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"... but we are transferring Power ... from Washington DC and giving it back to You, The PEOPLE ..."
Today is Feb 5th, 2021, we don't know the way it is currently... we just do NOT know if this is gonna happen in USA very soon...
Honor Courage Wisdom!
Long Live America!
it is coming! coz it must happen, for Humanity Survival.
and this must happen in the whole western countries! very soon.
here, in team, we hopefully get massive BLACKOUT in France, precisely, in all seats of power! where demoNRats are gambling with our lives, over decades now, until definitely ruining French working and middle classes, in the recent years...

let's watch 1st video sequence, related to French National Assembly! where 'french'?? f!cktarded, idle MPs get paid exorbitant amounts of monthly wages! for just raising an hand, at request! or clicking on tablet or mobile > 'enter' while they are at the hotel, or from their personal home, or local 'duty' office! #french #MPs #Senators #Disgrace #looting #HighCorruption #waste #trafficking #money-laundering , etc, ETC, and so on, ...
I, we do NOT have to COMPLY with ya >brainwashed, cuntS! bastardS! C O W A R D L Y froggies frogs!!

in Memory of Jeff C, the Most Censored Person in Youtube History, has been exposing media psyops for years and is known worldwide for his work on FakeNewsReport, New World Agenda, FreeRadioRevolution and SupremeLordCommander!
the best significant testimony of online friendship, I heard :
video source: Mar 18, 2020 - Asterix et Obelix Coronavirus Predictive Programming!
his Bitchute channel:
sure, you will locate 'em all! and will help to 'extinguish' those filthy trash!!

"oh? necessary to have a vaccine?" Mauricette said (0:08) #french #CrimeAgainstHumanity #covidvaccine
welcome in Sevran; Seine St Denis, a city where > No more White Elderly soon ... We invite you to watch closely, not a selected town by accident!
Abuse of weakness is a crime under Article 223-15-2 of the Penal Code :
"Fraudulent abuse of the state of ignorance or weakness of a person whose particular vulnerability is due to age, illness, infirmity, physical or psychological disability.

Please read description below. A french compilation of several relevant videos that make sense; the whole subtitled in Eng!:), comin' also with serious figures, and a brilliant analysis from some participants; as Professors, Doctors, Specialized PhD, arguing about a REAL 'CovidCircus', on an international scale! some of them; ze participants! are located in Switzerland though; and comin' with some kinda 'New Age' enthusiasm, > $$$ !, others coming from Canada, France and USA.
Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
#Alert21 #france #reality in France! PS: be aware Florian P. who is the video author!! will disagree with us! on the late part of Video! huh! really? yep! cuz HE! he wants more SOCIALISM /COMMUNISM!! ROFL ...
Original video intitled: 'ALERT-21 the last message for Humanity'. Great! :)
this EDITED video is actually about a 'contre-pied'! ;-)

Please read description below. 1. WEF (Davos) 2. Global Oligarchy 3. The Coming World Order. Julian Assange.
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel: "You can either be informed and be your own rulers, or you can be ignorant and have
someone else, who is not ignorant, rule over you." Julian Assange.
> "...That is what the game is all about. "Communism" is not a movement of the downtrodden masses but is a movement created, manipulated and used by power-seeking billionaires in order to gain control over the world, first by establishing socialist governments in the various nations and then consolidating them all through a "Great Merger," into an all powerful world, socialist super-state." Gary Allen.

Please read description. Please watch FULL video including Gen.Flynn; and Full Speech (up to 21:42) at March for Trump Rally in DC 12/12/20, AND also ze French Gen.Tauzyn's speech in FRench, dating of 2019 (from 21:40 >) ...
Now, make up your own mind!, difference between those Two Generals tells a lot!!! Right??
Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
this is our personal statement! #freespeech! we are a french Team!! and we would ask French Servicemen to Wake up now!
and to follow a relevant, reliable, honest man, loyal, incorruptible, educated, sincere, moral and responsible General like 'Gen. Flynn' or similar to lead French Army.
Yep!! just Gen. Flynn speech is about Honesty, Transparency and Honor! the same demand in France, from ALL the People!
sure, we are in a Spiritual Battle, and we will win! coz it is just the Truth, and Truth will prevail !
we are facing such abuse, corruption and fraud!
allô MSM! allô senators, MPs, allô ze People!
yes, we have to fight back!
and Brave women and men are gonna win!

ze J.Attila from france was speaking! (Jerusalem as the capital of the NWO) 💩 💩 💩
About Globalization, ethics and professional practice: What does the future hold?
ze guy told: "Today will determine what the world will be in 2050, and is a preparation for what it will be in 2100" . Uhh!
Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
“A new world order is taking shape based on the economy, and the law must necessarily give it a framework. At any rate, a recasting of the role of lawyers is unavoidable.” said jakes Attila.
The Universal Republic (1950) is Adrien Arcand's most important public talk. 👍
Professor Didier Raoult! > vaccine?? Gilead profits?? plus 'vaccine strategy' never used before! c'mon! hmm.
L.A restaurant owner Angela Marsden; > feeling lost and disgusted, they are ruining her small business,
a video Surprise! :)
and again, a selection of various meaningful pictures!

Please Read description. #Hold-Up docu and now another #French Video; Mal Traités Documentary Overview: a meaningful documentary featuring worldwide, mainly French Professors and Doctors unveiling all about ze covid scam, coronavirus Fraud! ze covid-19 hoax! and therefore Crimes Against Humanity: why the hell, have they been targeting, disparaging Hydroxychloroquine, focusing on so-called side effects endangering!?? and the wrong way they did, all this sounded like a joke in very bad taste indeed! Let us face it, we and they simply let people, including the elderly die!... we; many scientists, and various physicians have been wondering, about all absurd decisions, measures taken by govt! for that, we are also very intrigued with, systemic allegiance to big pharma, implying billions of benefits! like with Gilead ! while simple, Natural and low cost drugs are available, and last but not least that cure Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) with effectiveness! Vitamin D and C , Zinc, essential oils, Hydroxychloroquine, properly prescribed; as a preventive and curative treatment.
here, they are well meaning and intelligent people, came with duly studies, data sources, plus intense, reasoned, considered public debates, thoughtful and develop useful, relevant arguments, have been asking Govt to face their contradictions, considering their own inept political positions, on the basis of Govt's own so-called scientific expertise, pushed them to speak out on the contradiction between the rational solutions which the fight against ze so-called 'pandemic' requires, on the one hand, and on the other hand, to face and admit the extreme balance of reliable and relevant science, in the service of scientific evidences, of real figures rationality.
Learn, find out more, do your OWN RESEARCH! and please, always make up your OWN MIND!

YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! URGENT! A vaccination campaign is being organized by the French government's High Authority for Health. English translation. First WARNING, before LAWSUIT! to all actors in the healthcare system, other manufacturers or deliverers to doctors, nurses or caregivers, likely to lend their assistance in these operations of harmful medical experiments, based on a potentially harmful substance; You will be called upon in the next few weeks to implement it, particularly in the following areas; in the EHPADs, namely 'Sheltered home for Elderly dependent persons', in December 2020 or January 2021 #worldwide
The vaccines to be used are mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccines. This type of formulation has never has been used previously and the preliminary studies are not published. To date, there is no information available neither to scientists nor to the general public, regarding composition of these drugs, nor to the likely short term side effects of these drugs. and long term, benign or disabling or even lethal ...
Video source: (FR)
Medical experiments are subject to international criminal law under the Nuremberg Code, which has the strictest interpretation: a certain number of doctors were sentenced to death in 1947 for violating the principles of this Code, which has been internationally recognized since that time. Article 1 of the Nuremberg Code states the following...

Please read description below. Original video Published on November 16th, 2020, Translated in English, dubbed video + personal note at the end. Arise and walk! it is here and now...soon and for REAL. Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann is going to topple French government. People of France must also realize that they are being summoned to their own salvation; it is up to them to decide whether they will rule French country by themselves or whether they still agree to be plundered and wiped out ! and till the end.
video source:
To People of France: Live Or Die! it is here and now.
a purification step is necessary and ahead.
a diabolical deep state has been running and ruling French State over centuries! and we are all gonna put an end to their nefarious plan, which is simply about to K I L L a huge portion of people in the upcoming next months, years.
but the righteous men and women of France are gonna REACT to save France... with you!
PEOPLE of FRance! indeed, everyone is involved and must contribute to get the country back to its People.
contact and Join:
Note: Résistance aux tyrans est non seulement un droit, mais un devoir.
brief note: must admit, it has been very undue hardship!! for editing, publishing this video!! hmmm...

Holger Strohm, born August 7, 1942 in Lübeck, is author of over 40 books.He studied production engineering, business management, corporate communication, business psychology and educational sciences. Original Video published in Feb 17, 2019
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
Vid source: (DE)
Vid source (31 mn) (FR)

Please read description below. Members list of the paedophile networks! and No right to oblivion!! they come from everywhere, work in #PaedoLand #Worldwide #Networks #HumanTrafficking .They are employed in all the French high-level public institutions, at the top management level, they are EVERYHERE! List in FRench language; they (males+females) are sorted by alphabetical order. Their full name is mentioned, comin' sometimes, whenever available, with picture, and/or companies Logo, as well as the paedophilia case involved, in which some of them are either witnesses or proved paedophiles, or Both!!
NOTE: special Thanks and support to: Wantedpedo association. For your information, of course, and since we are living in FRANCE PEDOLAND! this association does not benefit of any state subsidies for its huge and relevant work, while working very hard, and on its own, over decade now!, in order to DEFEND and support children victims and their families! so please, whenever possible, make a Donation and visit their website, comin' with REAL information, related to French PAEDOPHILES and abroad! so, related to all those SMF perpetrating rape, incest, that still is! on LITTLE CHILDREN, youngsters, with total impunity, in ze so-called COUNTRY of HUMAN RIGTS, named >FRANCE.
please pass vid link on!! those sub-humans have DESTROYED THOUSANDS of thousands Lives!!!! and KILLERS STILL ON THE LOOSE!! #STOP'EM All and let us Show No Mercy!
Learn, read, watch more from first! and from:
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:

Another Call to ACTION, Nov 14th, 2020, from Marion Sigaut; French historian, writer and lecturer. #France #call to #manhood .Starting with: "hello I am Marion Sigaut, a deviant christianity, betrayed and subverted due to years of an obnoxious manipulation, have set from submission to authority a social virtue! since, from now, Christians are supposed ..." Transcript at end
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
original source:

A serving senior officer addresses an open letter to French police forces... (Text + audio in Eng:)) #French #Policeman #Truth
starting with:" I am addressing you today to review the real situation in France, but also to help you reconnect with your own conscience. Truth will set you free... " (Note: letter was written one year ago!! )
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
you may leave a comment related to "Lettre ouverte aux Forces de l’ordre" from here:
Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:

Video was apparently Censored on various platforms since release date; Nov 11th, 2020. #fraud #france #evidence
In France, the Covid-19 crisis fuels many controversial statements. On November 11th, a documentary called "Hold-up" and made by P. Barnerias was released.
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
Note: It describes a global 'cabal' from the elite that will always deny the very serious and REAL dangers, severe threats on humanity due to their narrative related to their artificial coronavirus, so about ze 'CoronaCircus' worldwide, they spread panic, terror & fear all over the globe for more than 1-year long, via their fake news MSM!

solution? Spread the word #DetroitLeaks
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
Here in team, we support REALITY! only what is REAL for REAL ! sure, everyone can be mistaken...
whatsoever, we do support our American buddies; on the other side of the Atlantic; U.S. Veterans, Patriots, first and foremost!
because we belong to the same Human Family! and that's it !!
and please pass it on :)
you can download vid from:

ya froggies wanna die! no doubt! pas de doute!! comin' soon your way!! tout est prêt! sales lâches!!!!
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:

French Coup d'Etat is coming in France, soon, in 2020. (english)
Get started, join and stay tuned from here:
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
"The man is about to topple the French government. Overthrow of the government will be either peaceful or through bloodshed, that will depend upon Macron's and his acolytes' reaction, but it will take place, and the date will be set soon, here is the man who calls for the union of all the fighting forces. #overthrow of the French government"
Source: Video by Mr Rémy Daillet Wiedemann, the man who is setting the French people free and awakening the world.
Translation and dubbing by Renaissance Traduction.

we all hope to see the light of day and finally feel safe in our respective countries. it is coming soon!
let us be ready, remain vigilant, and stay alert until D-Day.
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
this giant CovidCircus, this mega scam must stop!
many dumb, cunt frenchies lately took a covid test coming with 'fake' results! as we know here and there! but now, 'false positives' test results, enable french Govt to dare claim; more covid-19 cases a day! while it is FAKE! without counting, they use contaminated test kits!
it is up to you, frenchies, namely THE WHOLE medical profession, to speak out truth! now!! city and family doctors, home nurses, nursing staff, medical, hospital and laboratory staff, !! you have to show and tell the truth!!
>>>>>>>> BREAKING NEWS >>>>>>>>>>>>
Engagez-vous sur:

a scripted simulation. FULL video of Plandemic 2 > INDOCTORNATION -The sequel to the original documentary PLANDEMIC which went viral and was banned from social media.
Vid subtitled in French from and uploaded on YT.
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:

The Brilliant Kary Mullis, the PCR test inventor and Nobel Prize winner. Hey!! ALLÔ! “With the PCR test you can find almost anything in everyone.” he said.
Note: Ebola, HIV, H1N1/H5N1, all pathogenic influenzas, covid19 and whatsoever! are more likely PLANDEMIC & Hoax. Fortunately, nowadays, we may find out and have factual evidences related to those who ever managed to initiate, elaborate, create, spread all over the world, such plandemic, scamdemic, like with covid19.
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
A virus!? a virus is NOT a living thing, what a virus actually is, how a virus comes about, how it exists and operates, which is not the way in which the mainstream; MSM version of everything tells people!
Learn & watch more: from "No.Fear.Centre." ; an excellent Bitchute channel's content.
The Bigger, The Better! ;-P Rigghht?? the idea is to make money! corporate big pharma greed all the way!
A must watch video called "Crimes against Humanity" published on Oct 3, 2020
> from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Channel.

WAKE UP !! cause what you reap is what you sow! #french #traitors #sentence #justice
- another pics compilation (on the loop! :-P) of French & U.S traitors to their respective Nation
- paedo-satanism is Real in France vid
- Claire Séverac Interview vid
- Get them sentenced to Guillotine vid - audio track: Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down (not our edited vid! please take a close look at 'actors' shown in there!)
Ah! I think I heard... a 'Shlack'?! through the air that did sound like a Guillotine Blade...
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:

let us do not forget A.Camus and all his mates! were part of the privileged upper class! not a problem! well to me! 'course it does not remove his ability to spread his own words and thoughts, like many others for, "la marseillaise"; it's a mega bullshyt!! not all frenchies credo! but manly freemasonry creed! what happened to its people??it happened that they gave up! and gave up. why?? coz native people can feel they are being fooled, over and over again, for decades? nah! for centuries!! so, many gave up! cos they are deeply disgusted, upset! they are aware they cannot rely on Politics, they are dispossessed of their territory, rights, and assets, they are aware they face an unenviable choice! is a bit like choosing between a rock and a hard place. (in FR>between the plague and cholera!). many others do think, it is politicians concern, liability, duty! Frenchies often argue: 'oh well, we voted for them! right? now! it is up to them to do the right job! they asked for! & they got it! now, they must show their ability!'', the same statement with Religion, therefore, in a Christian catholic country, the people was, and still considered as a compliant 'sheeple' going church for getting absolution of their daily sins, and without confession of sins! Rofl ...C'mon! Many abuses of any kinds, many p!dophiles in there too, definitely conduct to distrust catholic church of france ( was all this implemented, schemed slowly but surely? yep! absolutely, it seems like they replaced real catholic priests with? ... some kinda Jesu!t obedience!) let us never forget, that in France, all is of vertical nature, ze famous 'vertical pyramid', in all the fields that ever enabled ze famous age-old policy of 'divide and rule' creed! about 'frog' ;-) yep! that is where we are now; we can expect to meet the fate of the boiled frog: the water will come to the boil very gradually and then it will be to late to leap out of the pot. however, native frenchies are likely 'unpredictable'!? ;-) do you remember Rocky Balboa? :-P Rocky is not french! lol . anyway, he used to get punched over and over again! until he fell down loudly, several times, on the boxing ring, sure, it was not expected, he would be able to stand up and punch back! so much, he got heavily punched. There are some frenchies... like-minded Rocky! ;-). may we say, from now, It is a downward spiral, until rebound?? there are NO more >"liberté, égalité, fraternité"! a bit of fraternity within the yellow vests movement though, within rural areas, in particular...albeit!?
The writer Albert Camus commented once that absolute freedom mocks justice, and absolute justice denies freedom. In the end, personal freedom depends on the individual no less than on the society where he lives. Camus again: "Liberty is no more than a possibility to be better." he wrote here in France, they also managed to forbid regional or minority languages, since the early 1930s?! those PLACED in power in France are arrogant, conceited and self-righteous cliques, in all the fields , from local to regional to, national levels Faced with today's dog-eat-dog world where the individual pursuit of money and material goods appears to have taken priority over basic human values, some frenchies insist society is crying out for a return to spirituality, common sense, common good, but can't be heard.They sold out our country, on the loop! THEY SOLD OUT OUR COUNTRY! they sold out our French know-how ( to china in particular), they are TRAITORS TO OUR NATION, since the past 1960/70s, seriously endangered with ze thing elected in 1981. the worst was yet to come, again and again, in the 2000s, they denied The French referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe with 55% of voters rejecting the treaty on a turnout of 69%! we voted NO! and the mega worst was yet to come with sarkoon; 'elected' in 2007,many french do really think of 'rigged' elections since 2007! (charlie hebdo + Nice'sd Esplanade attacks?, hmm, holalalande and best friends did it! so very lows in the polls; around 5%) last, many frenchies would tell ya: 'oh well, but 'c'est la vie'! ' or 'oh well, but 'c'est comme ça'; uhh! that's the way it is! and that's it!' they are morons, cowards, brainwashed, and they enjoy this! Let us mind of this! > french people is its own worst enemy! so far!!

Breaking News ;-P #french #meRdias #lies
caught red-handed! Explicit FAKE NEWS from i24NEWS by the "head" of their office in Paris, named Jean-Philippe L!styk, about Gilets Jaunes Constituants 'operation' to free the media from oligarchic monopoly of BFM TV.
here is >in the text! ze MSM nasty narrative that shows up who they are!:
"Several dozen "yellow vests" stormed the lobby and parking lot of the BFMTV news channel in the 15th arrondissement of Paris on Saturday afternoon, demanding in particular to go "live" on the air.
Demonstrators gathered in front of BFMTV headquarters, calling for "reinforcements", before forcibly entering the building despite the presence of security agents. The whole scene was filmed by a "yellow vest" and posted on Facebook.
They challenged journalists, and in particular talked with the editorial writer; Christophe Barb!er, who was leaving the air.
They "strongly shoved security agents" and broke down a door, before being cleared out by the police who arrived shortly after the intrusion, said Arthur Dreyf!ss, managing director of Altice Media, which includes BFMTV.
The news channel's management strongly condemned the incident. "
Link to: i24news(dot)tv/fr/actu/france/1599922738-france-les-gilets-jaunes-prennent-d-assaut-le-lobby-de-bfmtv
" Such actions and comments are outrageous and unacceptable. I want to send a message of support to the editorial staff, who perform a tricky job on the ground, and also to the editorial staff at headquarters," said Arthur Dreyfuss, adding "the filing of a complaint is underway," Le Parisien newspaper reported.
MORE about ze Jean-Philippe Lust!k:
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
NOTE: about Gilets Jaunes Constituants, mainly based in Essone (91), and in other regions over the past 18 months...
I, we do not know them personally, we just know they are a strong collective group! they are coming from different social & economic backgrounds, also from different lifestyle, culture and cult !
"no more debt, no more usury! long live the 'common, public' Good " is their credo! does it make sense??
yep, absolutely! since our french society is totally depraved and corrupt! in all the fields.
but, I will mention this! allô wilson! beware of religious proselytism! coz here ! it is FRANCE! not an African or middle east country! Religion obedience must be observed in a PRIVATE Sphere! or/and in a dedicated Temple!! and that's it! once and for all !! our french country is already at its worst! and our Country is ridiculed, insulted or slandered! almost everywhere! due to !? we all know!

One says : ''a picture tells more than a lengthy speech'' ! #france #abuses #corruption #coronavirus #merdias
Pictures speak a thousand words, so, let us show & tell about thousands of thousands words, over and over again!
uhh, Let's take a five-minute break, grab a sandwich,and then come back to questions!?
Let's take five minutes to re-evaluate our positions and prepare statements to share with others?! ;-P
yeaah! Take Five!! Bougez vous!!! bordel!
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:


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From 'Yellow Vests Mindset' to 'France Grandeur and Decadence' Channel (up-to-date Sep 14, 2020). French Gilets Jaunes for years now, but certainly NOT part of Yellow Vests Movement infiltrated by all kind of 'leftarded' since early 2019. yet, YV movement is about a "collective awareness" and 'still growing, behind the scene. We are French Citizens and do claim the Right to live with dignity in a rich country, we come all together, located everywhere across France, 'coming from various social & economic backgrounds, many others will join, 'coz we are simply left with no other choice.
we: three team-mates. 'WORLD' we're all livin' in is definitely a full Joke! :-P but here is our Mission:
Link to France Grandeur and Decadence Bitchute Channel:
To Subscribers > THANK YOU!! Please Read videos Description that contents some more information too! :)
Note: NONE email
> Press conference of 19 seriously injured people in France during Yellow Vest Demonstrations (
> EVIL secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior (
French Senators and Decadence (
formal complaint to the ICC on June 11, 2019 in La Haye Netherlands > against FAKE president + ministers (
"Today, priority is not to become immortal beings but to stop the proliferation of ze Gilets jaunes! (
> Police REPRESSION in France, ILLEGAL GLIF4 grenades, LBD40 “flashball” bullet launchers! (
>"Where Wrong is Right is the Motto" French MSM Medias, in the pay of governments for decades now. (
> 'communication' recorded in the file to the ICC prosecutor service, (
> MSM ; so-called 'journalist' mentioned that he: "regretted there were no stadiums like under the Pinochet regime, where to coop up 'arrested' yellow vests"... (
> on ne lâchera RIEN (
>He knew oh so well of french policians & PEDOPHILES. 'come and stop me if I am wrong' he said (
> they won't inform french people about 'deep state' & related rules, (
> Words of a Gilet Jaune (
>Tremble, tyrants and you traitors. The shame of all parties,Tremble! (
>French public debt market, fascism in the banking system. (
> CETA will result in an increase in poor-welfare animal products entering the EU market. (
> To Honour the Courage, Bravery and Heroism of The Fire Brigade (
> was indicted the President of the Assembly, for "illegal taking of interest", (
> Did I speak to you of symbol U and symbol Pu. captions tell: All images you are gonna watch were never broadcasted on French TV (
> French Police Practice Observatory...about Repression in FRance! (
> in the dark days of Repression, (
> Ahead of the First Anniversary of Yellow Vest Movement (
> How THEY Hijacked Our Democracy (
> without significant Action > against 'Seats of Power', the movement will be killed by ... (
> Nov 19, 2019 - Multi Shot Launchers. Contract Value 727,450 €uros (
> On December 5, across France, it seems like many unionized people are getting aware of this sham! (
> severe repression, ongoing police brutality;High Time to Wake Up! to Fight Back (
> Women are unstoppable, Truth is the Answer, Love is the Reason. (
> on Dec 16, 2019, French MP preventing Citizen from Freely Expressing His Thoughts! (
ETC, etc, etc...