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FTSS highlights of the regular season game between the Flying Dutchmen and the Raiders

FTSS highlights from our coverage of the regular season match-up between the Kane Wolves and the Brookville Raiders.

FTSS highlights from our coverage of the regular season game between the Brookville Raiders and the Warriors from Moniteau.

FTSS highlights from the 2019 regular season match between the Beavers and the Raiders.

2019 regular season game between the Brookville Raiders and the Brockway Rovers

FoxTale Studio: Sports first ever livestream coverage of BAHS Raiders football at the 2019 season opener in Bradford.

For FoxTale Studio Sports, September 20, 2019 was one of the most frustrating days we have ever had. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to establish an internet connection for live coverage of Brookville vs. Karns City. We therefore decided to record the game and post to YouTube afterward. When the contest ended, we made the unfortunate discovery that, while our camera was on, our microphones were not. With not a single sound captured, we decided to produce this video using text, the team photograph (provided to us by Melissa Thrush Photography), and Dad's arrangement of American Patrol as the soundtrack.

5:26 - This shaky cam effect brought to you by enthusiastic BAHS fans stomping the Karns City bleachers on the visitor's side.
5:44 - The camera refused to follow Wyatt Thrush on his tackle of KC quarterback Anthony Kamenski.
6:12 - We are also missing footage of Robert Keth's tying touchdown rush at the end of regulation because the camera inexplicably froze. There were more gremlins attending this game than just the ones in the purple uniforms.
7:45 - More shaky cam

Final Thoughts-

Our thanks to Melissa Thrush for giving us permission to user her 2019 team photograph for this video.

My dad played alto saxophone for the Brookville Blue Raiders marching band. If the band was in attendance in 1972, which is likely to be the case, Dad was there with them.


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It all began with a kid and a dream.

The kid's name is Cecil. When he was 11 years old, he went to his first football practice and found his dream--playing ball in the NFL.

He trained hard, studied hard, played hard. He watched game footage, played Madden and compared that game to the real one, learning a lot about both. He also began doing something else: he began calling the Madden games as he played them. It wasn't long before his chosen career path was completely set in his mind: He'd play football as a pro, retire when it was time to retire and find a home somewhere calling play-by-play. He paid close attention to his two biggest heroes, Lanny Frattare and Greg Brown, and kept working and studying and practicing.

He kept dreaming, too.

One of his oldest friends bought Cecil a hand-held recorder, something he could practice calling games into. A freshman in college now, and a walk-on for his school's team (but blocked from participation in his freshman year by the NCAA), Cecil studied hard, lifted weights, ran passing drills with his dad and began going to Friday night games to watch his high school team, the Brookville Blue Raiders. He took his recorder along and practiced his play calls. Then came the evening that he turned to his father and said, 'Dad, I need someone to do color. I can't get a good balance trying to do both.' His dad, who had more aspirations to be a tie-dyed, armor-plated, antediluvian aardvark than a football commentator, found himself doing color.

This was sometime in the Fall of 2014.

Since then, the father and son team took on the name of FoxTale Studio: Sports. For several years, they covered the entire season of Brookville Raiders football as well as the home games of Cecil's first school, Robert Morris University, as podcasts, cutting the full game calls down to highlight collections and posting them to an account on SoundCloud. In 2019, FTSS began livestreaming Raiders games and cutting highlight footage together, sharing both on YouTube. Neither one is certain where all of this is going, but they're both pretty happy to be, well, livin' the dream.

This space on Bitchute is their home and they're very pleased to welcome you to it.