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Forward Synthesis

My thoughts on democracy in general.

CGP Grey videos referenced:
The Problems with First Past the Post Voting Explained:
The Rules for Rulers:

The much belated free speech video.

Introduction: 0:00
A fundamentalist approach to free speech as legal speech: 1:50
The private sector, free association, and de-platforming: 12:34
The Universities: 19:32
Platforms, choice as censorship, and the gravitational power of the unwashed masses: 22:07
Conclusion (intro): 37:59
Conclusion (seven guidelines): 39:50

This ended up way longer than I intended it to be, though I could have belabored the point and restated the important things less. I could have split it into multiple parts, but then the part on universities would have been unevenly small because I didn't have much to say on that topic that hasn't already been said. Some of the points I've made in other videos were relevant to the speech question, so this video is fairly bloated (much like this description box), but it can be considered a statement of principle in some ways, so now it's out of the way, I can get on with shorter and more entertaining videos.

Just a quick vid sharing my condolences.

Link to Academic Agent's video:

This channel is not dead. I have a big video on free speech I've finally cracked and am recording, and that will be out reasonably soon, and after that you can expect more regular content than before (though still expect laziness tbh).

How to negotiate with terrorists.

The various terms that are bandied about in modern politics have undergone such decay over time that it's now leading to great difficulty in being able to communicate clearly. This is a slow and creeping threat to our society.

I saw this petition in tweets by Dankula and others. It's already nearly at 10,000 signatures. The deadline is at the 30th of April, so if we really spread this about we can easily reach that goal, and go beyond. If it reached 100,000 signatures (network effects are exponential so this is possible if we get big names on board with this), then it will be considered for an actual debate in parliament. This is important purely on the grounds of "propaganda" (pity that word got ruined), regardless as to whether an act is passed in the near future. Getting the issue that much national attention is a big win in of itself.

Hope against hope.

A bit of a ramble on what I feel is the most cynical and directionless Star Wars movie to date.

(Or at least that's how I feel a day's length from having seen it)

My thoughts on some recent trailers/teasers

Whew, that was grueling.

The major flaws with the test.

1: Somewhat left biased framing of questions.
2: The supposed authoritarian/libertarian axis is partially a conservative/progressive axis.
3: Borrows some questions and constructs its own questions based on the reasoning behind Theodor Adorno's F Scale.

Political Compass:

F Scale:

Analysis of the final episode of this years Robot Wars, and some thoughts on what to change for next time.

Why artificially intelligent killbots are probably inevitable.

Should have uploaded automatically. Out of date but I'm uploading it now just for the record.

Should have uploaded automatically. Is out of date now, but just for the record I'm uploading it now.

Why being principled isn't enough. You must have principles to limit your principles.

(I didn't mention this in the video, but one of the reasons liberalism, outside of the narrow US sense, has out-competed all of its opponents so far is that it possesses a broader base of underlying principles)

The bitter self-loathing and/or odd self-motivated double think of the MGTOWcons.

Some thoughts on the recent leaked audio.

Full original recording:

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Theresa May is going down in flames, and is taking Brexit with her.

Labour stands a good chance of winning the next general election, which means that Jeremy Corbyn would be our next Prime Minister.


On net neutrality and the contextual market of the internet.


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