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Somewhat of a round-up video. I describe the three most important factors in advancing society. Once you've solved for basic national order, political rights and commerce, all that which should be basic to a well functioning society, these three elements are what your government should focus on incentivizing and otherwise assisting in the improvement of, as their advancement is primary in advancing society in turn.

Note: I made a mistake when comparing nuclear fusion to thorium reactors, as I should have said 100 years
rather than 1000 years. 100s instead of 1000s of years is the advantage thorium power has over traditional
nuclear fission. It's just that nuclear fusion is better STILL.

Source for Mars' terraforming facts:

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Storm stock footage:
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Worst election ever! 0/10!

(This video could be out of date in the two hours it took to make it.)

Instead of talking about the looming US election, I decided to talk about this shit instead.

My general perspective through the examples of BLM, the YellowVests, and the Hong Kong independence movement.

(sort of)

escape from the city!

Just a quick and nasty opinion on the cyclical phenomena of "uprisings" in the United States.

Apologies for the audio. There were a lot of obnoxious bikers and other vehicles and I didn't feel like re-recording, so I tried to minimize it in the edit. Understandably, people are excited by a relaxed lockdown.

Do it for them.

The police need to behave so they can get us to behave.

What will the coronavirus do to us?


Here it is anyway. My take on the overpopulation issue.

Some sources (some weren't useful for the video but provided interesting background information):
Plastics and recycling:
Biodegradable waste:
Water scarcity(didn't get a good handle on this one):
Fertilizers and phosphates:
Solar energy pollutants:
Multiple Earths:
Depression of local markets by food aid:
Global income % calculator:

Just my thoughts on the Joker movie.

(Gonna definitely get a new mike soon, as this one gets some bad interference).

We (Forward Synthesis and Praxxis) discuss Jordan Peterson's article on Not Jordan Peterson and deep fakes in general. We discuss the political implications.

(For some reason the image quality gradually becomes more and more blurry towards the end and I can't seem to do anything about this with render settings, but it's just a filler image I suppose)

JP's Article:

After the longest period of growth in US history, is the country headed for a recession? Is the world? What does this mean?

A video reaction to a certain all too common and all too underdefined sentiment.

More videos soon, probably starting next week, probably from the list featured here. Probably. Maybe. Just kidding! Definitely... or maybe not?

My thoughts on the Woke Austerity Party AKA the UK Conservative Party.

Just a brief video on what I think is a fallacy promulgated by those in opposition to what they call "isolationism"

I give my thoughts on Star Wars Episode IX: The Return of Sheev, as presented by this brand new teaser trailer. Feel the excitement.


At least most of the articles so far just point out the support and make the effort to point out he disavows it, but that's not how it's being taken on twitter, so it'll probably stick and we'll get more aggressive articles in the near future:

I give it a Good out of Excellent! More substantive content soon.

I've been planning some commentary on Andrew Yang for a while, and with his appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast, this is probably the right time. I am cautiously optimistic about this candidate despite some reservations on the particulars.

Andrew Yang 2020:

MIT Technology Review article:

The lamest scandal yet is the most telling.

*smirks fascistly*

Could radical technology in deep fakes alter societal trust?

The paper on the new architecture:


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