A Right to Know

What is the real purpose behind the need for a birth certificate, social security number, marriage certificate, and more intstruments of the like? It's not at all what you've been told. Who benefits from you being born and remaining a "Debt Slave". What is your Ficticious Character, your name in ALL CAPS, your "Strawman" as opposed to having Secure Party Creditor status? Find out about the system that you've been stealthily entrapped in, and how to set yourself free... as more and more human beings are doing, if you so choose. Keep it tuned!

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Excellent UPDATE and coverage from 2 California ER doctors with backgrounds of each 20 years in microbiology, immunology, bio-chemistry, their update based on science and hard data....Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi. You Tube keeps censoring this video so you know it contains TRUTH!! A MUST HEAR! #EndTheLockdown

Sherry interviews Robert David Steele on #NOIRANDEAL, KOREAS, JERUSALEM, PALESTIANS, QANON, CIA, & MORE


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