a music video I made around 2013 using one of my poems a webcam and a couple of friends , I think the narrative of the video applys just as much now if not more .

One of my most recent performances performed with SLAM POETRY BERGEN in Norway,
This poem was greatly inspired by the works of Mr Mark Passio.

Arts & Literature #poetry #performance #truth #frankfreedom

A video of a poem in the taxi of Mark McGowen a.k.a The Artist Taxi Driver "check out his work" , writen in 2012 performed here in late 2015 . the poem is about the hypocrisy of politics.

A poem about war

A poem I wrote in the late 1990*s Performed in Bergen Norway at Chagal on stage with Slam Poetry Bergen it's about the the magic of mankind to overcome. #poetry #truth
#magic #truth #freedom

Me on stage at Madam Fella Bergen Norway.

A house track I made around the time of the Scotish Referendum remastered with a little added home made visual.

Poetry with a little bit of electronica ( the quailty is a little bit rusty for its an old recording from 2014)

its amazing what you can do with a webcam a digital audio work station and a video editing program , I got this together early 2014 , i have always been a great fan of anonymous but for me the mask dosen't represent the anonymous , anonymous represents the mask.

this poem I wrote in 2013 and later took the initiative to shout it out at spearkers corner London.


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My name is Frank Morrell my stage name is frank freedom, I like to consider frank freedom as a Truth acknowledging , rable rousing , thought provoking Poet ,,shouting loud what needs to be heard, all my work is inspired by the alternative and have been writing since 2013

My decision to write came on New Years Day 2013 the day after Mr Obama signed in the NDAA ]( , After checking the main stream of any acknowledgment of this signing and finding none, I realized I had to do something myself, this was the day frank freedom came into being.