Hi it's Fornogood reason and we're back talking about Foxlers misadventures in the criminal justice
correction facility, and allegations of child enticement. He is out on bond.
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search for foxlers arrest 19CR02561

The person who accused dayuna

Hi it's Fornogood reason and we're back talking about one of my favorite fans who had given up on me.
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the man who runs biggest little fur con

If your expecting reserve this week, your about to be disappointed.
I included the dulcet call at the end because I'm not rewriting history, I am one of the few people who remembers Dulcet wasn't always dead weight. As for Aria i've never been disappointed with her art. Twist of fate and watchful pony can sit and spin.

Mister Metokur's Metocast 4-9-19 w Chat
Dulcet tones
State of the Channel - Addressing the ToonKriticY2K Issue

The man who helped me meet Shon
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They say denile is the first stage grief,
I do beleive it, and I'm angry and furious, with the lack of good people in brony and or furry
we lost not just a good one, or even just a great one, we lost a real talent,
who was a legit good human being that I got a handful of chances to talk to.
I learned in this fandom to savor what brief moments you get to talk to people, because
people are always busy, sometimes it takes days, weeks, months, or even a year to really get the time to talk with people, its just how it is,
I would have loved to shot the bull with shon given the chance on the regular.
A class act, a real talent,
I just feel empty and angry.

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last medical update

Today our very own Guru of wisdom and inner enlightenment lays down some sage advice, wether you want or not. Give a loud round of applause for your hero and mine Dr wuff.
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Our fair lady

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This is FornoGoodreason I do not think, (hope) Chambers of my Heart is intentionally doing harm (in this case)
That said I think this ideas are reckless an un ncessary towards raising kids in a healthy environment.

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Chambers of my hearts reckless articles
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I'm sick, wiped out, and dying. Lets go.
Also i noticed coyoto lovely's video has been flagged down.
Dear Dogi, thank you for your time.
Aria, less so. Draikinator, you insufferable.

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ALl your upvotes
cookie crumbles episode 1-Proof or no proof, that is the question

Coyoto lovely's video
How not to brony 64
Toon Kritic Gate: HNTB64
we did way to much this week.

This is FornoGoodreason I do not think, (hope) Chambers of my Heart is intentionally doing harm (in this case)
That said I think this ideas are reckless an un ncessary towards raising kids in a healthy environment.

Suit yourself's channel and patreon

Chambers of my hearts reckless articles
her original video

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Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley

A video on sargon's bumbeling and sinking ukip
Godwinson "To Serve Swindon" mirror

a serviceable recap of the political fall out
ethan ralph

So Andy Warski was in a stream we're he tried to get his friend Alex to shot a man trying to pick a fight with him and his friend failure.
#Gun #Andywarski #failure

latest video blocked on youtube

stream we're covering

lioconvoy reviews

I recall showing CGP Grey’s Why Die
to my friends and I was glad to know I wasn’t alone, namely because I had already scripted and recorded my lines. I would love your feed back, also pitch ideas to me on what you might be interested. No matter how well this does I’m glad I got
some real content out this week. This is the first of a two parter on CGP Grey.

The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant
Why Age? Should We End Aging Forever?
Why Die?
The H8FUL Show (V1 Ch3): Okey Dokey Lokey (ft. ShellyD and Yeetus Deletis)
nano bots
122 yeear old woman
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I didn't know when i started making this video I was gonna end on that posetive note on what may have been the last great project made by one of our oldest (a generation 1 brony) Antony C and a project that took well over 3 years to finish.
I guess that point i want to get across is, if your in this fandom to do something, stop waiting to do it. If you forgot what you joined maybe its time to go back and give that one more try.
We don't have alot time left after all.
Antony C
King of limbo
What Do We Do With Sonic?
Silver quill
After the Fact: The Cutie Re-Mark
Lightening bliss
Lightning Bliss Reviewing Godzilla
MLP:FiM - How to Get Things DONE!
anime wolf gamer
Top 5 worst episode of MLP FIM season six in my opinion
patrick rowberry

duo cartoonist
the moon rises
Dogi crimson
digi bro
Ranting About the Decline of the MLP Community

#AntonyC #brony #2019

Joined by brony inspector as we talk about
Legends of the Internet S1E1: Chris Chan
as well as
🔴📺RFC AFTER HOURS (2/22/2019): Keemstar's Invasion!📺🔴
Brony inspector

#cwc#legendsoftheinternet #chrischan

The Looney Turtle recently told me i had to be more on point.
So here goes. I did mis step on the artists. Your free to come have it out with me any time. You bring Toon kritic if you like.

How not to brony 2
The Hugbox Chronicles: Rub-A-Dub-Dub
How not to brony 58
Lio gives Looney a thrashing
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Toon kritic confessions

My good friend and Kayla brought this wonderous gem to me and i wanted to share it with all of you.

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Our Subject


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Thanks to Keem star, memologoy 101, Mr Meotokur,
boing boingboi for all the footage. The more I looked into this topic the more I find Shane Dawson Concerning. If you agree with me please up vote,
if you disagree hit down. I'm really looking forward to memology's next video on the topic.
If anyone has any previously unreleased information please share.


Shane Dawson & his CAT ( Scandal ) Shane and the Zoo Crew
The Ross metokur Videos
Darkest Child A by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Art by Dog Crimson
#ShaneDawson #kerothewolf #keemstar

Dear FallenWish, why you have chosen to champion such award winners like Isaac Collar, or Chaos Armada, is beyond me. Actually, that’s not true. No one else would stand with you. Issac Collar is still. You and Amythesit Flow would get along great. Also, Amythesit Flow, no one cares for your crush and you're doing a horrible disservice to yourself to tell people your not over ToonKritic yet. Finally Shinzo Oshiro, I suggest finding better friends, as well as to get a filter for your words, and some self control.
Thanks To
Thanks To
Dogi Crimson
LioConvoy Reviews

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We're joined by Brony inspector, talking about an artist he strongly disapproves of

CaudleWag: Crooked Artist: Furry Wonderland

#Brony Inspector #Caudle #Furry

Hype Hypno: Barking Mad! Suits Owner Isn't So Innocent...

Just what it says

We're joined by Brony inspector, and buttons
and we're looking at the fallowing video cause I got my jimmies rustled.

#toonkritic #chrischan #ForNoGoodReason

hateful go check this out.

Special thanks to the king of dragons kothorix.

His Twitter's down? Any who joined by brony inspector we reflect back on the good and bad times in the furry fandom.
Special thanks to greysilvermane.
So yeah ups and downs up youtube 2:00,
Why Furry 6:00, Drinking 7:44, 10:10 Kothorix getting in trouble for
trying to be reasonable. 14:00 motivation with youtube
14:30 The Mayfly Perspective
18:44 famous other kin?
21:00 inspiration I hate everything, great a under a
29:10 light switches and why a dragon
32:00 Spotty, good artist (reminder to hunt down a link for this artist)
38:00 military That One Time At Boot Camp... | Army Basic Training
50:00 The Zaush CP Controversy
Kero and Zoo

#Zaush #Kothorix #kero

Hi Toon Kritic, I can see your poking around still.
I'm proud of everyone on twitter that already shared the information about Zack's New OC.

Special Thanks to
the original call
instepuis (the Toon video) A Chat With A Bat
Brony inspector
Event HoriXZ0n
dogi Crimson
Josh Scorcher

Please consider contacting these two cons to alert them
ToonKritic intends to go to these cons
Wizard world

Anime central

Toon Kritics confession video
0:35-1:50 confession

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