will be liquidated.
It must be so!
I will be liquidated
and liberated
in a complete
loss of control.
I want to go mad.
To be fragmented and then recombined.
In God.
I want to be unified.
Connected to the Infinite power
the clarifying fire
the Black Sun.
How does that sound to you?
I mean
can you help me in this?

Well I do not know.
I am not sure.
In truth I am not.
What can I do?

Well it occurs to me that
You and I
We can transmit and exchange
and combine our
Magnetic Fluids.
I to you
and you to me.
I can be annihilated - in you
and you can be
annihilated - in me.
I mean Ideally.
This will require a rigorous preliminary
a disciplined work.
Are you ready to undertake it -
The disciplined work?

Undertake it?
Undertake what?
What disciplined work
are you referencing here?

Well I mean to say
that I have a Virile Member
and You have a Vulva.
We have Magnetic Fluids.
They can be effectively transmitted
and commingled
in reciprocity
to our mutual efficacy.

Oh can they really?
Explain it to me.
What shall we do
You with your Virile Member
and I with my Vulva?
What shall we do with them?

There will be a combination.
I will insert my Virile Member
into your Vulva.
In this way I will consider you
as the sacred vessel of Divinity
and the source of a Vital Cosmic Prosody.
The Word of Flesh.
You will receive me.
And in that
The interplay of our Magnetic Fluids
will attune and orientate the Life Force
into pulsation
at our vicinity.
We will thereby in our nakedness
appropriate the infernal splendour
of the Baphomet.
We will steal it.
That fire.
In touching it.
It will be ours.

Can you tell me?
I mean
is it an uncomfortable feeling
this stealing -
this thievery?

No it will not be an uncomfortable feeling at all
It will feel nice.
It will feel very nice.
I mean really very nice.
Really fucking nice.

I like the sound of this.
I mean
The way that you put it.
You speak with an urgent directness.
It appeals to me.
I mean you reassure me.
You tell me.
It will feel nice.
You tell me that.

Yes I really do mean it.
I mean it.
Be sure.
Treasure will be ours.
The Sacred Key.
The fire of Baphomet.
We will touch it.
We will behold it.
We will stay with it.
We will not taste of it.
We will not make gross fruit of it
We will not discharge it
We will not destroy it in Lust.
We will properly avoid the Orgasm.
The spasm of the animals.
So will we be charged and invigorated
The Serpent will be liberated.
The Beast will be defeated.

Very well then.
In this way.
Let us in our thievish nakedness
steal the fire from the Baphomet.
Let us torment Destiny
in uninhibited and successful rebellion
in smashing Fate
to the winds of Eternity
Bring your Vital Virile Member to me!
Bring it to my Vulva!
And in there!
The greatest Mystery.
In there
Fuck me Baby!
Fuck Me!
Toll the Bell.
We will steal now
and ruthlessly.
Heaven from Hell.

Her name was Vanililina
and she tasted very nice
her frequent speciality
was boiled rice
she made it for me
at least twice
she had on mostly
not much else
Birkenstock shoes
those shoes
but not socks
for some reason
just the shoes
she didn’t feel the need
for socks
I mean
she had super little feet
white feet
and they were very neat
her feet
and tidy
and you could see her heels
because of the way
that they were
the shoes
I used to look at them
her heels
between our meals
or even eating
and sometimes staring
and when she took a mind
she would kick them off
her shoes
and so be very kind
as to disport her naked feet
in front of my eyes
pork pies
her eyes as well
were very tempting
and she used them on me
once or twice
in the room that we were renting
with her elevated musings
and her exalted speculations
original apprehensions
feminine dimensions
she presented hypotheses
deployed appositely
and reported earnestly
to me
at the interstices
of our sexual relations
she took me to the cinema
she talked to me quite often
but with no spurious intention
for my heart to soften
and so
I will always Love her.
Or will I?

shoes come in pairs
two shoes in every pair
that is to say
one shoe for each foot
a quantity intended
to correspond exactly
with the number of feet
on a body
that is to say; two
the feet
are the parts of the body
that are in contact with the ground
during standing
and walking
for example
imagine a tea shop
one can approach
a Tea Shop
on foot
meaning that one can walk there
that is to say
undertake to transport oneself
to the Tea Shop
by the method and means
of bipedal locomotion
and upon arrival
at the Tea Shop
one can decide
to enter
the Tea Shop
one can decide
to not enter
the Tea Shop
entry to the Tea Shop
will be obtained and achieved
via the entrance
this manoeuver
namely entering
is normally executed and effectuated
on foot
and using the feet
in the process
inside the Tea Shop
one can sit down
and thereafter
Tea can be ordered
from the waitress
so far so good
being in a Tea Shop
and ordering Tea
will not
and does not
substantially alter
the facts of one's
permanent or supervening feelings
in other words
if one feels lonely incomplete
and unsatisfied
and burdened with lingering yearnings
of the kind wherein equanimity
is understood and perceived
to be contingent
upon the existence capacity and substance
of entities
which are outside of
and independent of
one’s own conscious volition and Agency
but that are nevertheless required to be
situated and disposed
according to terms and parameters
concocted and idealized in arbitrary Fancy
one will remain with and in that
of inevitable powerlessness and futility
in the Tea Shop
the general atmosphere
of Being will be unmodified
by the Tea Shop itself
one will stay as routinely taxed
and unaltered in the occasion
and no matter
if the Tea Shop
is in an English Country town
if it is the case that
one happens to be
indisposed by unrealistic and artificial desires
manufactured and born in
rebellion against Natural Order
for an unobtainable object
a cup of tea
in a Tea Shop
or anywhere else
that it be
encountered and consumed
(the Tea)
will not facilitate resolution
or release
be it
Earl Grey
be it
be it
or be it
the Tea Shop itself
may be very well appointed
and fabricated and constructed
and decorated
with a consistent and coherent
presenting a sense of a philosophical
and moral
drive to happiness comfort
and satiation in its
evocative and diverting furnishings
such facts can have no effect
in the matter of the essence
and substance of one's own fanciful
grasping and unrealistic desires
for completeness and release
voluntarily generated
and developed into a hopeless
and endless contingent
and naked dependency
irreconcilable with the limits of
one’s own personal Agency
and these decorative appointments
and facts presented
in such an environment
as a Tea Shop in an English country Town
cannot compensate
a body
for a lack of integrity sense
or self reliance
and so
shoes go on your body
your body is covered with skin
shoes go on your body
your body is what you are in.

Can you help me?

Help you. How?

I mean I want to have a perfect Orgasm.

Oh really?
Is there such a thing
as a perfect Orgasm?

I don’t know but
I want to be transported.
Can you transport me?
Can you perfect me?

Transport you?
Perfect you?
What do you mean exactly?

I do not know.
I am not sure.
I mean listen.


If you get your Cock inside me
I mean into my vagina
I mean if you ease it in to me gently
and then
start a bit slowly and softly
I mean fucking me
softly and slowly at first
with an initial tenderness
attentiveness and consideration
for my needs and feelings
and for the sensations that I am experiencing and apprehending
and done with an intention to develop
and assist in the construction of
a feeling of rising and building pleasure
coming from and originating
in the physical and emotional
Qualia that you are
introducing within the domain of my cognitive faculty
in your assiduous activity
and loving caresses
and then
If you from there build up
progressively in an
at first deliberate and
carefully orchestrated
and managed crescendo
and progressive intensification
of power and thrusting
and thereafter and eventually
I suggest that you
drive it I mean
your cock
inwards and outwards
inwards and outwards
in and out of me
and developing
with a building vigor rapidity
and emphatic finality
while remaining more or less within
the interior containing limits of my vagina
smashing your body
against my body
whence our bodies will be lubricated
compensated in the successive
compulsive impacts
by the sweat
that we will mutually produce and generate
in the exertion
this succeeding and progressive activity
terminating in a final phase
wherein you will be
pumping your cock
into my vagina
spasmodically viciously brutally
and spitefully with an apparent
primal and generalized loathing
and evincing
a nameless existential terror
in apprehension of
my fathomless receptivity
and at this stage using my body
without any consideration
for any comfort reward or feeling
on my part
and completely losing
control of yourself
and overmastered
in your own compelling speculations
requirements instincts needs and ideations
and thereafter and presently
an explosive ejaculation
and achieved and produced
by you in this manner
deep within the interior
of my Vagina
I really do think that
such an achievement on your part
might well release me
and distract me
and liberate me
into my own
spontaneous and irrepressible ecstasy
you know?
I hope to feel myself perfected
at least for a moment in this
I really think
that such attentions paid to me
in the mode and manner
and as I have elucidated and prescribed
might do that for me.
You know?

Yes I do know.
But I mean..

I know that you can do it.
I know that you can achieve it.
You can do this for me.

Oh well. If you say so.

Yes I do.
I do say so.
Are you ready now
to give it a try
I mean
to have a good go at it?


I shot my bolt

I lost my mess
I dumped my junk
I delivered it
I flung my filth
right up there
You know where
I slung my scum
I got rid of it
I threw my packet
I got it out
and now it is over.
Love is commencement
Love is termination
in component
fundamental basic essence
as existence
and everything and all
initial and final
one only
brute fact in that
supreme priority
and Principle
definitive primal seed
energy material sustenance
Life fathom quality
point extension cycle dimension
and here and there and everywhere
in everything
and all and every end
it makes things as it goes
such as nothing
for example
now and again
and more or less
who knows?
maybe sometime maybe never
Gruyere and Cheddar
Mustard Mayonnaise Bagel
right now
right now

Hand Job
This term refers
to a ‘’Job’’
a task of work
done by hand
the ‘’Job’’
that is to say
the work
in question
and referred to
in this case
is the manual
of the erect Penis
most usually obtained and achieved
by clasping the shaft
of the Penis
firmly with the hand
and by the production of repetitive
and more or less rhythmic
back and forth
along the shaft
motions frictions and manipulations
with the Penis and the hand
so situated
these actions being
intended to provide and supply
pleasurable physical stimulation
in the object of the development
of some perquisite
and sufficient sensations required by
and necessary to
the task
of exciting the subject
into the desired Orgasmic
such actions generally progressively
building in speed frequency and severity
as the task of work
that is to say
the Hand Job
progresses to its termination
in the superinduction
of an Orgasm involving
the complete and total
of the entire reservoir
of Semen
held and contained
in the Epididymis
this process of Penile
stimulation by the Human hand
and sustained effectively
to a successful climax
whereby and wherein a full
load of Seminal fluid
is discharged
in its totality
in the contraction of the
Bulbospongiosus and Pubococcygeus
and thus
forcefully powerfully rhythmically
and copiously
emitted expressed
ripped blasted
torn or shot
from the Penis
via the Urethra
is what is sometimes
colloquially or commonly
known as being
‘’tugged to completion.’’

The Human Arse
we have all seen it
we all know
what it is
the Human Arse
designed by God
to give this world
some modicum
of clarse.

The Camera on your Laptop
they can turn it on and off
whenever they like
to watch us tossing off
they like to watch us
tossing off
but we don’t care a toss
they can watch us tossing off
as often as they like
the dirty rotten sneaks
the chiseling conniving
Rat Fink
hungry Ravens Beaks
they watch us tossing off
and their filthy drooling tongues
slaver slobber slap
against the frozen rungs
of their ladder going down.

I cut 4 plums in half
and I put them on the plate
I added a good portion
of Mascarpone Cheese
an Avocado
pickled Chillies
then I added to that
what I had hot in the frying pan
namely and specifically
2 onions
3 eggs
and a little sea salt
the plums turned out to be
really sweet
aromatic and piquant
the whole thing
was fucking exquisite.
I am telling you now.
It was fucking exquisite!
What did you have?

Listen right
you fuckers
there is a little circle
and you put your face in it
but it is too small to see
your filthy face
is too small to see
in there
in other words
you are nothing
you are a shit stain
on an internet page
and you consented to it
you done it yourself
you fucking bastards.

Hand Job
This term refers
to a ‘’Job’’
a task of work
done by hand
the ‘’Job’’
that is to say
the work
in question
and referred to
in this case
is the manual
of the erect Penis
by the production of repetitive
motions and manipulations
of the Human hand
intended to provide
pleasurable stimulation
in the development of perquisite
and sufficient frictions required
and generally progressively
building in frequency and severity
as the task of work
the Hand Job
progresses to its termination
this is done with the object
of super-inducing
an Orgasm involving
the complete and total
of the entire reservoir
of Semen
held and contained
in the Epididymis
this process of Penile
stimulation by the Human hand
and executed
and sustained effectively
to a successful finish
whereby a full
load of Semen
is discharged
in the contraction of the
Bulbospongiosus and Pubococcygeus
and subsequently
forcefully powerfully
and copiously emitted
from the Penis
via the Urethra
is what is sometimes
colloquially or commonly
known as being
‘’tugged to completion.’’


Miss Petunia Hargreaves
always took close care
of her sleeves
Miss Florence Grackle
was well known for being partial
to a good shackle (in bed)
In an argument
Regina Hense
Liked to sit on the fence
and so
here we have women
of variety and virtue
blessing our lives
and smooth skinned not hirsute
fragrant and modest
conscientious and willing
now and again to stump up a shilling
metaphorically speaking
the payment is fair
and they give us their time
despite the follies we wear
they rate us improve us
and polish our vine
how gracious they are
to see us as fine
their minds draw our lives
with definitive ease
they take off their dresses
and are happy to please.


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