Russians are the masters of problem solving.

Hold my beer while I jump in this river.

Alcohol and Fire are never a good combination.

Granny’s first time at the mall.

News reporter gets caught out massively.

This guy is so drunk he can’t even walk down steps.

happy 12th birthday to the original upload of the grape lady video, a timeless piece of internet content.

Wait for it

Not the smartest reporter on air.

When plumbing goes bad.

Hold my beer while I throw something at these high voltage cables.
(📽 via Reddit)

Russia is a crazy place.

You can’t outrun karma.
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Cop carrying a dildo out of a house during a drugs bust.

He’s a friendly cat. 😂

Hold my beer while I jump into this lake.

Hold my beer while I break this table. ‪(📽 Via ‪@Ffs_OMG ‬ on Twitter)

Just a few jokes to brighten your day.

News anchor loses it at the name of a pig.

Why you don't hit the top of high pressure gas bottles.

Hold my beer and watch us slide down this bank in a canoe.

Always pay attention to where you’re walking.

Idiots fighting the barrier. 😂

Not this again.

Ninja like cat.


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