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A time for heroism.
Songs: The Snow Fell, When America Goes Down, March of the Dead, Hall of the Heroes, Might Is Right, and RAHOWA.
Album: Cult of the Holy War (1995); Tracks 12, 3, 4, 5, 9, and 10... and 88.

Cult of the Holy War is the greatest White Nationalist music album, in my knowledge and opinion. The full album is 65 mins. I previously posted RAHOWA's great ballad Victory Day from their Declaration of War album, on my "Censorship on BitChute/Disqus" video.

"The spirit of ancient Europe lays dormant in your blood.
Unmitigated Power and boundless potential reside in those few brave souls who dare to partake in a communion with their ancestors.
For blood alone moves the wheels of history...
In this darkened epoch of degeneration, there stirs the voices of dissension, great melancholy, agony, and hatred. From the unleashed Power of Blood is born The Cult Of The Holy War, springing forth from the wrath of a people betrayed.
An alliance formed to set right all that is wrong with the world.
Dreadful legions march with doom…"

Note that while George Burdi, RAHOWA's lead singer and composer, had abandoned the Cause for a while, he is now again creating pro-White music. See his "Überfolk Official" JewTube channel and his site:

Folk and Nation first.
Artist: Saga.
Songs: Valkyrian, Krigarens Själ (The Warrior's Soul), Drömmarnas Stig (Never let the national flame fall), The Nations Fate, Goodbye David Lane, and One Nation Arise.
Albums: Pro Patria III (2003); Tracks 1, 4, and 8, and On My Own (2007); Tracks 9, 10, and 1.

I previously uploaded Saga's "Tomorrow Belongs To Me", and a selection from Saga's Live and Kicking album in my "Rap, not Rock, is Negroid" video.

"Folk and Nation first - and blood not personal greed.
And it's been said before - but still we do not heed.
Free your enslaved minds and open up your eyes and see!
The strength of your people - one Nation arise!"

Respect, Defend, Create.
Band: Iron Youth.
Songs: After the War, Alone?*, Respect/Defend/Create*, When That Day Comes*, White Hate, and To Him.
Albums: Durch Das Volk, Mit Dem Volk, Für Das Volk (1998); Tracks 10, 8, and 9, and *Respect/Defend/Create (2001); Tracks 4, 1, and 2.

"Respect Your brothers who stand by your side.
Defend A faith that is destined to rise.
Create A nation of honor and might."

Love your people... before it's too late.
Artist: Francesca Ortolani (Viking/Aufidena).
Songs: Pro aeterna paganitate (Paganism forever), Avevo un Camerata (I had a comrade), Sotto il Vessillo del Corvo (Under the Banner of the Crow)*, I Wished I Could Have a Child*, White Flowers*, and Under the train.
Albums: Gloucester Road (2005); Tracks 5, 9, and 12, and *Z80 (2008); Tracks 4, 12, and 17.

I previously posted a selection from Ortolani's Askungen album. An Ortolani 'best of' collection must also include: London Trains (Gloucester Road), Here Comes the Sun, When the Moon Comes, The Secret Words of Creatures, and Contemplate (Z80).

Wake up, take back your country.
Band: Das Reich.
Songs: Which Way White Man, Stukas Over DC, We Will Keep Fighting, Ballad Of Earl Turner, and Voice Of America.
Album: Triumph Of The Will (1993); Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10.

Faith and Valor.
Band: Fortress.
Songs: On the Horizon, Victory or Valhalla*, Defenders Of The Faith*, Ideals*, Whatever It Takes, and Into Legend.
Albums: Into Legend (2001); Tracks 1, 7, and 10, and *Victory or Valhalla (1998); Tracks 1, 4, and 11.

Onward To Victory.
Band: Centurion.
Songs: Rise of the Numenor, Victory Against Genocide, Onward To Victory, Centurion, Grandfather's Tale, and Heed the Call.
Albums: Rides Again (1997); Tracks 5, 7, and 8, and Fourteen Words (1994); Tracks 6, 10, and 11.

Music by a traitor?
Some viewers may be aware that Centurion's main vocalist, Arno Michaelis, aka The Scourge, has turned traitor. A few points are in order. Information on the band is given in the album booklets. Both albums make clear that all the music, such as the guitars, keyboards, and drums, were performed by the band's other members, mainly by Dan Armstrong and Johnny Grunge. Rides Again also states plainly "All original music and lyrics by Johnny and Dan." Both albums state simply that Arno did Vocals. The picture that emerges is pretty clear: Johnny and Dan created the music, while Neanderthal Arno carried their luggage. Arno hollered "crush their skulls!" into the microphone, and the band bought him a few beers. When the oaf hollered himself hoarse and moved on to the drugs of the rave scene, it was hardly a loss.

Rap, not Rock, is Negroid.
(The essay will not fit in description.)
Songs: Showdown, Our pride is our loyalty, and Europe Awake, by Saga.
Album: Saga Live and Kicking (2001); Tracks 1, 3, and 4.

My more thoughtful and informative comments, on friendly channels on BitChute, are getting deleted, minutes or hours after I post them. On my un-linked Disqus account, the deleted comments appear labelled "Detected as spam"-- obviously a ruse. Informative discussion is thus prevented, while trolls with nasty comments and images are given free reign here. That is, perhaps, the intention? If BitChute wants to stand for free speech, it must remove whoever is doing the deletions, or give content creators the option to overrule such diktats and moderate their own comments. That would ensure that each side of a debate can fairly present its case.

It is not censorship when each side of a debate can present its case on the same platform and fairly compete for an audience. If a video uploader decided to delete comments merely because they rebut his claims, he would be ridiculed and his claims could still be addressed on opponents' videos and comments. It is understood that spam, obscenity, and personal attacks will be a problem on an open platform and must be dealt with. No one wants such garbage, and content creators who opt for self-moderation would be expected to manage it.

Music: Victory Day, by RAHOWA (George Burdi).
Album: Declaration of War (1993).

The Spirit of the North. Its Strength, its Beauty, must be defended. The ravenous black-brown vermin from the jungles and deserts of the South must be turned back.
Band: Valkyria (John Östlund Sandin).
Songs: Åkallan Till Fäderna (Summoning The Gods), Mörka Vatten (Dark Waters), Sång Av De Gångna (Songs By The Passed), and Ära Från Nord (Honor Of The North).
Album: Väsens Hymner (The Hymns of Spirits, 2002); Tracks 1, 5, 6, and 9.

Heed the call of your folk.
Band: Dresden (Joe Pryce).
Songs: Horst Wessel Song, Blood and Soil, Dark Queen, Call of the Blood, and La Chasse (The Hunt).
Album: Call of the Blood (2002); Tracks 1, 6 (part), 8, 9, and 17.

Fight for your folk.
Band: Bound For Glory.
Songs: Siegfried, Fight On, My Honor is True, and Prelude To Stalingrad- Behold The Iron Cross.
Album: Behold the Iron Cross (1996); Tracks 1, 2, 8 and 9.

The madness of ((( the modern world ))).
Featuring the demented genius of nationalist Francesca Ortolani, aka Viking/Aufidena, in one of her early albums.
Songs: The Stairs of the World, Tarar I Helsingborg, Don't go round with the Jews, and Nationaldag.
Album: Askungen (2002); Tracks 11,13, 14, and 15.

Prepare for glorious struggle.
Artist: John Östlund Sandin.
Music: Balder's Might, Chant to Nordic Heroes, Of Rage, and Allfather's Hunt.
Album: Allfather-Odinn (2004); Tracks 3, 5, 6, and 8.

Our beautiful race will prevail.
Music: Tomorrow Belongs To Me, by Saga.
Album: My Tribute To Skrewdriver Vol. 3 (2002).


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I shared my favorite pro-White music. Some that just missed my cut: Berserkr (The Voice Of Our Ancestors, Crush the Weak), Before God (Wolves Amongst The Sheep, Under the Blood Banner), Eye Of Odin (Odin's Chosen), and Honor (In Flames of the Rising Power).