Today we're talking about Crunchyroll, High Guardian Spice,
lily peet, and digi bro,
and manga kamen, lio Conoy reviews, the mysterious mr enter,
Dear God how much nonsense can i fit in here?

Digi bro
Dear Crunchyroll: Stop.
The mysterious mr enter
Thoughts on the "High Guardian Spice" trailer

Lio Convoy reviews
She-Ra: Hot Takes Get Taken Out

Blake's gofund me there we go

lily peet
Deus sulk twitter Patreon

Go Check out Brony Inspector
as well as Bubby Buu

IF you want to see what goes into making these bad boys i streamed 2 hours of making this video over on fanon frenzy
All access, making how not to brony

The fine gentleman who made the king of limbo, how not to brony,
and analysis daily banner. Sam famous for his brony badges,
and if you've been to major cons you've likely seen his table.

stupid private913

Brony inspector

Advice for a convention list for vendors
11:00 dr wuff

So originally i had this up on Fanon Frenzy, had to edit a visual at the end,
by the way
There is a recent incident by the fallowing individual
here is his twitter
If you wish to see who is behind the "Dubious behavior"
found in the DA journal, his face his shown in his media
button (tab)

Also I was streaming with Cookie star, buttons, Eden,
we are Currently getting along and their is a previous stream
from fanon frenzy
here is the link

Now Keep in mind, I am a lay person, i am not a doctor. I was asked a serious question
and i wanted a place where i could give my stance, no matter how flawed it is and how i feel.

Supposedly my straming will come back to this channel
September 3rd till than it will be up on Fanon Frenzy

As for the most recent HNTB
i've had to scrap it top to Bottom.


A man never short on good cheer and cheep laughs Master Coode
we get to share our time with one of the og brony analysists
joined by keychi fim,
liliac galaxy, Aeon of Dreams, and luximus

luximus (artist animator)
keychi FIM
aeon of dreams]Links
liliac galaxy

Its a terrible idea to turn people your a fan of you simply don't know.
Famous doesn't equal trusted.
Lightening bliss
Aeon of Dreams
That Creepy Reading
Golden Fox
Music Ether - Silent Partner:

Video one

Todays artist Liliac Galaxy

Special thanks goes out to SDX darkus, i had to go through our twitter dms to find all those messed up accounts.

Thanks to quill Stroke and Ryley miller for the psi op line

Also Jack, Why do you keep doing this?

Speical thanks to that Creepy Reading, lightening Bliss, golden fox,
and Aeon of Dreams, Recently some unfortunate news
came up featuring a show animator Tom Wysom who's worked on mlp fim.
Here's the news article
It's important to make members in our community young and old alike not to trust people you don't know with your personal information, and be responsible. Please share the video around, or make your own message.

Ether - Silent Partner:

Go check out
on Da.
Thanks to that creepy reading, secret dreamer, Vector brony,
liliac Galaxy, Dulcet Tones and so many other people

All my love to Dogi Crimson (Thumb nail) and Liliac Galaxy.
Hope to see everyone who wants to see me, and miss everyone who doesn't. God bless.
Ronnie Edward's channel
disgressing nsq,

Special thanks goes to Malebolgia Agares

The call with mimikage's brother
It's a call with Mimkages brother

The FLuffle puff art by auxc0rg

Please remain patient, special thanks goes out photo anon
for handling your strife like a professional,
Hope to see you at least in passing at Brony con.

I am not doctor. Special thanks goes out to Manga kamen and Shelly D. for peeking my interest on this one, as well as many of the help ful videos i'm listing down below.
I'm glad sheldon agreed that a medical professional should be the one to diagnosis a medical disorder, and i can see why he finds the field interesting. even though he can be very passionate and potentially long winded on the topic.

What DSM-5 Means for Diagnosing Mental Health Patients
Drawbacks of DSM-5
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) 5 Controversy

What DSM-5 Means for Diagnosing Mental Health Patients

Dr. Allen Frances on the Risks of DSM-5 - The Lens Report

Top Ten Changes in DSM 5

Manga kamen
shelly d

I'm sure i'll but heads again with sheldon, but in the mean time, i appreciate your input.

Don't expect to find anything out from the video tags.

that kid douglas (go here share your love)

quill stroke

LioConvoy's Reviews

Also jace, is Joke, is joke yes? Is meme, you get meme funny boy.

show eqd your love and support.

fanon frenzy

Believe it or not, Not looking for a fight, just sharing my two cents.

crowne prince
animated james
@YayNickDante (group five)
Harry Partridge

So this ones a week late, i had that creepy reading drop this bomb shell on me that this huckster, this con man is responsible for his quack remedy convincing his grand mother to stop taking kimo Therapy.
I can't imagine a worse kind of person.

I kept getting confused by his fathers record and Ken's.

Don't date 15 year olds when your an adult. art by Kevin MacLeod ~ Lightless Dawn Music by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Download link:

Babs con's Twitter
Be Polite.

quill Stroke
Show your love and support.

I found this one relaxing, of course when the story is so straight forward, and only a rube can drop the ball, how else could it be?

Lily Orchard
Horse News Lies About KP for the 5th Time

(Ft. ILoveKimPossibleAlot) - Pony Tonite EP10

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Lightless Dawn
Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Download link:

Kevin MacLeod ~ Pippin the Hunchback
Music by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license:

Kevin MacLeod ~ Anguish

The Best Episode of My Little Pony
as well as shout outs to
Horse Crew
Tricky Fox
Cavatina [Nova Bell]

Music by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

Special thanks goes to
(hope to see his video soon)
If i forgot anyone please tell me I'm out of it.

My streaming channel till further notice.
I'll try and do better next time.


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