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Footage is from "That Junior Miss Spirit." (1970)
Music: Tame Impala - Patience

Footage is from "That Junior Miss Spirit." (1970)
Music: Starfucker // STRFKR - Golden Light

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“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” ~ MLK

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Video: TRUMP WON: We Have PROOF Of Voter Fraud And They’re Trying To COVER IT UP

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1950s, 1960s UK Summer Fair from 16mm from the Kinolibrary Archive Film Collections.
Song - Patience
Artist - Tame Impala
Another Press [esc] to go back video created for fun:)
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Full report from Revolver:

Some are saying this is Tucker Carlson's best opening monologue of all-time. In it, Tucker and Darren Beattie discuss a Revolver News investigative bombshell about the possible role of federal informants on Jan. 6th.

Video via Andrew Torba @ gab

... calls Zuckerberg "one of the most powerful idiots in the world"

"Fuck off!": @rogerwaters to Mark Zuckerberg. The musician said that he was offered "a large amount of money" to allow the use of Another brick in the wall II to promote Instagram. He narrated it in an act for the freedom of Julian Assange (Wikileaks)

"I thought US was different but I saw so many similarities to what I saw in North Korea that I started worrying.”
Via The Post Millennial @TPostMillennial

He has more than 2 million followers on Twitter, 600,000 YouTube subscribers and his videos on the Daily Wire channel rack up millions of views.

Ben Shapiro is a controversial figure but one of the US' leading conservative political commentators. His book, The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great, is a New York Times bestseller.

In a spiky Politics Live interview with Andrew Neil, Mr Shapiro refers to an incident which took place between Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski and Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields in 2016.

Although a charge was brought at the time against Mr Lewandowski, Florida prosecutors dropped the case.

This is an unedited version of their interview, which was terminated by Mr Shapiro.

Original video

For more of Andrew Neil you can catch up on GB News:

For more of Ben Shapiro you can find him on Facebook and twitter.

President Trump and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, participated in a roundtable about coronavirus at the National Institutes of Health.

So as of March 3 2020 Fauci was lying right through his teeth not only to the president but also the American Nation, as you can clearly see through Fauci's examples, the only "natural" transmission was in Saudi Arabia when a bat virus passed to a camel and then human, but look at how the virus didn't go any further then the immediate region, unlike manipulated virus's that are virus's on steroids like the covid19 that Fauci's NIH had their hands in and they were trying to cover their tracks!

So he admits that China then withheld information!

President Trump knew back then that Fauci was part of the swamp. Trump put this fraud into the spotlight to expose him. Fauci has no clue what is coming for him.

Check out screencaps in order. (see link below)

1. Fauci admits research that Hydroxychloriquine + Zinc work in battling Sars/Cov1.

2. Apotex was Canadas only Hydroxychloroquine manufacturer.

3. Apotex owners Barry and Honey Sherman Murdered in 2017.

4. 2nd largest Hydroxychloriquine plant blew up.

5. Ivermectin is a wonder drug for parasites and proves to work effectively well against Covid 19. Dr. Pierre Kory of the FLCCC discussed these matters with Youtube heavyweight Dr. Weinstein a Biologist in great details. 2.5 hour video about a week ago. Thia video was gaining huge traction and was taken down yesterday.

Thread link below...

Remember that time when the Obama White House removed the moratorium on making pathogens 11days before trump took over the white house?

Then Fauci said there was no doubt that Trump would face a pandemic 9 days before trump took over the white house?

Original video:

"So im seraching through my channel and i find this old video, never uploaded it just left it unlisted for some reason until now enjoy!"

Video via YouTube

New Dan Scavino tweet
Via: Real Trump Tweets

The rules have changed.

Hey guys, guess what? The game as we knew it is over. They've rewritten the rules and there is good news in this. You can now win the game simply by no longer playing it. How? Let me tell you.

1. Say out loud three times that you do not consent to the current clown world while visualizing the many things you do not consent to. Do this once a day.

2. Make your own personal environment a type of life you consent to.

Hate your job? Find a new one. Feel like a piece of shit lowlife? Improve yourself, one action at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time. In an abusive or otherwise unproductive relationship? End it. All of that shit that causes you suffering in your life, get fucking rid of it.

Now live your life, do something you love (even if you don't make money doing it), the battle is not yours to fight, and better yet the battle has already been won. The enemy is destroying itself. Which is the lesson of human existence anyway... You either live righteously and humbly, or you go down the left path of power and degeneracy until that world crumbles (it always does eventually) So rest assured, the enemy has defeated itself simply because they chose the path that leads to self destruction. Act and speak from your heart, Anons.
Fear not.

This is the last comm you'll receive because it's all you need.

Yours Truthfully,

Bravo Whiskey II

I`m crying fellas. We had a great run, didn`t we?

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Dr. Fauci: "There's nothing new about that. All of us have always realized ... that the most likely origin is a natural origin." (MTPDaily)


The top US infection disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci has made a groundbreaking admission that he funded coronavirus research in China to avoid an outbreak on American soil, Sky News host Sharri Markson reports.

“The United States funded highly dangerous coronavirus research that was once banned at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” she said.

“That research involved creating new deadly viruses that never existed before.

“Back in 2012, when the US was considering banning gain of function research, which it later did, Fauci argued that it was important work and was even worth the risk of sparking a pandemic.

“But when the outbreak of the pandemic exploded and the White House was sitting there wondering how it all started, Fauci did not once mention gain of function research or the other activities at the Wuhan laboratory.

“It was left to others to uncover.

“Fauci is the man solely responsible for lifting the US ban on this risky research in 2017.”

Ms Markson said it was “unthinkable” for the US to want “risky coronavirus research” conducted in China.

Ms Markson investigates the origins of COVID-19 in her upcoming book – What really happened in Wuhan – delving into cover-ups, conspiracies and classified research, which is on sale at Amazon.

Original video:

Remember that time when the Obama White House removed the moratorium on making pathogens 11days before trump took over the white house?

Then Fauci said there was no doubt that Trump would face a pandemic 9 days before trump took over the white house?

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In October 2014 President Obama deemed it too dangerous to conduct DURC GoF/GoT experiments in the USA, as he so wisely believed, they might cause a pandemic if one of the nano particle-sized viruses escaped. DURC GoF/GoT experiments utilize genetic engineering to make a virus more transmittable and more deadly. So, in order to circumvent this ban, Peter Daszak, who headed a "non-profit" called EcoHealth Alliance funneled part of his NIH / NIAID / USAID (CIA lite) / Pentagon / Fish And Wildlife / Foundation / Private Donor grant money to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China where no such ban existed. Daszak's chief technician there was Dr. Shi Zheng Li, a WIV Microbiologist known as "The Bat Lady" because of her interest in bats as vectors of disease. GoF/GoT research was approved by NIH / NIAID head Dr. Anthony Fauci, who later claimed he didn't know what types of experiments were being conducted at the WIV, although in order to get grant money the recipient has to specify what the money is for. And as fate would have it, several lab technicans became contaminated with an enhanced SARS virus and brought it into Wuhan during its incubation period. Do I have to tell you the rest?


Published on Jun 6, 2021

Big Tech censorship of COVID treatments.
Clip with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying.

Original video:


”The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It” - Abraham Lincoln

Remember that time when the Obama White House removed the moratorium on making pathogens 11days before trump took over the white house?

Then Fauci said there was no doubt that Trump would face a pandemic 9 days before trump took over the white house?

Original video:

The God Emperor has returned!




>President Trump Office

>Donald J Trump Presidential Library
@realDonaldTrump @TeamTrump @TrumpWarRoom

>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!


>Pres Trump @NCGOP 2021 State Convention 6/5/21 (RSBN)
>Pres Trump on Cortes&Pellegrino 5/25/21
>Pres Trump Interview w/Chanel Rion 5/19/21
>Pres Trump on Joe Pags Show 5/20/21
>Pres Trump on Candace 5/4/21 (2024) (Mittens) (Melania)
>Pres Trump on Mornings w/Maria 4/29/21
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>Pres Trump on Hannity 4/19/21 (Immigration/Border) (J&J) (America 1st Pol) (2022/2024)
>Pres Trump on Huckabee 4/17/21
>Pres Trump on America 1st w/Gorka 4/14/21
>TrumpTweet: If— by Rudyard Kipling 4/11/21
>God Bless the USA (Donald J Trump) 10/20/16
>NEVER COME DOWN (10hr ver) 8/11/16

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You'll love when covid and election fraud connects up.
Full vid:

Zuckerberg: “We need to find and terminate people who leak stuff, And we’re very good at rooting out people who are leaking stuff.”


"Whistleblowers should be protected from retaliation for disclosing information that provides evidence of a violation of any law, rule, regulation, gross mismanagement, gross waste of funds, an abuse of authority, or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.

I considered myself a "Whistleblower" when I was active on Facebook but guess what they did to my account? Deleted it... while at the same time I was reporting accounts that promoted and sold hardcore pornography and child labour."

imagine there's no decline
it's not easy but you must try
no hell before us
around us only whites
imagine all our people living
not just for today
you may say i'm a conservative
but I'm well past that
imagine there are borders that matter
and countries that live
it is pretty hard to do
something to kill and die for
and to give us purpose too
imagine all the white people
knowing who they are
you may say i'm an elitist
but nature of abhors equality
imagine no white dispossession
i wonder if you can
no need for speech codes or affirmative action
no demonization of the white man
imagine all our people being proud of their privilege
imagine women wanting to be wives
and mothers and men knowing how to be men
imagine stable families of two three four children
imagine this being now
not then


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