The andri dash video
Again thanks from everyone from Bombastic blake diamond, to farlado,
for this crazy call (full list down below),
furry is slowly ruining my health I really hope you guys enjoyed it.
If not I guess i’ll put the second up on my side channel fanon frenzy
next time.

Samot lion Furry wonderland logo
BombasticBlake Diamond

This week we talk to NDNode
I noticed he fallowed me on twitter and i saw he did comics,
I like artists and comics,
he's a furry, so here we are. He's also Australian and those are 99.99 fun.

Brony inspector
"Bombastic" Blake Diamond
Az elf
aria diamond

King of limbo logo

the Aria Diamond blake diamond remark is a joke.

Don't forget to check out Fabula
Reactraction i had originally seen issacs name here
its sense been removed, i'm not sure when.

who was nice enough to get us all this information
as well as brony inspector
because he's brony inspector, a source of happiness and joy.
Also toon Feel free to record yourself ranting about me, I want to hear it ^^.
If you ever want to have it out in a stream I would be delighted
any time i can.

ani roleplay

I'm a little stressed. First Mint you could have easily stayed out of this one. FallenWish you are driving me nuts. Eback I have no hard core proof, I really did want to wait till Saturday, you could have joined the call last night.
I wasn't out to get you. I do not enjoy talking to you. At all.
My 3 ulcers.
Another fine how not to brony
As for andri Dash,
assuming he did pass away,
he could have closed the discord for a the adult server or passed off the responsibility.


More on Andri Dash

AndriDash Irresponsible Room: HNTB 104

Choas Aramada (Mint hearts new friend)

So today class we will be talking with a member from Andri dashes server and addressing some of the
the worrying concerns of what they get by with their younger audience.

Furry than though
Brony inspector
bitter cola (liliac Galaxy)

Fngr here I’ve seen some very disturbing things from Andri Dash’s discord which I can think of no other word than Negligent, irresponsible, and horrifying. 200 Members of a chat with an undisclosed number of kids.


Everyone who helped
Countess Rose (artists)
Shelly d
fallenwish mahari the dragon

In Case you missed it Andri Dash this is Now How you Brony

#furrywonderland #Fascinating #cub
I'd like to thank
Against all rational sense of reason, or common sense what so ever to involve yourself in furry drama despite you clearly not being a durable guy, I appreciate it. I still want to know what that Journal entry was about, as I found it deeply concerning.
I don't care about your kinks as long as they don't hurt animals
or humans. Key word if
Commander Wolfe
Let it be Known you gave birth to this Furry Wonderland and
every entry can look to you and give thanks for giving me this idea.

Mr Metokur
Fursecution Sunday Stream
and one more time I'm sorry for anything i did here
Hugbox Chronicles: Episode 7 - The Tism Storm
if Jim ever wants me to come on to make up for blowing it off he only has to ask
Deviant's: Episode 2

the kothorix video taken off you tube he let me rehost on bit chute
about his logs with kero the wolf
kero logs final
FNGR past coverage on kero
responsibility kero the wolf

Kero the Wolf: Addressing the Furry Fandom ForNoGoodReason

Character art by
Dogi Crimson

So i was in kothorix chat and i heard this crazy story complete with images on how a furry was beat up by metokur fans.
YEah i saw the pics and was like Damn i thought you were trolling

#kero #Foxler #Release
So one more time I'd like to apologize to the fallowing people,
kothorix, Aquinas Audax, Brony inspector, and pastal opal
for everything that was the Foxler situation

The Furry Community Is Worse Than You Can Imagine
mr metokur
kero and the zoo crew
Foxler Cometh: Bad IDea podcast 6
Hype: The coming of FOXLER
Art by Dogi Crimson

#diabloimmortal #blizzard
Thats right class FNGR
chimes in on a game I played 3 thousand plus hours of, (make fun of me)
diablo 3(i thankfully have no idea how much time I lost on diablo 2, those accounts are long gone).
Between mr Metokurs videos and review tech usa
and a few others I wanted to put in my own two cents.
If your someone who buys blizzard products you should stop if you feel they’ve been getting worse and
tell them exactly why. Reach out to blizzard on social media and tell them you won’t stand
to see them ruin your brands that you love, or at least won’t give them money to do so.


Mr metokur
Diablo Immortal: Damage Control Engaged
Review Tech USA
Former Blizzard Dev Calls Out Company For Terrible Diablo Immortal Reveal
Diablo immortal trailer
(feel free to down vote ^ ^)

Mark kern on twitter (thank you sir)
FGNR on twitter

#Responsibility #Kero the wolf
Sangi Nativus, I'm at a lose for words, thanks for the update,
sorry everyone Snake thing is out of prison.

Dogi crimson
mr metokur
a boy and his dog
kero and the zoo crew
Jim's Fursecution Sunday Stream
Pk Russel
bubba buu (artist)

For the wonderful snake thing news, Fallow, show your love. We’re in great hands with your
Also in case you didn't know this video is the current state of the channel or rather the future.
Aquinas Audax

Kero is Evil - Proof Kero the Wolf *a*ed his Dog

Manga kamen for his recent lose

Kothorix *a*i Furry Twitter Fun

Kero logs (Mirror bit chute with Kothrix permission)
Aquinas Audax

Kero is E*il - Proof Kero the Wolf *a*e* his Dog

metokur antifa video

*ear and *oathing in the Furry Fandom: Kero the Wolf

Fanon frenzy
headlong's interview

Curtis Kaiju
Dogpatch Press Doesn't Understand Politics

Dogpatch Press Is Fake News (Part 1 of 2)


I can’t believe its not Toon kritic,
seriously its been 8 to 9 months later sense zack got drop kicked out of the fandom and
we’re doing this?
Ghost The guest in the video


The Arabian back ground
New oc pose
Thumb nail from fanon frenzy
dogi crimson
toon kritic pose

The head long Equistria call

Thanks to Dogi crimson for the art.

Dear Head long , (and Fluffle Puff) get back to me.
Here is my twitter
there really drama will be outside of brony, I have far less friends there
and I have far less holding me back from going all out.
I'm really concerned about how i'm handling this one and i want your feed back more than anything else down below.

#KiraTheWolf #Why
Someone a little smarter than me,

Special thanks goes to kothorix for not only his help,
but making the right decision about old mistakes.

Fursecution Sunday Stream

This has been a rough road and I think that should just about cover it.

If you wish to see lily peets alleged old blog
the tara blog

#Empathy Fursecution Sunday Stream
Try and Understand why Metokur is doing what he's doing
kero and the zoo crew
the truth about kero the wolf

Kero is Evil

So the other Angel love came forward with accusation
and there was a big twitter blow out between
wubcake, and
Gilded Dashie

we're looking to clean that up here.

@FNGR101 fanon frenzy
moving the stream

So the other Angel love came forward with accusation for her alleged abuser,
and there was a big twitter blow out between
wubcake, and
Gilded Dashie

we're looking to clean that up here.


Please do not bully Ashley Zoe Fox. I am very tired and this is a bad idea. I regret nothing.

As some of you might know once friends get involved ( in regards tot he Kero Drama), and good intentions are used to justify poor behavior the first threats of striking videos have begun.
Ashley Zoe Fox has made some mistakes, I'm open to have a polite discussion with you sir. I have some questions, alot of us do,
and perhaps you should take some of my advice to heart.
Please do not bully or harass Ashely.


Ashley Zoe Fox

I was wrong about kero the wolf

kero and the zoo crew

Mints Twitter
MisAnthro Pony stream
Well here we go. I was kinda considering retiring this.
If your looking to see what I've been doing
The Dr wuff video Go make up your mind for yourself
I tried uploading this to twitter,
so it doesn't take mp4s? Oh well


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