Honkler is at it again for 12-28-2019
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You smell something?

Trying other platforms.
Special thanks to my Clown Cam Fam Fans.

Apparently a right wing group has organized a gay pride parade through a Muslim town. What could possibly go wrong? Should be a real Kumbaya moment.

So , I am at the new house trying to figure out where my vlog studio will go .

Might as well show off the Intex Excursion 5 with Hangkai 2.5 hp motor while I am at it.

I am rebranding and improving my channel under Fat Ass PRODUCTIONS or FAP for short.You will be able to join a safe space for us folks on the "Alt Right" while drinking freshly squeezed liberal tears from brightly colored sippy cups as you cuddle my mental plushies and snuggle up to the warm glow of your electronic devices.I might even start selling some nifty channel tchotchkes and swag.Also, don't forget to join us on 9-11 when we delete our socialist media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google.Thank you for your continued support.Like, subscribe and share...

What would haven if Kekistani started worshipping government property AS religious symbols. If I started worshipping a courthouse the way Christians worship the cross then wouldn't they have to tear down the building?


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